Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nipple Song

Not sure if you guys have watched this before.

Please say you haven't watch it, because if you haven't, I present you... The Nipple Song!

*nipple, nipple*

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Night At Jerudong Park!

Kevin recently came to Brunei several weeks ago, and hasn't seen a lot out of Brunei yet.

If you're wondering who's Kevin, he is the cousin of Gary and Billy who came all the way from Canada.

So last Saturday night, me, Nazrin, Gary, Billy, Renzo and Huzai brought Kevin to Jerudong Park.


Before I continue this post, I'd like to thank Gary (and maybe Nazrin) for making this trip possible for me.

And had it not been for Renzo, we probably wouldn't even make it to Jerudong Park as the rest of us doesn't seem to recall the way.

He's the only one among us who knows the road, where the parking area is, where to buy the coupons, where the bumper car rides are and so on. And I guess he's not called 'The Man Who Knows Everything' for nothing.


The entrance and parking fee is quite costly, and comes at $1 per person and vehicle. To buy coupons for access to all rides comes at another price of $5 per person.

We only bought 3 tickets, good enough for all of us to share.

We first saw a bench, surrounded by 2 life-sized horse sculptures, and decided to take group photos before continuing our journey.

[From top-left clockwise: Billy, Kevin, Gary, Me (Desmond), Nazrin and Huzai.]

Looking at the above picture, you must be wondering where's Renzo???

[From center: Lorenzo.]

Well, he took the picture too of course. Solo picture. Hehs.

Our first ride of the night was the merry-go-round.


I feel this is perhaps the most beautiful ride for the night because of its 'Venetian Gothic' style.

As I observed, the variety of mounts include horses, zebras, goats, lions, carriages, hares and even chickens!

With only 3 coupons, Renzo, Kevin and Gary took the carousel ride.


Renzo happens to be the one who enjoyed the carousel the most, whereas Kevin seems unfazed by all these circus music.


After a few minutes hopping onto the ride, a couple of kids came and began to laugh at Gary, Renzo and Kevin. The ride was so long, I think it probably took over 5 minutes long.

We then wandered off the area after the merry-go-round till we reached the playground.


I really miss the old times.

When I was kid, I couldn't even climb the net. Now that I've grown, it's different.


Me, Huzai, Renzo, Gary and Nazrin are the ones who really enjoyed playing in here. I know it sounds childish, but we couldn't help it.

And then, we played the swing.


Lorenzo is crazy.

When I was sitting at the swing, he pushed me with full force.

It was horrifying that the swing could flip 720 degrees and that I would fly out of the swing at any time.


Lorenzo prior to push me with full force.


Gary with 2/3 of the DENcorps.


What is Huzai doing?


This is how Gary would look like with a red helmet.


Renzo and Huzai sliding down a spiral slide.


Replica Triceratops.

Someone that night kept on insisting that the triceratops are rhinoceroses instead of triceratops but I couldn't remember who it was.


And then this is when Renzo refused to take a group picture with the triceratops, whereas Billy was the one who took the picture. Could it be that Renzo's afraid of the triceratops?


Trying to pose for a boy-band album cover but the light spoiled everything.


I used to avoid playing 'Dead Man's Cove' because of the shooting water. We didn't play this maybe because we're more interested in playing the bumper cars.

After deciding which 3 of us would play the bumper car, we immediately head to the queue.


This time, I finally get to play.


Billy, who keeps on 'bumping' my car whenever he can. So most of the time, I was avoiding him.


Kevin, also tried to bump my car several times.

There is not much to say about the bumper car as I'm sure most of you have played it at least once.

But one thing's for sure, the steering wheel stinks.


The dark and spooky pirate cove. Gary said he used to be very scared of this.


Open air dome in which echoes can be heard whenever silence is broken.

We tried to find the Go Kart track, and we only found it after we asked some personnels who were at the gate of the park.

It turns out that the Go Kart track is at the other side of the park, just across the road.

There were quite a number of people and we have to wait, of course.


Renzo, Huzai and Kevin in real helmets.

Renzo looks remarkably like someone in this picture, but I couldn't tell. Any suggestion?


Renzo in action!


But only after several laps, the round ended for him, and it's time for some supper.

Gary insisted on looking for stalls selling satays, which we found one at the Jerudong Park food court itself.

But turns out, the satays doesn't seem to be that tasty and some of us went to buy Tong Kengs instead.


Potential Food-Hungry Model - Take #1.


Potential Food-Hungry Model - Take #2.


Potential Food-Hungry Model - Take #3!

So all and all, perhaps the happiest person of the night wasn't Kevin.


It was Renzo.


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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kit Kat Promotion

Wanna watch movies at Seri Qlap Cineplex or The Mall Cineplex for FREE?


Well, there's a way!

Between 11th - 12th April, if you happen to go to Seri Qlap Supermarket, there'll be a small section selling hundreds of packets of Kit Kat.

The deal is, if you buy a packet, you'll get to watch a movie for free in Seri Qlap or Mall Cineplex. It's that simple.

Buy two packets, you and your companion get to watch the same movie together for free, plus everyone's favourite chocolate bar.


But bear in mind this promotion is only valid for the first 200 customers.

This promotion is sponsored by GrandTop Enterprise, and fear not, the Kit Kats' expiry date is still far from today.


If you opt to watch at Seri Qlap Cineplex, you can only watch movies for free from Mondays to Thursdays, until the dateline which I can't remember.

Whereas if you opt to watch at Mall Cineplex, you can watch movies for free on any day until the dateline of 11th May.


So what are you waiting for? Today's the last day for the promotion, so get yourself a packet of Kit Kat quick!

P/S: The Kit Kat costs $4.95 per packet, so in my opinion, it's only half worth it.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Disco-Disco Came To Disco.

I should have known.


Yesterday's football game between Inter MD United and Disco-Disco was so hard to predict.

I actually thought the team Disco Disco are newbies, doesn't play football regularly and only knows how to disco. In short, I totally under-estimated them.

Ayman, Nazrin and Andy talking strategy before the game.

The result was Inter MD United 1 - 2 Disco Disco.

We were trailing at first, but we got the equaliser to make it 1-1 at half-time courtesy of an own goal.

It was a tiring game for us. A number of our players wanted to be substituted out even before the half-time whistle.


In the middle of the second-half, I was substituted in to the field, replacing Ayman T.

But shortly after I was substituted in, we conceded another goal. We were so careless. (Not referring to you ah, Vami)

I was standing right there,witnessed the ball going into the back of the net right in front of my eyes. Some claimed it was a hand-ball, but the scoreline remained the same.

We lost with dissatisfaction of course, but I think we need more training. We didn't even train before the game.

ZulHF's footballing equipment.

Therefore, I hereby propose to have a friendly game with Blitz FC. What do you guys think?

By the way, please bear in mind we do have to prepare ourselves for the next few games:
15th April 2009: Inter MD United vs HB FC
29th April 2009: Inter MD United vs Sportivo
5th May 2000: Inter MD United vs MD Galaxy


P/S: What a day it must be for ZulHF to have both his team and beloved team, Liverpool lost on the same day.


This must be his expression for not just one day but the whole week. =P

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MD League 2009

Yeah, I finally made up my mind to join the MD Football League this year. I was so resolved not to join the league a few months ago, as I was planning to focus on my revisions more. But what the heck, I haven't been revising at all, & I was really tempted to play on the field once again O:)

I'm gonna show off for awhile before I proceed :p I was proud that three clubs approached and offered me a contract :p They were Blitz, Sportivo and Inter-MD United. I never thought of joining back my old team, Assymptote again, cuz I don't want to xp

Blitz, a 100% lower six team, tried to sign me as their keeper =0 If I'm Gary, I understand. But hey, I'm still quite short to qualify as a good goalkeeper! The team also happens to be my lil bro's team *coughs (bad omen)*. And it's true! In their recent match,they were raped 12-0! Oh well, all the best, lil bro ;)

Sportivo, on the other hand, offered me a left midfielder position. Now we are talking. I was tempted to join them, as I can see a very promising future. Then, something struck me within my mind. They are certainly a good team. Which means, I will struggle to be in the first eleven. So Sportivo is outta my mind.

Then came Mr. ZulHF.

From what he told me, Inter-MD United is short of players. So he offered me to join his team. Since there were quite a few recognisable faces (including Desmond's) in the team, I decided I should join them :D What's more, I gotta play my favourite position as a left midfielder^^

From my first-time judgment, I reckon Inter-MD United is an average team, much like Assymptote, but hopefully better.

Come watch us play LIVE tomorrow(8/4/09) at MD field, from 5pm til 6.15pm!

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Federico Macheda

Introducing Man Utd's latest debutant.

Simply epic!

Remember him. Remember the name
Federico Macheda.


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Friday, April 3, 2009

Earth Hour 2009 in Review

Good news everybody! I passed my driving test! Which means, I've gain another step to freedom! Whee!

I'm still not sure what car would I possibly get though. Oh well, any car would be great, as long as it's drive-able (and sexy I hope :p).

Anyways, let's get back to Earth Hour.

Unfortunately I've received a total of THREE pictures from ONE person for the Earth Hour. Despite the lack of support, I've noted that some you did actually get involved. But sadly, it's only a minority.

My laptop. Can't live without it in every situation :p

My neigbours' fully lit house during Earth Hour.

In an effort to check out the whole neighbourhood, James Renzo asked me to join him for a small adventure.

All was bright. But I'm very very surprised to see the
Istana Nasibah all dark! The royal family actually took part in it! Now that's encouraging!

Only managed to shoot the entrance. The guards were very suspicious of our activity, so we drove off xp

Gary's house was definitely the darkest in town! He switched off EVERYTHING, including the fridge! Three thumbs up!

Feeling very excited, James went off and did an Earth Hour super high jump O.o I can actually imagine him finishing his high jump with a perfect backflip! That leap was the best conclusion for the night's adventure!

Oh yea, James was the only one who sent the picture. Check it out:



Around his house area.

Thanks James for the pictures!!

All and all, Earth Hour was a total failure in Brunei. There was no support. The senior citizens didn't understand the whole point. The younger couldn't care less.

Those of you who did get yourselves involved, well done! You have done your part in raising awareness ;) Maybe you all are just too malu to send your pictures, I understand :) What's important is your involvement.

Before I end my entry, I wanna share a story with you all.

When school restarted a few days ago, I overheard this conversation from two of my friends.

Friend #1 : Hey, did you join the Earth Hour?
Friend #2: Nope.
Friend #1: Good choice. Comparing to China, we are nothing. So what we do won't have any significant effect.
Friend #2: Exactly. Our one hour of Earth Hour is like 6 seconds of Earth Hour in China. We won't even achive 1 minute in the next five years of Earth Hours.
Friend #1: True true.

Why am I not surprise to hear this from Bruneians?

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