Tuesday, August 26, 2008

EAYLF 2008 - First Day

Hey guys! Sorry for being late in updating! I'm going to continue on from where I've left in my previous post ;) So, it's still day 1 - after arrival ;)

There's really nothing significant on the first day.

My room-mate through out my stay in Thailand was Fathi. Luckily, I had a room-mate!:D I was scared I wouldn't be able to get up on time every morning. But it turns out the other way round. The YDP of UBD had to be woken up by me every single morning for 4 days! xD

We were given a superior room, number 1707.

OMG! I actually forgot to take more pictures of the hotel room! T-T Anyways, it's been so long since I slept in a hotel room! I love the bed :p It's absolutely comfortable!

One thing that caught my attention was the television system.

Notice the "Welcome NAZRIN, MR. BIN NARAWI" sign??

It's computer integrated!! So cool! You can watch live tv or download a variety of box offices (you have to pay, obviously)! What's more, you can surf the net using the television! Of course you won't be using a remote control to use the service :p The hotel provides you with a...

Wireless keyboard!

Cool, eh? Except that you have to pay about 1250 baht per day, which is around BND$50 T-T So the internet service is pretty much useless to me xp During those 4 days, I've been watching Star Movies and Channel [V] only xp

The organiser for the Youth Leadership Forum informed us that there wouldn't be any event in the afternoon that day. So we, the Bruneians decided to shop! =D

Since there is a shopping mall within walking distance, we agreed to walk, to save money.

I'll let the pictures describe my journey to the shopping mall.

Nope, we did not take the boat to the mall. I wish we had xp

Thai traffic controllers have cool helmets!xD

We were supposed to walk to Central World. But we ended up in a place called Big C instead xp

I'm not sure if this is Big C. Remember, we "ended" up in Big C xD

Big C is quite big. Not that big. At least bigger than the likes of The Mall or Yayasan. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't take more pictures of Big C. There were "Do not take pictures" posters everywhere! Couldn't risk getting my camera confiscated xp Or else, there would be no pictures for my next entries!

After some shoppings, we were so tired to walk back to the hotel. Unfortunately, the traffic was congested terribly, so hiring a cab wasn't an option. Actually this was a good thing xp Because, we had the chance to get a feel of the Tuk-Tuk!

I had a video of my journey with the Tuk-Tuk, but i can't upload it T-T It's 87mb!

We arrived at the hotel in no time ;) There was an event in the evening, where all delegates are to introduce one another. But before that, dinner time!

Muslim delegates were given a specific set of food every meal.

I love the soup! Don't know what's it called. Not Tom Yam Soup though.

However, we could still eat other foods that weren't in the set ;) Of course, no porks were allowed for us. It does looked tasty though xp The taste of pork still remains mystery to me.

I guess I'll stop here. There's too much to be told, and I'm not gonna cramp all in into this one entry xp

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Suvarnabhumi Airport - Simply impressive!

Have any of you guys been to Thailand? I know Desmond (There,I mentioned your name again xp) had. Thailand's international Airport a.k.a Suvarnabhumi Airport is impressive!

I love this rotating door entrance :p

However, I still think Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) looks better ;) I rate KLIA 9.9/10 and Suvarnabhumi Airport 9.8/10. Close! Both of them are just so impressive!

Desmond did upload pictures of Suvarnabhumi Airport in one of his old posts, but I just can't help showing off this beautiful airport again!

This airport will certainly make everyone in Brunei drop their jaws!
Compared to this, Brunei International Airport looks like s***! With all the money Brunei got from oil and gas, I don't know WHEN will they build a brand new airport T-T I hope I will get to see it before I die xp

Anyways, back to the main story..

We were escorted by a Thai officer as soon as we arrived. Since we are delegates, I was hoping that we would use some sort of classy vehicles, like limousine for instance :P Instead we got a van!Oh well, it doesn't really matter what vehicle we would use.

It sure isn't classy :p

We checked in into Eastin Hotel & Spa Bangkok.

You guys can check out more of Eastin Hotel here.

Ok, that's it for now. I'll update again soon ;)

p/s sorry Queen! I don't know where to put your name in this entry!xD Atleast you got your name in this postscript :P That's not so bad at all, right?xD

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sneak Preview

Sawadee Karp!

I've just return from Thailand :D It's a great experience! :D I got to know people from different countries. I've never met Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lao, and Korean in my life! And I met them in this conference :D I'm only disappointed that there are no delegates from Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia joining us T.T

I'm not gonna talk much here. This is just a brief introduction of what you should expect from my next upcoming posts ;)

Below are the delegates from Brunei, who joined me to Thailand:

Fathi Foad from UBD. This is the YDP of UBD's Student Council. Does he look like one?:P Hahahaha just kidding! His major is Arabic Language. So he's the religious type. I think :P

For some green reason, he reminds me of...

SHREK! XD Don't you guys think so?:P Everyone in the Forum agreed with me xD Or maybe they just want to give me face, so they agree xp

Moving on~

The girl on the left side is Fiqah. Desmond told me she is Queen's (a frequent visitor and tagger of this blog :P) cousin. Fiqah is from Maktab Sains, and she's in her lower six.

On the right hand side of the picture above is Mimi. She's studying in Institut Teknologi Brunei.

And then, there's me ;) I'm from Maktab Duli, as some of you might know ;) I'm still in my lower six, and I'm the youngest among all of them :) Do I have to upload my picture?:P

The conference we're attending is called the East Asian Youth Leadership Forum. This conference aims to gain perspective from the youths of ASEAN +3 nations. We, the youths in the conference, discussed ways to develop these nations, while preserving our culture. This discussion is to be presented to the Director-General of ASEAN.

Simultaneously, from these discussions, we are to launch a brand new website, which you guys can pay a visit here. Personally, I think the website is unorganized and looks crappy. But I'm confident it will look better in the near future :D I do like how they put in those cartoon figures though :P

The website is a portal for youths in each ASEAN +3 nations to share their activities, and so on. This is the place for you guys to see what's really going on in the real world. Okay, I don't know how to motivate you guys to visit the website xp Just click on the link, and read some articles, and then you can exit, or do whatever you want. Just show some support ;) WE are the youths of ASEAN +3 anyways ;)

Oh yea, I know I've mentioned this already, but just in case if you forgot or something, ASEAN +3 stands for Association of South East Asian Nations Plus China, South Korea, and Japan ;)

(click to enlarge picture)

I'll update tomorrow again ;) Is that okay, Desmond?:P

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

If Arabians Speak Hokkien

I went to Gadong this afternoon.


I saw a new shop which sells stuffs like women's T shirt, pants, shoes and so on but the funny thing about this shop is definitely its weird and funny name.


In Hokkien, 'sai' means 'shit', and 'baba' means 'blurr'.

Literally, the shop's name is called 'Shit Blur Blur' in English.

Is it just me or are shop names these days getting more and more ridiculous?

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Friday, August 15, 2008


It's official! I'll be going to Bangkok, Thailand for 5 days,from 18th until 22nd of August :D

There's going to be a Youth Leadership Forum. Me and along with other 3 students from Maktab Sains, Institut Teknologi Brunei, and University of Brunei Darussalam, are selected to represent Brunei. We will be accompanied by a ministry officer.

This forum is similar to the Borneo Global Issues Conference, except this focuses more on youth development in each country. There will be 13 countries participating in this event,the 10 ASEAN nations, Japan, Korea and China. Together,these countries formed the ASEAN +3. Ever heard of that?:p

Basically,we'll be presenting a report on local youth activities and initiatives. Luckily, I won't be the one presenting the report!We selected the guy called Fathi Foad from UBD to present it, as he is the Yang Di Pertua of UBD's Student Council. Meaning, he is sure to be good at public speaking :D However,there is still job for me to do. Participants from each country will be divided into 4 group workings on the following themes:

i) Environment and Sustainable Development

ii) Sense of Community
iii) Education
iv) Culture

I choose to do environment ;) It's nothing much. We just have to exchange environmental issues of our respective countries :D

I'm not sure where we will be staying. It's either Eastin Hotel & Spa Bangkok, or Central World Hotel. It doesn't matter. Both places are excellent xD Luckily,both provides wifi service, so i can still go online :D

From the program list given, the schedule seems so tight. I'm not sure if I've got the time to shop xp

Ok then, be sure to check in for more updates ;)

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Peking Fever

Sorry for no updates.

I'm very busy these days. In Olympic mood at the moment.


I support China! :)

Be right back.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Am Dark

If someone ever ask me to describe my appearance, I would simply say: short, fat and dark.

Yes, if you have not seen me personally in real life before, all you need to know is that I have a very dark skin complex and that is the one thing I really hate about myself.

I am jealous envy those people who go out everyday, play basketball or do any sorts of outdoor activities, come back home, and still have their skin look as white as pure sheet of white paper with no signs of being tanned.


Maybe that's just me.

So one day, I searched through the internet for some solutions, hoping I would become less darker again, but turns out they're all not that useful especially when even Yahoo! Answers can provide lame answers as well.


Any idea where I can find Michael Jackson Skin Care Line products?


I'm sure they'll be selling like hot cakes.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My First Glimpse Of Go Kart Race

I went to Bandar this afternoon to watch the Bandar Go Kart race.

This Go Kart race must be really special because it's actually the first go-kart race in town since 40 years ago!


For such a legendary event, the organisers, Primetec Engineering Sdn Bhd and the Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Board not only got the event approved but also closed several roads leading to the capital to make way for the race.

I went there at around 2.30pm, and by that time, the race has already began long ago.


There were hell lots of people surrounding the 'race track'.

The race is divided into several categories like the 100cc race, 125cc race and so on.

Have you ever seen an umbrella with two ends?

Some competitors in the race came all the way from Miri and other parts of Malaysia.


It is actually a very small lap considering the race only takes place around both Jalan Sultan and Jalan Elizabeth Dua.

There are also lots of people watching the race in front of Coffee Bean.


It makes coffee bean looks like a crime took place right?

Anyways, whenever I turned around, I saw photographers everywhere!


Lots and lots of 'em. And they all use big, black, bulky dSLR cameras with huge telephoto zoom lens.

If that's not cool enough, there are people who brought their handycams.


Or digital cameras.


Now I really feel incompetent. All these years, I've been using my camera phone for pictures and it's now an embarrassment.


Even an old uncle also uses a dSLR camera. The world has changed, I'm surprised.

Before you know it, several RTB cameramen were there as well.


The race is really exciting.

What's so uncomfortable is that there's nowhere for me to sit and I have to keep on standing for the whole afternoon. Now that's really torturing.


The race is not a really clean race afterall. I witnessed one of the drivers knocking the other driver away.

And this is what happenned.


The 'kart' crashed!

Some of the race crews quickly came and pull the driver out to safety.


Now that's very unfortunate for the driver. 0 points for not finishing the race.


Then, the round ended and another 'crew' came out with the green flag to signal the end of the round.


All the racers then came to the 'pit' to get some break.

What is that guy doing?

And it was this time that I get to get up real close with all the racers.


Look at that shiny blue helmet! So cool!

Shortly afterwards, all the karts and the racers are to be weighed together on this scale.


If the combine weight of the driver and the kart is less than 160kg, then the driver will be disqualified. Well, that's what I've heard.

So when the drivers go and have their combine weights measured, they can pose it several ways.

For instance, like this,


like this,


like this,


like this,


or even like this!


When the final round was about to begin, I quickly got ready and took a photo of the drivers before the starting line.


This time, there's no nasty tricks from other drivers.

The funny part of this round is when a driver tries to drift make a turn round the corner.


The kart basically stopped right there!

It is then evident that the driver can't go on any further and therefore has to retire.


Another unfortunate driver.

The crew did a good job with all the quick response, but what the hell, they actually left the kart on the side of the road!


And I thought they were paid for doing their jobs.

The race finally ended we got a winner!

Looks like some Japanese guy to me.

Congrats to the young Malaysian Ammirol bin Ahmad Mahmud for being the winner of all winners.

I took a total of 125 photos today, and I still got a lot of pictures to show you. I'll just let the pictures do the talking. You know, pictures speak a thousand words.


The winner having his combined weights taken.


All the racers moving onto a small stage at somewhere up front.


The race committees.


The winner after his parade.


The spectators.


One of the karts.

And lastly,


I don't know what to say. Simply the picture of the day.

I'm off to sleep.

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