Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gary the Editor

So, for the sake of the Film Studies Club, we now have our very own producers, editors, script writers, directors, actors, stunt men and whatever necessary props for our upcoming movie, or let's just say, short film, in the near future..

Our editor, Gary, has done a very impressive job on editing the videos..

So let's watch what Gary the editor can do!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

2nd Cleaning Campaign

Today, my school conducted a very surprising cleaning campaign.

Actually yesterday, our form teacher has already advised our class to bring along our P.E. shirt and tracksuit because there'll be a surprise for us this morning..

We just had our cleaning campaign held 2 weeks ago, but we're doing it again today because on 5th June, our school will be visited by students and teachers from Victoria School, Singapore.

You may visit here for more info.

There will be 10 students, 2 teachers and the principal of Victoria School making their trip all the way from Singapore to our school. The trip is also part of Victoria School's Overseas Educational and Cultural Exchange Program. Our school, SOAS were selected by the honorable Minister of Education.

So why pick SOAS? I reckon it was because both Victoria School and SOAS are 'all-boys' school..

So everyone in SOAS were celebrating in jubilant mood right after our principal had announced that we would not study for the whole day..

Students from each class, ranging from registration number 1 to 8, were responsible to clean their own classrooms respectively whereas students with registration number from 9 and onwards were told to clean somewhere else around the school..

So my registration number was 4 and thus I have to stay inside the class.. Boring..

Our friend Najaah is supposed to clean the notice board.. So why was everyone watching him??

After spending around 45 minutes in the class, I felt bored.. So I went to look for the others and see if I can help, rather than staying in the class, which is under the form teacher's inspection..

I found the rest of my classmates at room B13. Most of them were painting the class (which is the repeaters' class) under the inspection of our English teacher, Mrs. Geetha.

I then helped a bit by painting parts of the classroom..

The work was quite easy as we don't have to paint the higher parts of the classroom.

After painting, we were told to collect all the paintbrushes and rollers together for washing..

The rollers were not easy to wash.. We thought by just washing the rollers with water might have our job done but who knows it was so damn difficult to flush away the stains of white paint stucked inside the rollers..

Does Tiah looks like he's peeing in this picture??

Cheh~ He's just spraying water from the hose.. Lol *sarcastic*

Despite all the tiredness we had this morning, our class attempted to make another short video clip but failed.

We have already submitted our proposal of forming a new club called the 'Film Studies Club' in the school to the principal but there were still no responses from the administration yet.

Please pray that our proposal will be accepted and you guys will have more videos to watch in the future!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Just look at this picture below..

How similar do you think the drawing is?? Lol..

P/S: Sorry no videos today! Will upload it some other days!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Gary vs Cho

Who's tougher?!

One is dead and one is still on the loose! Don't pray pray ahh I tell you!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Azmi!

Azmi came to SOAS during Form 4 and was very quiet then.. He didn't know anyone here and felt very lonely.. As days passed, he began to get closer and interact with most of us..

Anyways, Azmi have a blog. You may go visit his blog whenever you like!

P/S: More videos are coming by this Sunday! Do visit again to watch it!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Cleaning Campaign II

This afternoon, me and my classmates stayed back at school to continue painting our classroom.

As I've said, our Add. Maths teacher decided to use her extra class period, which we're supposed to have this afternoon, to let us continue painting..

We painted the class in two tone.. Jasmine-white and green..

As we all have limited time today, we did everything as fast as we could.. I got tuition at 4pm which means I had about 2-3 hours to do help painting/cleaning the class..

Painting the wall today was a bit more easier as we only have to paint the lower part of the wall.. Some of my classmates wore school uniform to paint, and some others in their singlets and whatsoever..

I went back home and changed to avoid dirtying my school uniform..

I DID help a bit, but not much!

I think I'm being useless again today.. Although I have helped painting a bit, I still end up doing silly stuffs with my friends..

Something really SILLY..

Anyways, after we had finished painting, we swept the floor, mopped the floor and arranged all the tables..

So how is my new 'pimped-out' classroom? I think I still prefer the classroom to be painted in other colors rather than green..

Right, now let me show you what SILLY stuff I did with some of my co-operating friends..

Me and my friends produced a short video clip of a fighting scene..

It's kinda weird loh..

Please watch this video.. Prepare to watch the LAMEST video in the world! Presented to you by M5SC1 pictures..

Please TAG~

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cleaning Campaign

Today, school held a cleaning campaign for hygiene and cleanliness purpose.

It has been the second time that cleaning campaign are held this year, also the first since the arrival of our new principal.

Assembly was also held early in the morning to signal the start of the campaign.

The principal also noted down that Milo will be provided to us..

And right after the assembly, I can already see a lot of students lining up for the Milo..

Sigh~ Children nowadays..

Right, so we all returned to our classroom and started cleaning up everything..

We moved all the tables and chairs outside the class to get bigger space..

The good thing today is that we get free supplies of paint..

But the bad thing is that we have to paint the whole classroom by ourselves..

We took a long time just to paint one side of a wall, even under the inspection and help from our experienced painter, Andy..

I don't know why and I was very very curious why Andy wore a VERY tight t-shirt and also a very short boxer just now for painting.. Err.. Is it really necessary?

Anyways, I didn't really do much help today, despite being the Head of Class Cleanliness.. I only painted a little and scraped the wall to make it smooth..

I think I'm being so useless this morning. While everyone was busy painting the wall and cleaning the fan, I went to the other class and ate the 'panggang' or 'kelupis' that Madam Wong gave us this morning..

The 'panggang'/'kelupis' is supposed to be shared equally among the POA students in my class.. Each student should eat only one of it, but I ate 3 of them..

(NOTE: There are supposed to be 11 students taking POA, so there are 11 'panggang's altogether)

Yeah, I was soo hungry that time 'cause I didn't take my breakfast this morning, just a few sips of Milo..

After realizing that the 'panggang's are not enough for my classmates, I hurried all the way down to the auditorium and took a lot of 'panggang's which are the teacher's refreshments, for the sake of my hungry friends..

LOL.. Stupid pose~ I then offered the 'panggang' to everyone, to be fair..

Until the end, we still haven't finish painting the whole class.. Our form teacher decided to sacrifice her Extra Class time tomorrow afternoon to continue painting..

Also today, I found out there was only 1 student present for M5Sc2.. Only ONE student ok?

So some of my classmates then offered to help, rather than letting the only student who arrived doing all the work on his own..

That's all for the day..



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Saturday, May 19, 2007

What I've Done?!

Sorry people for not blogging recently.. I didn't have much time these days and my mind was kinda blank when it comes to blogging..

Right, I shall start telling what I did:

Thursday, 17th May 2007

I did silly things with friends a.k.a. classmates at school..

We found something new to play during recess time! We played 'merry-go-round' or something which I don't know what you call that..

Watch the videos here to find out what I'm trying to say..

Spinning 10 times? How about 20?

Haha.. We were so bored that time..

At 2pm, I had my lunch at Taurean Cafe with my sister and my cousins.. It was sister's treat..

Also on the same day, I get to taste some gelatos from Dream Cones.. B$2.60 for one little scoop..

Friday, 18th May 2007

I tasted 7 different kinds of spaghettis in Capers.. Sister ordered 7 different kinds of spaghettis and shared between 4 people (me, my cousin Jiahui, my sister and Andy Vun)..

It was sister's treat again, and 7 spaghetti in Capers costs how much??? Thanks to sis anyway =)

Sister then drove me and my cousin Jiahui to tuition..

Saturday, 19th May 2007

POA teacher, Madam Wong was too weak to walk all the way to Pra-U block by herself, so she told us to meet her at another classroom which is nearer to the staffroom to save her from all the troubles to walk so far..

The classroom, however, is actually the classroom of the repeaters..

The classroom was very very dirty and sooo rubbish infested.. Being the form teacher of the repeating students, Madam Wong asked us to help her clean up the mess so that she don't have to work so hard for tomorrow's Cleaning Campaign..

The 2 look-alikes playing in the repeaters' classroom.. Haiz~ Speechless~

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New classroom!

Good news! Good news!

Today, my class, M5Sc1 has been moved to the Pra-U block!

*Pra-U stands for Pre-University as in Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary

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We received the news right after our form teacher came in the class and told us.. Everyone was in jubilant mood, but the sad thing is that we have to move every tables and chairs to our new classroom, ALL by ourselves..

Then comes the exciting part when we were told to move the teacher's table along.. We needed at least 6 people to carry the teacher's table (excluding the drawers) plus another guy carrying the teacher's chair..

Err.. 6 skinny people moving the table, at least..

The hardest part of moving the teacher's table is when we're supposed to carry it all the way to the highest floor of the Pra-U block..

Wakao~ Luckily the Pra-U block is only 2-storey tall..

Nevertheless, we still managed to carry it upstairs.. We SOAS boys do have what it takes!

Now, taking a look back at my old classroom makes me just wanna deliver a kiss-goodbye..

Never mind, let's just forget it and enjoy the advantages and comforts of the Pra-U block..

Every classes in SOAS are very very desperate to move into the Pra-U block.. After numerous appeals, our class finally made it to the Pra-U block, again..

Now, why do people love the Pra-U block?

First of all, there are air-conditioners installed in every room of Pra-U block.. And sometimes if your class is lucky, there might be 2 air-conditioners inside your class..

Wahahaha! We got 2 air-conds! That's how lucky we are!

NOTE: The picture above is not mirrored!

The second good thing about the Pra-U block is that the building is far from the staff room, so nobody would be aware of whatsoever activity we did in the Pra-U block.. Also, the teachers would have to walk a long way after every lessons, so our every lessons would be delayed for a few minutes..

The windows are tainted too..

However, the classroom that we moved into was halfway under construction..

The wall is a bit dirty too, with marks and scribblings all around..

Despite the mess and untidiness of the class that we're in, the principal decided to hold a Cleaning Campaign this Sunday.. We're also told to paint the class and we're given the choice of colors.. Everyone chose to paint in light and dark blue tone.. Plus, the paint is supplied by the school..

Cool leh~ Our daily school life just got better and better~ =p

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I would like to thank my POA teacher, Madam Wong, again for treating us to some packets of 'Nasi Katok' which is just enough for the class.

By the way, only the students taking POA in my class were treated to this exclusive meal..

POA lesson today was followed by the break time. As the bell rings, a few of us prompted to finish the 'Nasi Katok' within the 30-minutes of recess.

Wah.. The mouth-watering, so delicious, spicy, aromatic and.. WAIT! THERE'S NO CHICKEN!

First time in my life to see a Nasi Katok without chicken or meat! Only eggs, rice and sambal!

Sigh~ Nevertheless, I still have to thank Madam Wong's thoughtfulness for tapau-ing the Nasi Katok "Kosong"..

Even this guy below here, Andy, would rather eat something else than the Nasi Katok that my teacher gave..

*Sniff sniff*

P/S: Actually Andy did eat the Nasi Katok with us during break time..

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day in Japanese style

So how did you celebrate your mother's day?

Last night, I celebrated Mother's Day in Japanese style!

My dad went to Limbang yesterday afternoon and so he was not sure what time he'll be back.. Hence, we did not make any bookings or reservations at any restaurant..

Fortunately, my dad returned home at 6pm.. There's still a lot of time! So we made a last minute decision and chose to go Excapade Sushi..

Having a good, peaceful meal with your family is already a bliss..

Forget about eating at an expensive restaurant or having a fine dining.. You even have to make an early reservation or bookings just to save you and your family a fine seat..

Otherwise, you'll have to wait a long ASS of line until your turn..

Queuing.. That's what I hate the most..

So, talking about eating at a Japanese restaurant, where do you like best?

I've been eating at Excapade Sushi ever since the day it started it's business and I have been impressed ever since..

In my opinion, I think Excapade Sushi is probably one of the best Japanese restaurant you could find in Brunei.. The restaurant is now very successful, having two major operations in Kiulap and Gadong..

Their menu displays varities of sushis and I'm sure all the foods are worth it's price.

After we had done eating, we pay the bill, of course.. Me and my sister contributed $10 each and my dad pays the rest.. Well, at least I'm able to contribute! *Proud*

After paying the bill, one of the waitresses approached us and gave us a box as a Mother's Day gift..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We were all so happy with the restaurant's thoughtfulness..

The box reads 'Mochi". Any idea what's inside?

The name sounds familiar too!

Apparently, it's just some 'mua chee' with different flavors..

Notice that one of the 'mua chee' has been eaten yea.. Haha..


Later that night, I had the last laugh as we made another stop at Bata..

I bought a new pair of school shoes to replace my old one..

Cool eh?

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