Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

On behalf of the DENcorp, I'd like to wish you all...


a Happy Chinese New Year!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


By now, everyone should have heard about the flooding in Brunei. It was dubbed as the worst disaster Brunei has ever seen in recent years.

Pictures are courtesy of

As far as the rumors circulate around me, there were only 2 deaths. May they rest in peace.

Brunei is well known among its people for having been the safest place on Earth. Among the South China Sea border countries, only Brunei was able to survive the Tsunami! Heck, it didn't even touch Brunei! The neighbour countries got the full blast of it instead.

Anyways, after all these safe years since the Independence, Bruneians have grew up to be a proud race.

I once heard an auntie saying, "Take that you Indonesians! Steal our bikes again la!" commenting about the Tsunami. Ok, maybe an Indo did steal her bike; but she shouldn't generalised the whole thing by cursing every Indonesians just because of that one thief. It's such a racial statement.

The locals love to credit themselves for being sinless. That's why there has been no major disasters in recent years.

It's funny how people, typically the senior citizens, think about this recent flooding.

There's this auntie (not related to the earlier auntie I mentioned) who said, "You know why got flood? You don't know?? I tell you why. That day ah my sister went for X-Ray mah. She saw this old doctor flirting with a young nurse! How sinful! That's why got flood la!"

Apparently flirting can cause flood. Be careful people! :p

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Kaka Rejects Big Money Move

It is just so crazy how much modern-day professional footballers can be paid these days.

Reports has recently confirmed that AC Milan and Brazil midfielder Kaka has rejected a £108 million move to English Premier League club Manchester City.

That's just insane! That's a £500,000 (B$1,028,878) per WEEK salary offer that Kaka has turned down!


Manchester City is owned by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, who is said to be worth about $22 billion -- so funding the salary shouldn't be a problem.


It's amazing how current football salaries can dwarf the pay for most executive positions and public offices. For example, the U.S. President receives about $7690 per week, while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown receives around $5233.

That basically means, the salary of Kaka could almost be 95 times higher than Obama and almost 140 times higher than Gordon Brown if he accepts Manchester City's offer!

Let's see how much Kaka can earn compared to some other famous figures.

WEEKLY INCOME (approximate)

U.S. President:



British PM Gordon Brown:



Band 5 nurse in Britain:



Director-General of BBC:



Average U.S. teacher:



Cristiano Ronaldo:



Lewis Hamilton:



Kaka's reported offer: U$726,881!


This also means Kaka could earn more than DOUBLE the salary of the Premier League's current highest-paid player, Robinho, also with Manchester City, who earns approximately U$232,580 per week.


Right now, Kaka's current salary at AC Milan was believed to be about $208,000 per week.

Now that Kaka has turned down the offer, the big question is, who would Manchester City go after next?

And what would Kaka do if he had accepted that offer?


Become the next Hugh Hefner?

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Second Fishing Experience With Billy

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, as some of you may know that the DENcorps are all pretty busy coping up with school works.

But still, I guess the responsibility for me to update is still there. Posting about school stuff might bore some of you, so what am I gonna blog about?



Some of you may have read the post of my first fishing experience with Billy. Well, this time is no different.

Me and Billy went to another place to fish after failing to catch anything on our previous trip.


Over here, it is much smaller, which means lesser place to move around.

There weren't much people around too. Just some old men fishing and some boys from the kampong nearby.


It seems a little 'dangerous' here as there is no where you can sit.

Some people who went there even brought their own foldable chair.

I remember Billy once met a monitor lizard here, so I guess one is ought to be extra careful when they're here.


After numerous attempts on casting, we didnt catch anything.

That really frustrated us, and thus we decided to go Jabatan Peranginan Sg. Besar, hoping to find some luck there.


The first thing we hear at Peranginan was the loud voice of a big old lady!

She was scolding a small kid. Billy suggested that kid is her son, but I think she's too old to be his mother. Maybe that kid just messed around at that old lady's territory?


Yes, we saw that old lady on the previous occasion but we didn't know she was that fierce. Billy even said she must've been some "Tai Gar Che" when she's young.

And all we could do is just to pretend as if we didn't see anything, and think that everything is normal.

The old lady never brought any rods.


Her only essential fishing tools are the fishing net and the bintul used to catch crabs.

At her age, we didn't think she would be any more pro than us in fishing.

But who knows, the old lady even managed to catch a crab!


A huge one!

Now that makes us feel so n00b compared to her now l33t skillz.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man came out of nowhere and approached us.


He tried to talk to us but his speeches are a bit blurry and I can hardly understand what he's trying to say. It then took me quite a while to realise that he's actually not sane.

He even tried to teach me how to fish using my Sehat bottle. He opened the cap without my permission and demonstrated how I could fish by just using bottle.


But I refused to make it his day and still continued to look confused.

And shortly, he went off, and even said "Sorry!".

Instead of following the mad man's method, a more 'modern' makeshift fishing "rod" is made so that I can fish too.


Creative and nice, isn't it? But so far, it has not yet caught anything. =(

Slowly, most of the shrimps has died for some unknown reasons.

Added to the frustration that nothing is being caught yet, Billy decided to go a little more extreme, and use not just 1 or 2 or 3 but FOUR shrimps as baits!


The shrimps, now lifted up, and getting ready to be casted.


And then, what happened?


Only the tail of one of the shrimps are left intact.

That sucked.

We had to throw all of the shrimps back to the sea, including the dead ones of course.


But Billy decided to do something crazy and attempted to cook some of the dead shrimps using egg trays!


I didn't know it was possible until I saw the outcome.


The shrimps have turned into smoked prawn! Unmarinated and without ingredients though.


Want some?

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Twenty things I did in 2008:


Enrolled into Maktab Duli as a college student. =)


Was at Bandar during the SOAS Mosque's 50th Anniversary but didn't witness the celebration. =(


Got contacted mysteriously by 2 men, asking us to join some weightlifting scheme. Surprisingly, Mr Paul never called us again since then.


Went fishing for the very first time. I didn't really fish, but was trying to learn more about how the fishing scene is like.


Participated a Tug-of-war competition but lost badly.


Joined the college's rugby club.


Witnessed a snail trying to drink a can of Tiger Beer.


Went swimming with a couple of friends and met a huge kid.


Ate kangaroo meat for the first time.


Touched snakes for the first time.


Played bowling for the first time. And I played like crap.


Started to work-out.


Visited my friends' house during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


Drove an ATV.


Spectated a Go-Kart Race at the capital.


Arranged a farewell party for a friend who is leaving, Khairul Azmi.


Stepped foot on Temburong District for the first time in my life.


Visited K.K. for the first time in 10 years by car and also witness the city's legendary monument, the Clock Tower.


Saw a Lamborghini!


Joined the college's football tournament and got pwned deep deep. We conceded more than 20 goals in just three matches!

From this, I learnt a very good lesson not to join anymore football tournaments to embarass myself even further.

There's even much more things I did than these 20, but it's not possible to list them all out here.

Almost all of the things listed here are my first time.

Also, I'm sorry to post this up very late.


School's starting tomorrow. Let's just hope I begin this term smoothly.

Bring it on you knockers! ;P

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