Saturday, October 25, 2008

Maktab Duli's Raya + Teacher's Day Celebrations

Short talk:
Cristiano Ronaldo sucks like hell.

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Sorry for the bad photography. It's actually "Majlis". Not "Ajlis".

First of; not canceling the first two lessons of the day is a point blank stupid idea. Secondly, the event followed was a mess. It was very unorganized. Thirdly, there were hardly any chairs for the students to sit on (The chairs were fully reserved for teachers only!) So what we did was standing up the whole day like idiots!

Much to my disappointment, the majority of my classmates agreed that everyone would each sponsor $7 for food catering and table decorations. I gave in because I thought the more expensive we invest,the higher chance we would win the table contest. The winner would be judge in terms of its decorations, foods and services. Unfortunately, it turns out that we didn't even win anything at all!! Argh! There goes my $7 T-T

What our table offered:

Yea, the almighty cheese cake!

Don't be fooled! It's empty!

Pretty simple,eh? All that for a whooping $7 *sob* I heard Desmond's tutor group only need 20 cents from each students!!

Now see what the
other tables offered:

Looks a bit messy, but credits to creativity.

The "Pelita".

Protruding tissues.

Umm magnetic sweets? Sticky sweets?


Chocolate fountain!


Another chocolate fountain!


..and even bananas!

See the difference between our table and the others?

BE7. The eventual winner of this whole thing.

Congrats to the guys and girls (including Za'imah Aqilah :p) for winning! Queen said the winner will get to have free treat at Chill. I expected something better.

Ok that pretty much sums up the table contest between classes.

Now, following up the table contest were a bunch of performances. There's the Choir group, who always had to accompany us to sing the National Anthem and the School song. Don't ask me why we must sing the National Anthem on such occasion. Didn't seem patriotic to me.

Followed by a speech by the principal, which hardly anyone bothered to listen.

The new principal's looks had been a mystery to me for the past few months. This was actually my first time seeing the principal clearly!

Following suit was Husaif's (everyone's favourite prefect) syair performance...

..To which this guy listens intently. Surely there must be something going on between them! :p Because, shortly afterwards, there's this event where teachers (and non-teaching staff members) had to ermm do something to chosen students? Ok, that sounds so wrong.

Aha! No wonder! They even wore the same colour! And to add things up, they wore pink! No doubt there must be something between them :p lol just kidding~

Some students were mummified.

It was the drama club that performed next. I tell you, it was so typical that it bored me to death. If you noticed, all Bruneian school dramas with the teacher's day theme would have a character who always did bad things in school, and then ends up with regret as he somehow learns a valuable lesson. And to make things worst, the MD drama club didn't make any use of the sound sytem! This resulted in poor audial performance by them!

I would rather take any of Husaif's performances anytime over these typical dramas! :p

Ok the story goes like this (Thanks to Ayman Vami who provided me with an acoount of the story):
Setting in a classroom (typical), the story starts with the students lead by another more villainous student teases their male class teacher. This leads to the teacher getting really upset, and ran away from class. Then suddenly the more villainous student shouts out, "I have conquered this school!" The class cheered. They went home.

The protagonist decided to stay, for some unknown reason. Then out of thin air, a ghost appeared. The ghost kept on shouting, "I am a ghost! I am a ghost! I am Hantu Raya!" *audiences laughed like hell* The protagonist, obviously scared, decided to push the ghost, just like a typical samseng would do.

However, the ghost appeared unscathed. Instead he kept on reminding everyone he is a ghost. Okay okay, everyone gets it. Geez. Then the ghost fast forwarded time to the future. The setting remained unchanged. The desks are still the old brown graffitied piece of s*it. The future doesn't look very much promising :p

The villainous student is now a teacher. The ghost stayed behind him to continue haunting him. The villainous student (now a teacher) was teased by his students. But unlike the first teacher in the first part of the story, this dude had balls. He didn't run away. Instead he beats the crap out of the students.The students went home shortly afterward.

The ghost stopped time, and said, "Do you learn your lesson now, boy?" The dude was transported back to the present time, and immediately beg for the coward teacher for forgiveness. The drama closed, followed by a narration, "The morale of the story is to respect your teachers, or you will learn your lesson the hard way".

I couldn't believe my eyes that some people actually enjoyed this!

Well, I don't want to be very bias. The good point of the drama is of the time travelling, which proves some creativity. Still, they should feel lucky they weren't performing in SOASC. I'm sure they will be boo-ed from starting to ending. Such is the way we SOASC-ian behave :p

Moving on. The teachers award ceremony. I'm not sure who won, due to the poor sound system of MD. The only ones I know are:

The teacher who cycles everyday to school (I think he's called Mr. John Winter) won the Most Humorous Teacher Award.

Sir Faisal won the Smartest-Looking Teacher Award (I think).

Miss Cristina Chong won the Teacher with the Sweetest-Smile Award.

Miss Jessie Chong won the Most Fashionable Teacher Award.

Dr. Chia won The Most Creative Teacher Award.

Congrats teachers :)

The climax of the occasion was no doubt a karaoke performance by the most popular guy in school! Yes folks! We are talking about Law Foo Kui (and the band)!

Haziq obviously proud to take a picture with the star.

I'm honoured to take pictures of him :p He responded well to my camera. Such photogenity!

An extract from Wikipedia:

Law Foo Kui (born 1991) is a Bruneian rockstar, model, dancer and astronaut. He has won six Grammy Awards as well as an Emmy Award. He has recently won a Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to the media industry.

Foo Kui came to fame as the vocalist of the Law Foo Kui Band. In 2008, he released his self-titled album, which sold more than 12 million copies worldwide. His hit song "Menjelang Hari Raya (Remix version)" has top the chart in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, as well as France. In October 2008, he announced in an interview that he will be translating his songs into various other languages. This resulted in him being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, as his intention touched the hearts of many.

A star indeed!

Okay, now listen to his music video. (Also pay close attention to the guitar background performance)

Honestly speaking, I think this is by far the best performance that day. His voice wasn't that bad. I wasn't expecting that :p At least Law didn't perform it with a serious face, unlike many others. Gotta create a Law Foo Kui fan club :p

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