Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barcelona Deserved to Win

Lionel Messi's second goal was a blow. I stared disbelievingly at the TV. The referee blew the final whistle of the Champions League season.

Manchester United 0-2 Barcelona

What a disaster!

We were so closed to lifting the trophy for a second successive season, but failed. The very thought of being the first team ever to successfully defend a Champions League trophy is very blissful. But we failed T-T

Barcelona was just the better team. They played sensational football. They controlled the game throughout. Manchester United had no chance at all. I thought Sir Alex has gone mad by putting Rooney far wide to the left, and Ronaldo the centre forward. But then again, who am I to judge a manager who has been in the business for over 30 years? I'm not gonna blame anyone for the lost (well,maybe just Andersen :p)

And so I yield to Barcelona's victory :)

Oh well, let's try again next season! Atleast we did win the Barclay's Premier League, Carling Cup, FA Community Shield and the FIFA Club World Cup ;) And that's good enough for me. Unless your favourite club is Barcelona, how many trophies have your team won this year?:p

Andres Iniesta is officially my favourite Barca player. What's the odds that he will join Man Utd??:p


As a neutraliser to a disastrous start of my day today, I got good news! I had finally completed my English Literature course as of today! The paper earlier today was good, but time wasn't on my side (I didn't finish it T-T). The other paper last week was a disaster. Hopefully I can manage an overall "C"!

For now, I'm gonna savour my new p/s block hehe. Gonna consider taking GP after the holiday!


Just to add more spice to this post, take a look at this picture (Zoom in!):

Got this piece out from the Library's Sunday Times last week.

Notice: You must be a constantly-updating-football-fan to actually know what the above means.

One last note, check out this Justin Timberlake Mother's Day Special release song:

Enjoy :)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gary Rescues Cats From Captivity

Coming back to school after having lunch at Gadong this afternoon with Guan and Gary, we saw two poor little kittens by the dining hall's corridor.


Attached to plastic chairs, metal wires were tied onto their necks respectively, taking away freedom completely from these two poor little kittens.

When I walk past through that dirty little corridor at first, I did not even notice these two kittens.

It was Gary who became the first to react, that is when I heard him saying "Oh shit..!"

When I then looked at the cats, the cats were meowing in the most pitiful way ever that even no words in the Oxford dictionary can reflect how they felt.


Around the cats were just some plastic baskets, used food containers with some leftover rice, rubbish bin cover, an old monitor and etc.

Gary said, "Should we free them?" looked around, and then proceeded to make a brave decision to set the kittens free!


At the same time, I was also trying to be cautious, as I tried to keep an eye out for Gary.

This is done so that at least we can prevent the person who did this from running out of nowhere to come and hantam us.


One of them got freed, and tries to flee!

The second one got freed a short while later too.

It was amazing. I felt so happy for the kittens. It made Gary looked like Gandhi.

The kittens seem to be unable to run far though. Now I'm starting to worry for them. Will the guy who did this return and catch them back again? They were all so fragile.


Now the big question is.. who's so stooooopid to tie the cats up?

Guan suggested that the school cleaners were the culprit, but I beg to differ because I'm 100% sure it's Guan who did it! I should've known! The hostellites got nothing better to do!


Nah.. Just kidding. So who? Any idea?

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tomorrow Will Definitely Die

So tomorrow will mark the beginning of a series of exams for my part. First day will be English Literature and Physics! 2 study subjects on the same day!!

If that's not so suey enough, take a look at this:

It's in the afternoon!! And both starts at exactly the same time! The exam department had to postpone my English Literature to 3.30pm, which means I can only go home at 5.30pm on that day. Plus, I won't be allowed to go out after the Physics paper.

Will I live to see another day after tomorrow? One thing's for sure - the pressure on me will be lift up tremendously after tomorrow.

I hope I will be able to ace through both of these papers. They are my only hopes of achieving an overall satisfying grades for both subjects.

There's a rumour claiming that the passing grade for English Literature to be 22%! Grade 'A' is 62% and above! Whether this is true or not, it definitely renews my lost hope for the subject =D

Ok then, good luck to you all who're sitting for AS too ^^

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Monday, May 11, 2009


In the least offensive way as possible, I have to say..


This has got to be the coolest, rugged and most samseng 'midget' that I've ever seen!

Cruising through Gadong's busy roundabout driving a Honda Integra with i-Vtec engine, fully modified!

Modification not only includes exterior parts like bumper and spoiler, but driver's seat is also heightened!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inter's Conclusion and The Man Who Still Lived

We finally gain our first victory in the MD League! Though its only a tight 1-0 win over MD Galaxy, it's the prevailed dignity that matters most. We got the 3 points, and that is something treasurous for us Inter-MDian.

Final Group B Standings:

1. Sportivo La Coruna 12 pts
2. Hostel Boys 9 pts
3. MD Galaxy 3 pts
4. Inter-MD United 3 pts
5. Disco Disco 3 pts

Hehe we are not at the bottom afterall. We surpassed Disco Disco by a single goal difference between us. Dignity restored!

We shouldn't have lost the game to Disco Disco in the first match. Individually, we got a couple of football skills. But as a team, we lack chemistry. Our teamwork started to kick in our last ever match against Galaxy. It was too little too late.

I agree with Desmond that the most versatile player in the team was Faisal (Or was it Fadhil?). The key Inter-MD players throughout the season should be Zarfan and Arif. Without them, we would be conceding alot of goals. I would have nominated Firdaus too, if he had been a lil less greedy.

Overall, I thought I did a better job compared to last year. I played more calmly, more mentality, and more confidence. I am disappointed that it's the end for us. I wanted more games, see xp

On the other hand, my previous team Assymptote looks pretty good. They managed to win 2 games!

Final Group A Standings:

1. Selingkuh 10 pts
2. Super Fly 8 pts

3. Assymptote 6 pts

4. Hostel United 4 pts

5. Blitz 0 pts

Yes it is a sad season for MD. There are only 2 groups. Which means only four teams will go through the next round.

Semi-Final Matches:

Selingkuh 1-1 Hostel Boys (Hostel Boys won on penalty shootout)
Sportivo La Coruna 2-0 Super Fly

If I'm not mistaken,the final match will be held at the MD field this coming Saturday.

Anyways, let's shift our focus onto this dude:




C'mon, don't tell me you don't know him??

An extract from wikipedia:

"Handsome Ice" redirects here. For other uses, see Handsome Ice (disambiguation).

Huzaishysy (1991-present) is a Malaysian biologist, chemist, physicist, mathematician, accountant, singer, lingerie model and the most intelligent person in the world as of 2009. He has also signed a long term deal with Ukatrats FC as a center forward. Soccer superstar, Diego Maradona proclaimed Huzai to be the "Next Didier Drogba" which arouses international suspicion as to what he truly meant by that.

In early 2008, he lost the challenge trophy to archrival Hazim The Great, but he has since been developing really well after Hazim's worldwide shocking announcement to join the Manganime Club. Since moving to Labuan, Huzai has so far achieved 9As and 2Bs (results may be inaccurate), thus obtaining the sponsorship to further his already perfect knowledge, in order to obtain doctorate certification.

Ok, the point is, Huzai has obtained a 6 years doctor's course in a Malaysian University! He will leave for Labuan...TOMORROW MORNING!! Get your phone out now, and wish him the best of luck!:D

As a final blessing to Huzai, who has always been a good friend of DENcorp and many others...

May you be successful in whatever you're doing there in Malaysia. Hopefully, we'll see you as Doctor Huzai the next time we meet :p

All the best!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

The DPMM vs SAF FC Match

I have always wanted to blog about the DPMM FC vs Sengkang Punggol match I attended more than 5 weeks ago, but I was really busy then, and assuming that nobody else would recall that match, I figured I might as well just forget about it.

The highlights of this post would be me witnessing how DPMM FC overcame a strong Singapore Armed Forces FC at home soil.


Indeed, it was a match not to be forgotten, plus the match recorded an attendance high of roughly 10,500 spectators.


Coincidentally, it was coach Vjeran Simunic's birthday that day as well, so winning this game would meant the best birthday gift for the 55 year-old coach.

The players walked out of the tunnel with great confidence.


The match started and a lot of the spectators were already beating the drums they brought along to build up the momentum.

They were a lot of the plastic flags bearing the logo of DPMM as well, but I'm not sure where they bought it.

Whatever the fans brought along with them, I have to say, the fans who came on that night was the most passionate of all.


But within just 3 minutes of the game, DPMM FC took the lead!

The set up of the goal was through a long pass by Azwan Salleh to Abdel Hamid, which the Algerian made a clever pass to the right for Croatian midfielder Ivan Jerkovic to score.

The fans went crazy of course.


Even with the lead, SAF looked to be dangerous as well as they have a couple of nice chances.

They couldn't cut through the solid defence of DPMM FC so there were a lot of crosses and set-pieces.


That night, one of the SAF's player was constantly booed by the crowd whenever he touches the ball. I looked through the internet and found out his name was Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin. The no. 7 of the team.

I'm not really sure why but I don't think it's because of his green mercurial vapor boots.

I think it's because he dyed his hair to white.


For that, you get booed for the rest of the night.

Barely the start of the second half, DPMM FC scored once again and this time through Abdel Hamid himself!


His performance was highly doubted by a lot of people but he has proven them wrong with the goal.

He created many other chances for the team as well.


We then saw a better side of SAF FC in this second half because this is the time where they seemed to be very sharp on the attack.

Even Ahmad Latiff Khamarudin was not affected by the boos anymore.

They kept going until the 89th where they've earned a free kick.


And Thai national
Therdsak Chaiman successfully converted the free kick!


This is where the nail-biting part of the game started.

With 4-minutes of additional time, a lot could happen. Fans were afraid that SAF would equalise or even take the victory.

DPMM FC could have sealed the game when Abdel Hamid seems to have scored for the second time, but was disallowed for offside. What a pity.


In the dying seconds of the injury time, SAF FC had just another free-kick, similar to the spot where they scored earlier.

Many of the spectators were about to go home but stopped and stared with their mouth wide open.

If Manchester United can overcome Bayern Munich in the injury time of the 1999 Champions League final, what else is not possible? (For SAF FC in this case)


But this time, DPMM FC's defence did what they had to do, and prevented them from scoring the free kick, much to the delight of the home crowd.


The result ended DPMM FC 2 - 1 SAF FC.

The next home game could be 16th May, against Young Lions.

Think you can come?

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Of Inter-MD United..

You guys must be wondering why we haven't posted any news about our football team, Inter-MD United.

Well, here's why.

Things are going absolutely haywire now. With 3 loses in 3 games, we are staring at the other teams from the bottom.

IMU 1-2 Disco Disco
IMU 0-6 Hostel Boys
IMU 1-3 Sportivo La Coruna

Our team isn't that bad actually. If we've got a lil bit more teamwork and lucky (we are the only underdog in our group), we might have prevailed.

I couldn't blame the team because I sucked too :P

I don't hold any regrets by joining this team though (half true). Atleast I got to play full time in most of my matches.

Love this picture!

Our only win as a team is against
Blitz. We won 4-1 in that friendly game. Despite the momentous victory, we weren't able to capitalise it against Sportivo yesterday.

Our only hope of escaping complete humiliation is to beat or draw against MD Galaxy. They are in a similar situation like us. So it will be a slightly equal game.

All in all, I'm only glad I am a regular in the team! Hopefully I will be able to score in that match!!xp I had 2-3 chances this season, but I wasn't that lucky.

Anyways, enjoy the pictures below!

Me and Faisal/Fadhil in action.

Desmond looking somewhere.

Faisal/Fadhil competing for the ball.

Long cross by Firdaus.

Faisal/Fadhil (Seriously man!They look the same!)

This here is MD League's so-called Cristiano Ronaldo. He is playing for Super Fly. You guys gotta watch his match to see what he's really made of! I'm proud that he lives in the same kampong as me. Kg Kiarong really produces alot of Bruneian talents :p :p

"Wheeeeee" is what I shouted.
Anyone know why the photographer only shoots my back?

Pictures are courtesy of a Mr. Sollehin Shahrani, a friend of my brother. Check out his facebook for more!

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