Thursday, June 28, 2007


Hello people!

Apparently, there is a little bit of correction in our upcoming Monthly Test schedule.

Still the same, we'll have Malay and Additional Maths on the first day of test.

The second day which used to be English has been changed to P.O.A.

The bad thing about this is that we'll have POA test earlier whereas, the good thing is that at least this time we'll only have POA test unlike the previous timetable which was POA and Physics on the same day.

Erm.. Is it confusing?

The third day will be English papers. And heck, it's the Qualifying exam already.

The qualifying exam should be around mid-August but for some very unexplainable reasons, the English papers were brought earlier.

Only English QUALIFYING exam papers will be brought earlier whereas the rest will maintain it's scheduled time.

Maths D will be on the same day too.

We'll then have English Paper 2 Qualifying paper.

Still the worst day of all is when we'll have both Biology and Chemistry together.

I don't even know how to study or revise for Bio/Chem.

These two are obviously my worst subjects.

I have exactly no idea how am I going to prepare for this day. Can anyone help me please?

7th July will still be MIB.

Coincidentally, 7th July will also be the day His Majesty the Sultan visit our school. I'm really looking forward to his visit to SOAS.

Then we'll have Physics on the last day.


This is such a boring post.. I don't even know why do I post about my monthly test schedule.. Perhaps just to let you all be aware that I won't update this blog for sometime which is during the monthly test?

Yeah, I think it is..

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A visit to SMRIPAS

Today, we got a surprise visit to Sekolah Menegah R.I.P.A.S. at 9.30am.
An explomaths carnival was held there.

It's a very long trip as we travelled by bus all the way to the outside of Brunei-Muara District.

As we reached the place, I heard most of my friends commenting on how weird the shape of the school is.

The roofs of the school are mostly pointed on each end. Well, I don't think it's weird but rather unique.

There are a lot of cars seen at the parking area of the school and I can see a lot of the newly-launched Vios. Rare sight huh.

We then head straight to their auditorium.

There are prefects guarding the entrance of the auditorium, though I don't know why.

But a prefect wearing a yellow sports shoe is something you don't see everyday.

As we first stepped in the hall, our teacher in charge went to register for our arrival.

Then there were some kind of board where you can write your signature to show your existence too.

Inside the hall, there are quite a lot of booths set up, each of them representing different schools.

Each booth gives different types of maths question or either IQ questions.

Andy tried the Sudoku game.

As long as there is something to do with Japan, there's always Andy.

Andy sat there and attempted the Sudoku game for quite a long time!

Could be more than 20 or 30 minutes I don't know..

But he was really sitting there, doing it for a long time.

I walked a few rounds, won some prizes for answering quizzes, and then come back, Andy was still there doing the Sudoku thingy.

But in the end, he has done it!

So, of course if you have successfully answered any of the quiz, you'll get prizes.

*Prizes as in sweets, choko-choko and lollipops.

We have to meet at our bus by 11.15am, so when it's time, me and some of my fellow classmates were the earliest to arrive at the bus.

We then began to take pictures.

Uhh.. I'm not in any of the pictures.. -_-"

I have absolutely no idea what they are looking at.

They looks like some kind of band! Hahahaha! No offense, it's a compliment =p

Right, on our way back, we witnessed an accident.

Not witnessing it while it happened but witnessing it only after it had happened.

We don't know whether it's really an accident or not.

When we were there, we saw a motorcycle, lying on the ground.

A policeman, presumed to be rider of the fallen motorcycle was lying on the ground too! He was being attended to by another policeman. The incident seems really serious, grabbing the attention of numbers of onlookers.

Why we are not sure whether it's a "real" accident or not?

Because the policeman who was being attended too can still move his hands and arms and seems to be talking to the policeman next to him.

Fortunately, there were no blood spills.

Maybe it was just a rehearsal for the future?

Not sure? Then let's check out tomorrow's newspaper!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some people are born good, while others make good.

Hello people!

The monthly tests are coming again..

It's already quite fortunate that our school didn't have Mid-Year Examinations at all this year.

We all get to play and enjoy life when our friends from other schools were having their mid-year exams.

But this time, it's the opposite! We are going to have our monthly tests soon and our friends from other schools will be enjoying their time!

Monthly test this time surely means no playing games, no hanging out and of course, no using computer for me. I'm not joking, I'm not lying, I'm not kidding and it's not funny. =)

Our monthly test starts this Saturday, 30th June 2007.

Malay and Add Maths on the first day.. Fair enough..

Hah! Only English on the 2nd day! Very simple! A for Ang Mo Kio, B for Belukar, C for Coconut, D for... DESMOND!

D Maths on the 3rd day! Haiya, this + this, that - that.. simple! Use abacus also can!

Physics and POA on the same day?! Alamak!

Biology and Chemistry!! Together?? Oh my god!!

And finally on the last day will be.....

MIB.. Dubbed the most "unimportant" subject by most people.. but not me ahh! Im Bruneian! lame kns..

P/S: I'm actually blogging now secretly without my parents knowing.. Shh.. I think I should be on hiatus for these days until after my monthly test.. So, you ppl prolly wont see me online.. I'm still on my way to become a prodigy!

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Revenge is a funny thing.

I received 2 interesting messages last night.

No, I won't be playing futsal but yes, I'll watch Ocean's Thirteen.

Our friend, Asnawi, asked me to go Harun's Gym by 10am but sorry loh, I can't. 10am was too rushing for me so, I'm not playing futsal.

Yeah, and I forgot to tell them I'm not joining them to play futsal.

By the time they all finish playing futsal, it would be 12pm+ already. I gotta go take my lunch, shopping and then tuition. No time! Pai seh hor!

I had lunch with my dad and mum at Sentosa Restaurant today at noon.

And guess who I met??

GARY TEO! and his mum.. Gary, busy playing mobile I see..

After my lunch, which is 30 minutes before my Chemistry tuition, I went to The Mall with my dad and mum.

There were a lot of cars and worse, traffic jam. We can't even find a proper parking! My dad even have to park the car at a small corner behind Sin Kew Hin!

Meanwhile at The Mall, there were some BIBD roadshow. A lot of nice nice cars were put on display. Not only cars, but motorbikes too! I saw some merchandises such as key-chains, t-shirts and caps of Harley Davidson on sale, but when I look at the price tag, I knew I have to walk away immediately.

Just then, I realized my dad wanted to buy Justin's album. So I asked him,

Me: Oh yea, you wanted to buy Justin's album right?
Limpeh: We can't even find original one lah, kam pui!
Me: Eh got bah, at The Mall's Golden Music
Limpeh: Bah, let's go!

Ta-da! Hahaha.. Happy lah him.. At the same time, limpeh also bought MLTR's album..

Actually, to help limpeh look for JT's album was the main reason I came to Mall.

It was almost 11.30 by then, so I told my dad that I should be going tuition right away.

I was then late for tuition by 7 or 8 minutes.

I told my parents not to pick me home from tuition as I would be going mall with Tiah.. and then follow his car back home.

Tiah said he told his mum that he wanted to go mall to cut his hair after complaining to her it was too long. If it wasn't for this excuse, I guess I wouldn't be at Mall with Tiah today?

So the first place we went was Essensuals.

I think Tiah's haircut this time really makes a difference to his look. I'm serious.

He even said he needed to gain just a few more weights to get the same exact look as how he appeared in his IC.

Gilbert applying wax on Tiah's newly-cut hair.

And the OUTCOME!!

The fashion boy in his fresh new haircut! Haha..

After Essensuals, me and Tiah went to Ideal as Tiah had not had his lunch yet. Kesian..

Tiah giving me the "one-fingered gesture".

Finally, it was almost time for the show to start! Ocean's 13 here I come!

Excellent movie! Brilliant! Maybe the best movie of the year for me?

It was night time already when the movie ends. As it's so late already, it's time to go home.

Me and Tiah waited outside for the car. Tiah's car. No, I mean, Tiah's father's car.

Tiah's parents also took me to Youme Restaurant for dinner.

How nice of them!

Chicken Chop Rice and a glass of mineral water shouldn't be too much hor?

Thanks anyway Tiah!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A day with the fashion boy!

Tiah came to my house early this morning as he has to follow my car to POA tuition which was at 2pm today.

He came my house so early in the morning because his dad can't pick him at any other time you see.

I can actually pick him to tuition directly from his house but come to think of it, it would be much better to have him at my house so that I won't be bored and have someone to "interact" with.

He should be at my house by 7am, but turns out he came at around 7.40am. Luckily he came late though, I overslept today!

Well, I played PES6 with Tiah before my dad took all of us (including my mum and my sis) to have our breakfast.

We had our breakfast at Lucky Restaurant. Dim sum eh!

After Lucky, someone among us wanted to buy newspaper but they were all sold out at the shops around Seri.

So we got no choice but to go First Emporium to look for just one newspaper.

We were supposed to just buy the newspaper and go but then my dad go parked the car so I guess it means.. shopping?

Yeah, so me and Tiah "walked" on our own. We went to the CD shop on the 2nd floor, went to Gills Sport, Maya and so on.

The tragedy of the day comes when I found out that Dunkin Donuts have been closed down. Sad. The best donut store in the country is now gone! No more!

And so, there wasn't anything else to see in First Emporium so me and Tiah went down to the ground floor.

Is it the durian season already?? I have no idea..

Right, then there's this part of First Emporium supermarket where they sells cheap stuffs like those plastic-made containers and so on.

Me and Tiah went inside. And guess what?

Tiah giggled and asked me, "Eh, who farted?"

And just then I realized, someone FARTED! Omg! The smell! There wasn't much people around that area except the two cashier ladies.. So who could it be? It couldn't be the cashiers 'cause they seem puzzled when they saw me and Tiah there laughing like non-stop.. I guess the cashiers got flu or running nose today that they can't even smell it? The culprit must have pat his ass and gone far far away right after he farted.. I don't know why but my instinct told me it's a "he"! And why chose such a place to fart?! Aiya cannot tahan the smell lar, so suffering.. Next time mustn't fart in public okay?? So immediately, me and Tiah walked out of the place.

NOTE: I know it's very rude for me to say it this way. So, sorry! =p

After the success of buying the newspaper, we left First Emporium and went home.

Me and Tiah continued playing PES6 until it was almost time for tuition.

2pm - 5pm: 3 hours of POA tuition.. -_-"

5pm: My dad arrived to pick me, but then seeing Tiah trying to look for transport back home, my dad offered to send him back.

My dad felt hungry on the way home, so he asked if I wanted to eat.

Because I got another tuition at 7pm, I said "yes" to him as I can't wait for my mum too cook and so so 'cause I know I would be in such a hurry later on.

We went to Golden Leaf Restaurant in Seri.. (Yeah, Seri again..)

Ordered '烧肉饭' (shio ba peng).

I finished the food earlier than my dad. Actually, my dad's food haven't arrive that time. So while my dad's still waiting, I went next door to Popular Restaurant and tapau-ed two roti kosong.

I felt hungry that time.. So I tapau-ed loh..

7pm: Malay tuition

8.45pm: Reached home

9.15pm: Went to a particular temple to "pai pai"

11pm: Reached home again!

11.15pm: Bathed

11.45pm(NOW): Blogging!

So now you see, my schedule was so so so tight today. I can't even get the time to relax. Sigh~

Is alcohol a good way to relieve stress?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Even death can't do us apart

I've watched a Thai horror film today! ALONE!

No no no, I didn't watch it alone, the film's name is "Alone".

Since last week, Boon Hui has already asked if I'd like to join him. So why not? I can 'tumpang' his car to Maths tuition after that, so I decided to go.

He wanted me to go meet him at RF by 9am.

However this morning, as I woke up and saw my alarm clock showing 9.05am, my eyes turned big and I got out of my bed immediately to get myself all prepared.

I told my dad about going to mall at the very last minute yeah. About 30 minutes before we left and I actually thought my dad might have gone to work already but turns out he was still at home. Lucky me.

But before going mall, my dad took me to a popular "restaurant" in Berangan. I don't know if you call that place a restaurant but we always referred that place as "Ah Heng's" which comes from the owner's name.

A bowl of Kolo Mee Pok, Kolo Wan Tan, 2 Kolo Chicken Wings & a Green Tea = Fantastic Breakfast!

After breakfast at Berangan, only then my dad picked me to The Mall.

I felt my hair was soooo out-of-style and becomes very flat. I can't even make a good hairstyle out of it. So before meeting Boon Hui they all, I went for a haircut at Essensuals. =p

My hairdresser suggests to just "fix" my hair instead of changing the style and so so.

Throughout the day, no one at all can distinguish the difference. No one!

After cutting my hair, I then went to RF to meet up with my friends.

I saw Boon Hui, Tiah, Gary and James there and so I played with them for a while. I played CS with them for only 45 minutes FFS!

I asked Tiah, "Eh, how's my hair?" He replied me by saying, "Oh, nice lah, I actually thought you went to cut your hair just now"


Ok, as lunch time approaches, the 5 of us went to Ideal.

I didn't eat much for lunch as I felt full after having such a fantastic breakfast in the morning.

1 Chicken Tetrazine and a cup of cola for lunch. Enough.

The time passes by very soon and it's 12.30 already! So we all returned to The Mall and head to the cineplex!

Met Jimbo along the way and so he tagged along.

As we've reached the cineplex, we saw Thedoric there leaning at the balcony, waiting for us alone.

There, we also saw Edwin and Jane at the cineplex's Candy Bar buying pop corn and drinks I think?

NOTE: Only me, Tiah, Boon Hui, Gary, James, Jimbo, Edwin, Jane and Thedoric watched the movie.

The time then shows 12.45pm and we moved inside the theater immediately.

Only half of the theater was occupied. The show starts shortly afterwards.

Wow! The movie was great but scary. Of course lah, horror movie mah.. The story was brilliant and twisting. Very nice, can be recommended. As the scary scenes approached, I closed one of my eye to avoid the double shock! Coward ler~

The show ended around 2.20pm and so we (me, Tiah, Thedoric, Boon Hui) went to play pool after that.

We played a 2 vs 2 game.

We changed teammates after every rack.

Boon Hui played very good ah nabeh! Left us "noobs" as the benchwarmers.

At 4pm, I followed Boon Hui's car to Maths tuition. I find it weird but nice that Boon Hui actually likes people to follow his car. Hahaha!

At least today Boon Hui did some REAL work at tuition. Very guai ahh..

After tuition, my dad took me to Bandar.

He said he wants to buy more CDs. CDS! Did I hear that wrongly?!

So of course I go with him..

We went to Golden Music to look for CDs.

My dad loves country songs. He tried to look for them but failed. I suggested Carrie Underwood and I think he likes it, so he bought Carrie Underwood's cd.

My dad tries to look for 1 more album but all without success!

We even walked to other CD shops in Bandar just to look for this particular album. Wanna know which album? I'm sure all of you knows it.

It's ...........


It's amazing to think that my dad actually likes Justin's songs. How cool eh~

He wanted to buy the original album of "Future Sex/Love Sounds" but there wasn't any in Bandar.

My dad actually has the pirated version of it but I have no idea why he wants to buy the original one.

The End.

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