Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hiking at Tasek Lama

I had a tiring weekend last Sunday.

Me and Tiah went to Tasek Lama with the intention of hiking and jogging for the sake of our fitness. After being given so many homeworks and having so much tuition these days, going to Tasek Lama might be good to relieve our stresses.

Too bad Nazrin cannot accompany us, he hasn't got any transport to join us that day.

We reached there at around 4.30pm. Many cars were already parked there, showing tons of joggers and hikers were already there.

Before we went in, I suggested to buy a drink from a small vendor just outside the entrance to Tasek.

Tasek Lama has changed so much over the years and it has been months since I've last came.

There's these type of new outdoor fitness thingy which you can do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and various other exercises which is really enjoyable and making you healthier at the same time.

People of different generations could be seen. These includes the elderly people, middle-aged people, teenagers, childrens excepts infants. Duh~

Also, there are also "massaging stones" which you can walk on it. It may be painful, but it's worth it.

It is best recommended to take off your shoes if you are to walk on the massaging stones. But screams and yells of painfulness were to be expected.

There are also safer ways to jog in Tasek now compared to last time. With these kind of path, no one jogging in Tasek would ever get lost. Plus, there are bridges linking to everywhere too.

They even built a place where you can sit down and have a rest.

A really good use of timber here.

Rock climbing are available now in Tasek Lama.

So far, I have never seen any one performing rock climbing here.

Rock climbing here is not open to public. I'm not sure when will it be used though.

The most relaxing sight of the day was the waterfall. I took quite a few pictures of the waterfall too. I'm not sure how many waterfalls are there in Brunei either.

After that, me and Tiah went to hike. Despite the recent thunderstorms and heavy rains, we're still doing it.

This is just the starting point. You can see Tiah walking up the steps easily whereas I was trailing at the back, climbing with difficulty.

It was quite hard for me that day, totally unlike me when I was younger. I used to climb this hill every week with my dad, but not now. Poor Des-mo-besity.

When I reached the peak, Tiah was already there waiting for me. I reached for the bench provided at the peak immediately, wiping my sweats and resting.

It is also good to know that we were actually climbing 100 metres above sea level. A great milestone? Nah..

It was lucky of me to buy a bottle of 100 Plus that day. Although carrying it up with me while hiking was a bit of a nuisance, it was still worth it.

My feet started to ache a bit. I thought the blisters are starting to appear again. Maybe it's time for new shoes?

The view from the mountain top was fantastic.You don't get to see this everyday yeah.

Right, at the peak, we can choose to route we want. Either the long-and-easy Route A or..

the short-and-difficult route B..

I chose Route B over Route A because I wanted to end this quick.

So in Route B, we only managed to climbed a quarter of the route because our ways were blocked.

Several trees struck by lighting fell on the path.

Here is the video of Tiah showing that it is impossible to go through.

So we have to return back up and change our way to Route A. The long and easy one. Mafan! -_-"

Route A does not have steeper steps than Route B. There are also several fallen trees though, but we were able to make it through.

Luckily for me and Tiah, we met Aston's dad and his friend while hiking. We were lucky to have their assistance during the day. Seriously, if it wasn't for them, we might not get out to the hill so easily.

Finally, we got out of the hill, and found ourselves beside Sheraton Hotel.

Very steep way downwards.

After that day, my legs still hurt till this day.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mantoux Test Result

Our school conducted the Mantoux Test 4 days ago after a teacher in our school (anonymous in this case) were confirmed to have been infected with Tuberculosis.

However, only classes taught by the unidentified teacher proceeded to the Mantoux Test. My class is one of them.

Well, the teacher is now fine and back to her healthy state.

After having conducted Mantoux Test of which I've had injection, our class had another check-up this morning to see if one is TB-positive or negative.

The check-up this morning involves the measuring of the diameter of the induration across our forearm.

The nurses from RIPAS arrived at school today at around 10.00pm which coincides with our recess time.

Not only students were checked, but also teachers.

Some of us who have negative thoughts felt nervous whereas others seemed rather OK.

First, the nurse will rub the induration on your forearm, mark two points using a pen, and then finally record the measurement with a normal school ruler.

Any longer than 10mm, you're in hot soup.

The induration on my forearm were big, so I was quite nervous and somehow unwilling to proceed to the check-up. I even measured the length of the induration by myself and the measurements were terrible.

But turns out today, the measurement was only 0.7cm which is fine! The way I measured it was wrong, which is of course different from the way the nurse measured it for me.

I then realized that most of my classmates who have bigger indurations than I have were also safe. So only then they have the mood to talk and joke around.

Now that my friends are safe, I describe them as BEH KIA SI!!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Oh man, more and more disgusting things are starting to appear day by day.

Today at school, a pill millipede has been stampeded to death by one of my classmate.

I didn't get to see the millipede when it's alive, so when I first saw the millipede in it's crushed state, I actually thought it was a snail with it's shell torn apart.

The large armor that the millipede carries on its back looks as tough that I thought it was a snail's shell. Weird.

For this tragedy, my classmates held a "funeral" for the pill millipede as a remembrance.

For some reasons, they named the pill millipede "Chong / Poop".

Hopefully after this incident, "Chong / Poop" may rest in peace..

The killer of the day was none other than Ahmad "Mat" Malkan!

Omg.. Can you imagine being stampeded on by a guy with that size? Poor little millipede..

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007



Ladies and gentlemen, this will be, by far, the most disgusting and grossest post on this site ever.

For the first time in my life, I've seen such things.

And for the first time in this site, there will be a disgusting post.

Want to know what's it? I'll give you a hint before any of you scroll down further.

Think! Think! Think!





OK, ready??? Here is it!

I am so so so shocked to see "things" when I was about to use the toilet this morning.

There were pieces of shit! OMG!

Don't worry people, I have blurred the picture so as to minimize the "disgustness".

Owh man, there are actually sick people who would stick their ass into somewhere only men pisses on and do their thang?

I have absolutely no idea how that guy did this.

Imagine, he checked the door, no one looking, then do his shit thing?

Ahhh yuck!

I swear not to use that toilet again. NEVER AGAIN!

P/S: I'm not the one who took those shit pictures.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

My very own Harry Potter 7 Review *no spoilers!*

Ah, finally I've got my hands on the book!

I had my sister buy the book from Best Eastern yesterday morning. Luckily, and thankfully, she had the job well done. :)

The queue at Best Eastern, The Mall yesterday morning wasn't really that long, that is, when compared to those at other countries.

I supposed they're all buying the Harry Potter Book 7. Couldn't be buying another book right? It'd look weird. Can't imagine it.

Most of the customers yesterday morning was mainly comprised of teenage students who were on their way to school. Well, if you looked at the picture, there were some "aunties" as well.

After all, I don't think it's really necessary to go there so early just to ensure you get your copy. I mean, look at the queue in Brunei. There's not much people!

Not even more than the number of students in a freaking classroom!

In other countries, you'll see hundreds of customers flocking into any nearest bookstore, snatching, grabbing, buying, stealing or in any other methods to get their hands on the book.

In this type of crowd, you would not even be aware if any perverted old man came and simply touch or molest you. Luckily in Brunei, no perverted old man would wake up so early in the morning and squeeze into a crowd queuing to buy Harry Potter books. There's not even a crowd for them to squeeze in even if they wanted to.

Right, so after my sister bought the book, she phoned me right away and told me the price is far more expensive that the $32 I gave her. It's far worse!

Best Eastern sells the book for $49.95! What's worse is that my sister told me the news RIGHT after she bought it. Really feel like long-piak.

What breaks my heart even more is that most of the shops in the country were selling at $36 - $38. Not more than $40 I guess.

And yet, the only advantage of buying from Best Eastern is that you get this bag for free.

Backpack, costs more than $10.

As far as I've observed the bag, I find it quite durable. Not those one-layer type. But I still don't think they deserve a price more than two-digits.

What I hate about the bag is the ropes. Very out-of-style.

Buying the book was surely a satisfaction, but having it in a bad condition is the last thing you'll ever hope for.

Apparently, a few pages of the book that I have was like this!

Should be a little "error" from the factory? Ruined my book!

If only I could exchange for another copy! But never mind..

Maybe it's just my fate to have the book in this condition... ;( *emo*

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Say hello to my little friend!

Now I really can't wait for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" to be released!

I'm so anxious about the book that I've re-read Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.

Man, the Potter fever has now really got into me.

I even got a countdown timer for the release of the book at this site.

I still remember 2 years ago when HP book 6 was first released.

Expecting there'll be other crazy and mad Potter fans queuing to buy the book on the first day, I went to Yayasan as early as 6 a.m. 2 years ago just to ensure I get my copy.

But turns out.. there were no one at all! At that time, I was the only customer there and there were tons of HP Book 6 waiting for the next customers. I was also asked by a security guard there, "You here to buy the book?"

Of course lah! So early go there can do what?! 6 a.m! No shops were open expect Paul & Elizabeth!

I did not make any reservations or bookings to buy the book last time, so I suppose I shall do the same this year.

The biggest problem I face now is that I don't know which version to pick.

I'll buy either..

The UK Child Version..


the UK Adult Version.

I think I'll most probably buy the Child's Version but I may change my mind upon different people's opinions and views.

So which do you think I should buy? And shall I buy the book as early as 6 a.m. this time too?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Exploration of the ambulance

Have you guys ever get to see the inside of an ambulance?

We SOAS students were lucky today as we get to explore both the inside and outside of an ambulance.

It all comes from the Career Talk we had earlier today.

We were being briefed by people from the Ministry of Health about a certain career we might consider to pursue in the future. This includes Audiology, Opthalmology and Optometry, Social Work and Paramedics.

Choosing to be a paramedic might be tough. One of the main criteria of becoming a paramedic is to run 5-kilometers at least twice a week. The job offers a 8-hour shift. A paramedic, who gave her speech today told us there are around 10-20 cases happening everyday. How scary.

We have also been told that we may take a look at the ambulance parked at the school's parking lot.

The ambulance here is just a normal small ambulance, unlike the big, gigantic, loud and rectangular ambulance you would see when serious cases took place.

The ambulance driver should drive between the speed of 60km/h - 100km/h.

The sirens we always hear comes from this tiny little box here. With just a little press of the button.

As expected, there are stretchers at the back of the ambulance.

We may also get inside the ambulance for further exploration if we want to. Andy is one of the few people who moved inside the ambulance.

On the same day, everyone involved in the Royal Marriage flag-waving has finally get their souvenirs rewarded for participating in the event.

This time, we got watch as souvenirs. Special.

The watch is brandless. Of course you wouldn't expect a Rolex, Guess or even Fossil at least.

However, the watch comes in 2 colors. That is, blue..

and a translucent one, with a few flowery prints on it.

It a good souvenir really. People who doesn't wear watches in our class can now finally get to know the time during classes and exams.

For instance, the 2007 Australian English Competition which we all must join.

The English competition is really really hard, especially when you really need to know how much time is left because the time provided is too little - an hour.

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