Monday, March 26, 2007

A start to the second school term..

The school holiday has ended and it's time for us to return to school.

Surprisingly, there were no assembly. As I was walking to my classroom early in the morning, I noticed a few changes.

The windows of some other classrooms were removed to be replaced by sliding windows. And so when they have P.E. lessons, they have to change into their P.E. outfit without the windows and curtains to cover their semi-naked bodies. Well, that's for the other classrooms, not my classroom yet.

As for my class, the only changes were the teacher's desk and chair.

A new high quality desk with 3 drawers, much more better than the old wooden, eye-soaring desk.

And there's the rolling chair! The teachers can now finally roll around the classroom..

The canteen have also changed. Instead of the cracking tiles on the floor, we now have a concrete floor painted in dark gray. The foods still taste the same..

Anyways, my Additional Maths extra class was again canceled. This has been the third time already since last week. Actually, the teacher is supposed to attend a course in the morning, so she planned an extra class in the afternoon to replace the morning's lesson. But all of the sudden, she appeared in our classroom early in the morning and informed us that she's not going to attend any course so we'll have our lessons according to the timetable and the extra class were CANCELED.

Of course, my test papers have been marked. I'll post about my test results in another post soon, that is, until all my papers are returned.

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Friday, March 23, 2007


Extra class for tomorrow morning canceled again.

I hate it so much! The teacher made so many arrangements before the holiday just for these extra classes, and now, only 1 out of 3 extra class were successful.. And she informed us at the very last minute..

Anyways, below here is the ISB Basketball League Schedule.. All the matches are on Thursdays and at 4 o'clock.. Coincidentally, I got Additional Maths tuition every Thursday at 4pm.. So it means that I cannot even watch any of the match.. Darn..

SOAS will face St. Andrew's in the first match.. And to our advantage, it will be played at SOAS.. Wooooo~

Who do you think will win?

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

A day at Bandar again..

My Additional Maths extra class got canceled today.

Then Naz notified me also.

He told me to meet at Harun's Gym straight away but I went to school first to meet up with my other classmates who didn't know the extra class was canceled. We're supposed to go Harun's Gym after extra class.. As long as there is extra class during the holidays, we'll go to Harun's Gym.. Ok, I played basketball at school for a while. After that, I was lucky to meet up with Wafi, his driver and some of my other classmates waiting in Wafi's car just in front of the school.. I then followed Wafi's car to Harun's Gym, along with some of my classmates.. The rest who were unlucky walked there.. Lol..

And so as we reached there, we waited inside for the others who walked..

Caught Gary semi-naked!

When they arrived, we all paid the cashier to use the court and we played futsal again. I didn't play much as I spent most of my time this morning in the gym..

After the gym, we went to Babu's Kitchen to have our lunch.. Did you know? Babu's Kitchen is actually the head branch of Machi's Eating House from The Mall food court..

The view from fifth floor of the main bus station at Bandar..


Again, we went to the new arcade at yayasan.. Two days consecutively..

The counter

It seems like there were more visitors at the arcade today than yesterday.. Most of them are teenagers, of course..

Pony - costs you a token

I have to say, among all the machines available in the arcade, the karaoke booths are the ones I liked the most..

I prefer to stay inside the K Box, listening and singing to my favorite songs, rather than outside, so noisy..

Tiah then challenged Naz to Initial D again..

I'm not gonna say much about the race.. Tiah won again..

Among all the games in the arcade, I hate this 'Dragon Punch' thingy the most.

It is so damn annoying especially when people who think they're so fucking strong go pull down the sandbag, move a few steps behind, then rush forward and punch the sandbag as if the sandbag owed them how many hundreds of million dollars..

Very annoying

If you're gonna prove that you're strong, please, do something else.. This machine does not prove how strong you are..

Tiah and Naz then went on to play 'Time Crisis 4'..

Haha! Tiah looked like a police.. Lol..

End of today's story..

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A day at Bandar..

I went to Harun's Gym & Fitness Centre with some of my friends today, right after my Additional Mathematics extra class.

We did not even do any bodybuilding or even use any of the treadmills. So what did we do?

We played futsal!

Ok, it is just a small area of the whole gym that we occupied.. They charged us $10 per hour, plus $2 for using their ball..

What's Andy doing?

Ok, here's a picture which I took on MONDAY.. I went to Harun's on Monday and also went there this morning.. Right, on Monday there were many people, but today, only 7 people..

And for today's game, I scored lots of goals! Actually, everyone scored today..

And so after we played futsal, Me, Tiah and Naz then walked to Ideal to have our lunch. I was so hungry and thus ordered 2 spaghettis.. I drank lemon tea instead of Coke because I got sore throat.. After we've had our lunch, we then went to Yayasan..

We then found out UNI Arcade Funland opened another branch at Yayasan, situated at where Chong Hock and Fock Lee used to be..

We then went in to see if the arcade here is any fun than the mall's arcade..

Ok, this is what you'll see on the left side when you first stepped in the arcade.

All the games available are almost the same. I even met Kevin, playing a soccer game all alone. Seeing how busy he was playing the game, I didn't spoke much to him, and as I walked around the arcade, he disappeared suddenly.

The only new stuff available was this motorbike game, 'MANX SuperBike TT'.. What the hell...?

Tiah was keen to try out this new machine, so I helped him to convert his $4 to 8 tokens.. It was 4 tokens for each race so it's 4 tokens for Tiah and 4 tokens for Naz..

Here you can see, they were both racing with each other.. Naz emerged as the winner.. I didn't play because I wasn't interested and also don't wanna embarrass myself cause it looks so weird when you wanna move to the other direction.. Being a spectator, I can see how difficult it was for Tiah to use his ass to push the whole bike to the left and to the right..

After the motorbike game, Tiah then challenged Naz to a race in Initial D.. Tiah used a RX7 meanwhile Naz used Honda S2000..

Being very experienced to the game, Tiah won the race whereas Naz never played Initial D before.. So, it's quite unfair..

By then, the time has reached 4.45pm.. And then we went home..

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A night at the Cesar Grand Hall

I went to another Chinese New Year Dinner last night. This time was at the Cesar Grand Hall of the Orchid Garden Hotel hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Yes, I know, the Chinese New Year has long been over and I don't know why was the dinner held this late.

Again, there were lots of people there that me, my sister and my uncle have to squeeze with other people in the lift.

We are free to sit at any table we like so my uncle chose to sit at the table which is near to the exit so when the event comes to an end, we can get out more easily without having to squeeze with other people again. Before I sit, I can already see some lion dance performers walking in and out of the hall, all of them looking very busy.

As we found a place to sit, we saw this huge tray (pictured below).

Of course, as we were sitting there, we're wondering what might be inside of the huge tray. So one of the 'uncles' sitting at our table opened the cover and see what's inside the tray.

And as you can see, there were various types of dishes, fried rice, curry, sweet and sour fish, tofu and deer meat. Everyone in the table thought the deer meat was beef so no one ate it until the truth was being told to us.

The next thing I saw was this packet of ang-pows. Do you have any idea what is it for?

In my opinion, I think you have to put some money inside, hand it to one of the lion dance performers, and...

The lion come dance in front of you!

And to my surprise, I saw Sandra and Karen there, being members of the lion dance troupe. I was like WTH?!

And here you can see, Sandra busy-ing with the lion..

Oh yea, it took me this morning to realize it is Karen's birthday today.. Anyways, Happy Birthday Karen!

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

A tiring day

I went to stay overnight at Limbang yesterday.. I went there around 3.30pm, which is right after my POA tuition and my prize presentation at Seri Kemayan Restaurant..

At Limbang, I watched my dad gamble starting from 4.40pm till 3.30am.. Believe or not? It's true! After watching him gamble for so long, my hands begin to itch and I eventually placed some bets.. Won a lot at first but in the end, all gone.. What can I do? People always say 'Life's a Gamble', so I do not feel disappointed at all even at my losses.. I've only slept for 2+ hours.. What's worse, I slept in my dad's car while my dad's still gambling.. No air-con, no air..

Next morning (which is this morning), I rushed back to Brunei to attend my Biology Extra Class.. I went straight to school instead of going home first.. It's just an extra class anyway so proper uniforms are not necessary.. I didn't even bother to brush my teeth this morning as I'm in a hurry.. It's just some 2 hours of sleep.. So no bad breathes!

I reached school at 8am and saw Gary, Tiah and others playing basketball.. So what I do, I play with them! Extra class finished early today.. And so we all continued to play basketball..

When I returned home, I noticed my skin turning darker.. That's it! I'm not playing basketball or football nor any sport activities under the sun.. I just don't wanna see myself becoming darker..

I then went to mall with Tiah, Gary, James and etc.. Watched '300'.. I had a terrible headache at the mall throughout the day.. Too tired, too exhausted.. And after mall, I went straight to malay tuition.. And only after tuition, I can return home and relax.. And much to my delight, Manchester United's 4-1 victory over Bolton Wanderers..

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A school visit to Rizqun

I've finished all my assessments! No more tests! Except Physics, which we'll have after the holiday.. Today's Add Maths paper wasn't so difficult.. And I think it's the paper I enjoy doing the most among other subjects.. Seriously, I think I'm better in Add Maths than D Maths.. Ehseh kanasai.. And erm.. For today's Malay paper, I have nothing to say.. It's just karangan anyway, so don't have much to tell.. I also returned the larian usaha card today, collecting only $15..

At noon, me, Tiah, Gary, Nazrin, Andy, Thedoric and Wafi then walked to Tamu Selera to have our lunch.. While we were on our way there, Wafi keeps blabbering about us being Spartans and yelling 'Tonight we DINE in HELL!', and as we see students from other schools, he'll shout 'Persian army! Attack!'.. I think he's getting too much influence from the movie '300'.. Anyways, as usual, we all ordered Nasi Katok except Thedoric, who ordered Mee Goreng with a piece of sausage, wierd ehh.. After eating, we all paid for the food and returned to school to prepare for our visit to the Songket Ballroom, Rizqun International Hotel, The Mall for the Education UK exhibition.. The bus came and we all head towards our destination..

As I've expected, there were also students from other schools.. So far, I can only recognize the STPRI and MD uniforms there, the rest are unknown.. In the hall, there were so many booths, with each booth representing a particular university from UK.. Each booth will tell you all the requirements you need to join a course.. I don't even know what course is best suited for me so I didn't bother to ask anything there.. Embarrass myself only..

Now that I've finished all my tests, I feel like hanging out with friends.. Girls especially.. Hehehehe~ Going out this Saturday with my friends.. Haiz~ I can't even enjoy my holiday.. It's full of extra classes and tuitions! Haiyooo~ So erm, if any one of you are planning to hang out, don't forget to call me yea! Too bored at home..

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Monday, March 12, 2007

A night at the Songket

I attended the Hockian Association Prize Giving Ceremony at the Songket Ballroom, The Mall last night. I went there as a ticket holder, not any prize winner.

I reached there around 6.30pm and there are hell lots of people outside the ballroom. Most of them are the prize winners, their parents and some of them are like those important people from the association. After waiting for my uncle and cousins to arrive, we then went in together to find our seats, at Table 47.

The ballroom is nice.. All the decorations and stuffs..

The most important guest last night was Pehin Orang Kaya Johan Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Adanan, the Minister for Home Affairs. We waited until 8.30 just for him arrive. I didn't really wait though, just eating some nuts and do some chatting with my cousins before the honorable minister arrived. Among the other ministers in the cabinet, he is the one I respects the most. As he arrived and walked along the red carpet, I stood and greeted him with a firm hand-shake.

There were quite a lot of people.. Around 105 tables altogether in the ballroom..

Wah! Coconut head! (Sorry, just joking!)

There were also a few cameraman, and this one (in the picture) from RTB. He was shooting us with his videocam, so I just shoot him back with my camera loh..

And this is how the waiters and waitress served us before the feast began, got 'pattern' one oh.. The lights went off, except the stage.. Around 5 or 6 of them went up the stage, holding their tray, bowed to us and then get down the stage.. What's that supposed to mean?!

And this is the list of foods they served last night.. It's not so bad.. Didn't really make me full but I still enjoyed it.. To see more details about the food they served, visit

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Friday, March 9, 2007

A boring day..

*Ouch* My stomach hurts a lot.. Yesterday my class had a fitness test conducted during P.E. lesson.. The most tiring part is when we were told to do sit-ups for 30 seconds.. The task seems easy but way too hard for me.. I managed to do 22 sit-ups in 30 seconds.. Not a very good display.. The highest record is 28 sit-ups within 30 seconds.. And then we did shuttle runs.. I recorded 10.69 seconds, the 4th fastest in my class.. Thedoric holds the fastest record with 10.03 seconds shown on the stopwatch.. Actually we're also supposed to do pull-ups on the same day but due to time-limit, we'll have to do it next week..

Next week will be more tiring as we got test coming on and I have not even started revising any subjects yet.. What's more, we've got 'larian usaha' this Thursday, 15th March.. (If you don't know, 'larian usaha' is something like a walkathon) We were all given a card which means we'll have to collect money for donations or something like fundraising..

We were also told that we must at least have a minimum donation of $10.. Any students collecting as much as $50 are entitled to participate in a lucky draw at the end of the year.. I'm not interested in any of their lucky draws gift.. The gifts are all kinda lame.. I won something two years ago.. And guess what is it? It's an alarm clock!! And we chineses have a kind of superstition that if a clock was used as a gift and given to someone means the person wants the receiver to be dead!! What the fish?! The school wants me dead!!

The card which we'll have to write the name of sponsor..

So erm.. If any of you guys are interested in donating, just tell me and I'll write your name in the card shown above to show your kindness and appreciation.. $1 also can!

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