Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A short message for everyone.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Change of fortunes

As usual, we got assembly EVERY Thursday to recite a doa for our qualifying and also for the O Level examinations which is "not very long" from now.

It was a happy morning for me yesterday. Everything happened during the assembly was ok.

Principal: Have you all got the past year papers already? Ok, you will all have revision in the hall every week soon. You all need more revision.
*Everyone clapping*
Principal: Your oral examinations is coming soon and...
*Everyone clapping*
Principal: For those of you who have long hair, I think you will have a haircut today.

My heart almost stopped beating. There was a spot check! The discipline teachers are busting people who do not wear school ties, who have long hair, who wore fancy socks and shoes.

All subject teachers left the hall when the spot check is conducted. Students stayed back. We were being checked row-by-row. My chemistry teacher was among those who helped catching "rules breakers". When it's my row's turn, I remained calm and walked out of the hall. My chemistry teacher did not notice anything wrong with me.

Nazrin, who was standing behind me that time began to congratulate me, "Wah so lucky you! So lucky!". But I wasn't so certain that it's over.

As we walked out of the hall, there were 3 discipline teachers on the lookout! I remained calm again. I keep my hands in my pocket and walk with my chest high. Also, I did not try to make any eye contact with any of the discipline teacher.

As I walked, suddenly, a right hand was held upon my chest, stopping me from any movements. I looked up at the teacher, giving him a what-the-fuck-are-you-doing-touching-my-chest look. But he barely gave me a smile, greatly expecting me to know what to do next. I then surrendered. My hair's too long, at least longer than their limits.

We were formed into three lines, where each line of students were waiting for their hair to be cut. I chose to stand on the line where the deputy principal were the one who cut as he looked more softer and lenient than the other discipline teachers.

My hair looked very weird. Nevertheless, I went to cut my hair again at a REAL salon for "repair". At least it looked better now.


GCE O Level June results were out!

I got CP for Malay and BP for English! I may be so unlucky that my hair was cut early in the morning but my luck changed as I got credit for my Malay! Hurray!

Unfortunately, most of the Chinese in my class got a D for Malay, which they need at least a C.

They were so soo disappointed that they feel like speaking Malay everyday at school for improvements.

The End.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Funny name for foods

Had Chemistry and Biology Practical so far.

It wasn't too difficult and wasn't too easy. Ok ok lah.

I was in Shift 1 and after that, had about 15-25 minutes of time being quarantined in another lab. There, everyone was too busy discussing their answers and so on.

So today, I had Malay Remedial Class in the afternoon. As usual, me, Tiah and Thedoric walked to Lim Ah Siaw again.

I didn't feel like eating but tagged along just to join the fun.

There, I found out that not only they have funny toilet flush signs but they also have funny names for their dishes written on the menu.

Air Ular! (snake water/snake juice)

I didn't know Lao Shu Fen can be translated as "Goreng tikus" and "Kolo tikus" in Malay!

Hard to imagine eh?

I'm so speechless.. *pengsan*

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Monday, August 13, 2007

En Route to Qualifying Exams

Qualifying exam for Chemistry Practical is tomorrow and I'm only revising it today.

Chemistry is easily my second-weakest subject, or let's just say, my weakest subject.

I am so bloody poor in my Chemistry that even my tuition teacher advised me to jump off a building 3 times.

Seriously, I never had practical exams before. Yup, never. And tomorrow will be my first time. So you can say, I'm absolutely clueless about what's coming right after me during practical exams!

The upcoming qualifying exam clearly means no more playing games for me.

Anyways, to make sure that I'll have a good time studying this afternoon, a good and enjoyable lunch is advisable. So me, Tiah and Thedoric head off to Ideal, Bandar.

Correction pens are absolutely not allowed, so I've bought myself 2 "good" pens to minimize my mistakes when writing. Is this even necessary?

I also need to have full spirit whenever I'm studying and revising for my subjects, so I suppose a small bottle of "pati ayam" is necessary.

All right! Anything else?

I think I'm ready for the qualifying exam now!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's time for a break

Qualifying exams are coming and it's time for me to take a break from blogging.

I have not started revising any of the subjects yet, so I guess now is the time.

Hence, I will then announce that this site is currently on hiatus.

Will be back probably after the qualifying exams.

P/S: Don't be surprised if I do blog during exam periods.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wierdest flush warning

Yesterday, I had Malay Remedial Class at 1.30pm. School ends at 12.30, so that means we had 1-hour to have our lunch.

So went to eat at a restaurant inside Lim Ah Siaw Pork Market. Having the same remedial class, me, Tiah and Thedoric walked from SOAS to Lim Ah Siaw Pork Market together.

While waiting for our orders to be done, I suddenly have the urge of going to the toilet. And guess what?

I've seen the weirdest "please flush" sign in a toilet ever.

One of them, in Chinese, is written on the wall.

And another one in Malay, English and Chinese on the top of the toilet bowl.

And why include the word "Teh", "Kopi" and Nescafe" ????

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

So busy last night.

Some of you might think I went to the float procession last night in town, but no.

Instead of going to the float procession which most of my friends did, I went to the Stadium Restaurant to attend my niece's 1st birthday.

There wasn't much people in the restaurant last night. Invited guests were only relatives and close-friends.

I actually thought the birthday party would be the main event of the night at the stadium, but turns out, there was another REAL event going on.

There was a football match at the stadium last night. It was the last and final match of the Malaysia's Super League.

No wonder the whole stadium so was brightly lit-up.

Although spot lights were coming from the four corners of the stadium, it was so brightly lit up that every piece of action on and off the field can be seen crystal clear.

I'm so sorry that instead of blogging about my niece's birthday, I'll now blog about football because football is my passion~!

I hardly go to the stadium at night time, so this was a rare chance for me to see the all-lighted up stadium.

The field were not so bad, although it can't be compared to big big stadiums such as Camp Nou, Old Trafford or Wembley. It can accommodate up to 30,000 people though.

It was lucky for me as everyone in the Stadium Restaurant can just look through the windows to see all the actions on the field, without having to pay. That is the main advantage.

When I peered through the window, I could see people from the media there already, most probably from RTB and RTM, or else, the Brunei Press?

I can tell that the match last night was quite important as it served as the final game of the league.

Even the fire engines and ambulances were there last night, in case of emergency.

Not only that, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Brunei was there too, to witness his team play.

Before the match, Brunei DPMM FC lies at the 3rd position in the Super League. However, should DPMM FC won or lost the game last night, the team would still remain at 3rd position despite the points difference between the 2nd and 4th positioned teams.

The attendance last night totaled up to hundreds, or maybe even thousands, but not so much. There were a lot of empty seats.

Each normal ticket costs $5, and $8 for better seats.

When it reached 8.40pm, match officials could be seen walking out of the tunnel, followed by the starting line-ups of the two teams.

Brunei DPMM FC in red, Kedah FC in green.

Before the match started, the visiting team shook hands with players of DPMM FC as well as the match officials of the night.

The referee then blew the whistle, and the match began.

Brunei DPMM FC started the kick-off. Players of Kedah FC were guarding very tightly.

Brunei DPMM FC did not control much of the game and has less possession of the ball.

Despite fielding imported players from overseas, Brunei DPMM FC lost the game.

They now currently lay in 3rd position, and has 44 points.

Although DPMM FC lost the game, I felt proud for the team for being able to stay at 3rd position of the league, which is not bad.

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

BSP Career Exhibition 2007

We had a lucky draw event this morning at the auditorium. Only people who have donated more than B$50.00 for the Larian Usaha several months ago were entitled to the lucky draw.

People who have donated less than B$50.00, even by the slightest 10 cent were not eligible for the lucky draw and had to sit down and watch others as they received their prizes on stage.

People who have not handed-in their Larian Usaha donation card were called out by an extremely furious Cikgu Mat Zain to stay behind after the event.

The prizes were mainly electronics, electronics as in home appliances.

Tiah won a AKIRA Rice Cooker for donating B$72.00 whereas Azmi won a AKIRA toaster for donating in an undisclosed amount. Right after they won the prize, we all started to tease them with jokes related to rice and bread, such as, "Wah! Someone can cook rice oledi ahhh!" and also "Wah! Let's go Azmi's house tonight! Can eat rrrrrroti at his house orrrredy!"

Right, after the lucky draw event, we went back to class for a free 2-periods time doing whatever we want. When it's 9am, we went to the parking lot at the back of the school to wait for the bus to pick us to our scheduled visit to the Centrepoint Hotel.

At the same time, we also have students from other classes there waiting for their buses as the were preparing their visit to the ICC. Different destination, different bus.

However, students who were expected to visit the ICC this morning have to abandon their visit as there was something wrong with the bus company.

They were of course pissed off by this incident. Heck, they waited for more than an hour for the bus and the bus didn't come in the end. So hor lan one..

Luckily for us science-streamers, our visit was still going on, but the bus did not come so early.

While waiting for the bus, me and some of my friends played around, trying to pick pockets without being detected. Most of us failed! Low grade thieves.. (Of course we were just playing around.. :p)

After waiting for more than one-hour and fifteen minutes, the bus finally arrived. And to our delight, it's as big as a tour bus. At this stage, we were too tired to complain how late the bus came.

Luckily we M5Sc1 students were still able to squeeze with students from M5Sc2.

Our destination was the Centrepoint Hotel, a short trip from our school. The BSP career exhibition was held at Floor 7, Goldstone Ballroom.

From this trip, I actually learnt that BSP was really in need of local talent and are desperately looking to recruit new staffs. Me and some of my friends were given a briefing about the history, milestones, achievements and career opportunities of the BLNG.

Some of the career which really took my interest was aviation. Flying is one my my ambitions, but here, we're talking about flying a helicopter. Before I can realize my dreams, I have to achieve good results in Maths and Physics. Also, I wore glasses, but only 75 degrees!

While we were being briefed by one of the chemical engineers there, we were also told that they really find the job enjoyable and that they travel from Brunei to Seria to work everyday in a 1-hour ride without complaining or anything.

What's more, BSP provides job with high-salaries.

Most people were only interested in high salaries. I, of course, is no exception.

When the time reached 12.15pm, we then returned to school. Some of us managed to buy foods and drinks from Jollibee before we left. Especially Tiah, who bought Cheesy Fries which ended up being eaten by most of my classmates. I wanted to buy something too, but I was too late to do so.

So far, from the BSP Career Exhibition trip this morning, I received a huge plastic bag plus a few brochures.

At the same time, I also received a cool red notepad. Seems very familiar?

The notepad really reminds me of the Pokedex.

The End~

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