Sunday, June 21, 2009

2012 Doomsday Prediction

Some of you may know, and some of you may not know.


The date December 21st, 2012 A.D. (that’s Long Count), is the end day of the Mayan Long count calender and is believed by many to be the end of the world as we know it.

If you don't know who the Mayans are, well, they are indigenous peoples in parts of Mexico and Central America.


The Mayans were very advanced stargazers and throughout history had never made a single wrong prediction.

That's the scary thing about the Mayans calendar is that everyone who’s ever studied the Mayan calender agrees that they were trying to give us a warning about the events of 2012.


Massive floods and earthquakes will occur. Earth's crust will shift, sweeping continents thousands of miles away from their present positions.


If you wanna know more about the 2012 doomsday prediction, you might as well wanna catch the movie 2012.


And here's the trailer.

You can get more info from here or simply google search '2012'.

This video is interesting too by the way.

If this news sounds very bad for you, maybe you can visit the 2012 page on uncyclopedia. That might cheer you up a bit.

So where do you think you will be in 2012?

After knowing this 2012 doomsday, do you think you'll be having insomnia???

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Gwen's Birthday Bash!

So we went to Gwen's potluck BBQ birthday party at her place last Saturday night.


Special thanks to Gary as he took the trouble of having to pick up me, Nazrin, Guan and Thedoric from our houses respectively.

We had trouble trying to locate Gwen's house because we were all so unfamiliar with the roads at her kampong. We eventually made a few wrong turns and ended up in a basketball court up a very tall hill where a group of semi-naked foreign workers were playing basketball and they all looked so fierce.

We didn't bother to ask them for directions because we thought they might challenge us to a game of basketball before they could point us the address to Gwen's house.

We made another few more rounds and finally found the right place. It turns out that we've missed her house initially and went further instead.


Anyway, as the invitation card had suggested, this is a 'potluck' BBQ party. I had no idea what it meant until Nazrin and Gary told me.


Ironically, everyone except Thedoric brought foods instead of presents whereas Thedoric was the only one who bought present instead of foods.

Nazrin brought sausages, Gary brought fried sotong balls, Guan brought soft drinks and me crab sticks. Very petty of me I know.

Someone more generous brought fried noodles.


Some brought macaronis.


And cupcakes!


Guan thinks the cupcakes are nice, and so do I. =)

There were people who brought beers and liquors as well. That's not a bad idea. Why didn't I think of that before? =p


Other than us, the attendees include Gwen's brother's friends, maybe a few of her relatives, and her ex-STPRI friends.


One of Gwen's ex-STPRIan friend brought a very canggih type of Rubik's cube.


And Guan was crazy about it.


Happy Guan.

After BBQ-ing and eating and so on, of course, it is time to cut the birthday cake.


There should be more candles on cake, don't you think so?

And then, after blowing out the candles from the birthday cake, Gwen popped a bottle of champagne which resulted in some of the guys daring her to finish the remaining quarter of the champagne left.


She was very hesitant to do so.


But with all the "encouragements" from some of the guys, she had no choice but to drink..


Almost finishing...




I'm not exactly sure how much wine was left in that champagne bottle because Gwen did not show any signs of drunkenness.


Turns out, Nazrin is the one who became drunk.

Just kidding. Nazrin is a good Muslim and doesn't drink.

On the same night, we've made friend with a guy named Jason.


He's our senior in MD last year and if I'm not mistaken, I think I've met him at Andrew's birthday party last year.

He may look like a decent bookworm who remembers every line from the biology textbook, but on that night, that guy's half-drunk from downing a considerable amount of vodka!


What is he doing??


Armed with his digital camera, it is without a doubt that he took the most pictures that night.


Photography so cool, he actually made the foods do a million poses.

And throughout the night, he keeps doing the "peace" sign.


To be honest, I never knew that's the 'peace' sign.


He tried to balance the cupcakes on Gwen's head as well.


And then he became sleepy as we all prepare to go home..

Moral of the story: Do not get too drunk in a party. ;)

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Huzai's Testimonial Match

I've got an important announcement to make.

There will be a futsal match this WEDNESDAY, 17th June at Harun's Gym, 9am onwards. If you 're not happy with the date, then we will switch to THURSDAY, 18th June!You decide. But for convenience sake and decisiveness, let's just make it on Wednesday.

This futsal match is open to anyone who wanna join in, be it Mr. Yap, ex-5sc2, Hua Ho's grandson, Japan dude, anyone.

Dencorp welcomes you all :)

The match is part of Huzai's 1735th testimonial match (
Yeah, Huzai's testimonial matches are endless :p), as he will be leaving for Kuala Lumpur under government sponsorship this coming Friday.

So yeah, there you go, I've done my part. You guys gotta tell the others about this quick!

People I will be expecting:
i) Huzai (duh~)
ii) Me!
iii) Desmond
iv) Edison
v) Gary
vi) Andy
vii) Thed
viii) Mr Yap
ix) Wafi
x) Izzat
xi) Nazreen
xii) Asnawi
xiii) ZulHF
xiv) Hamid
xv) Khairil
xvi) Jimbo
xvii) Najaah
xviii) Hadri
xix) Hafiy
xx) Renzo (perhaps?)
xxi) Hafizan

Oh, we are not gonna play using the big court for some specific reason (we don't want to risk getting injured before the SMSUA match). So if there are alot of people, then we will play 2 small courts. What say you, savvy?

To Hamid: msg tia durang si Izzat apa ;)
To ZulHF: Creditmu banyak, ko msg yg lain ;p
To the rest of the people: Sorry for continuously posting up boring posts (futsals)!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Andy Sambery Ft. Justin Timberlake - Dick In A Box

Seriously man, check this out:

HAHA! Now that's a really weird and funny music video!

Bah, enjoy your holidays everyone! There will be updates soon!

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Friday, June 5, 2009


I never thought I've gone through the worst papers already! Now it's Physics and Economics Paper 1 left! I smell freedom!

The second term holiday will commenced on the 14th until the 28th of June. So here's my holiday plan:

1) Futsal

Many many of them!!

2) Football

I would definitely love to play a football match or two! I've never felt so pumped up to play more football games in my life! All this while, it's always been futsal. Yes I know, my life practically revolves around those soccer games.

3) Tasek Lama hike

It's been months since I last hike! Will hike atleast once during this coming holiday.
To Desmond and Andy: You guys gotta tell me if you guys wanna hike yea! I wanna join!

4) Left 4 Dead

Gonna try this game at Netland. From what others had told me, it's a very nice game. What attracted me was the game's co-op feature. There's nothing better than slaughtering zombies together with friends :)

5) Movies

Holidays would not be complete without watching some movies (with a certain someone *cough2* :p)

Interesting upcoming movies:

i) Land of The Lost - Opening this week
ii) Moon - 12th June
iii) Year One [JACK BLACK!!] - 19th June
iv) Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - 24th June

6) Ragnarok Online

Yes, I'm still playing this game. What? It's addictive!xp After nearly a month of hiatus, I will return to playing this game.

In order to avoid complications in communication, any proposed futsal/football matches shall be announced in this blog.

Current proposed matches:

17th - Just Like Old Times
ex-5sc1 vs ex-5sc2
9-11am, Harun's Gym
[MY PROPOSAL!What you think?]

21st - Revenge of the Fallen
ex-SOASC vs ex-SMSUA
9-11am, Harun's Gym
Gary's idea: Losers of the game will pay for the court. Agree? Cast your votes on the tagboard.


I will edit the post constantly. Don't worry, I will announce if the proposed match has been confirmed/canceled.


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