Friday, November 30, 2007

My View On Thai Shopping Malls

Transportation in Bangkok is quite easy.

There are always vacant taxis and public buses around. The fares doesn't cost that much either.

A double decker bus in Bangkok

In fact, I can even walk from my hotel to the closest shopping mall in less than 10 minutes.

Talking about shopping mall, the MBK Centre in Bangkok easily beats out any shopping malls in Brunei.

The design of the building is so futuristic and somehow, on my first glance, I almost thought I was in Korea.

The building is so big that I could stay inside shopping all day long, but the time was too short and most of the time, I have to wait for my mum and sister while they're busy choosing handbags and shoes.

I really hate it. And in the end, I'm the one to hold the plastic bags and the stuffs they bought. Real heavy! So there goes the men-have-to-always-work-for-girls-theory.

That night, we had to resort to walking to Central World as it's just close by.

I have to say, Thai people drives recklessly.

They steps on the gas real hard everytime, making it hard for road passengers to cross the road. Anywhere can be a U-turn, and they keep yanking the horns everytime.

Back in Central World, there were some live bands outside the building and it seems that most of the Thais are enjoying their nightlife pretty good with 3 litres of Singha Beer on every table.

Besides the live band, I think most of the people there are enjoying Liverpool thrashing Newcastle on the two TV screens that time rather than listening to those people singing.

Man, how I wish I could stay in Bangkok longer. Especially if could shop in MBK 24-7.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sky High

*NOTE: Contents from this post may not be appropriate for Muslim readers.

My second day at Bangkok started with a nice little breakfast at the 78th floor of the hotel I lived in.

The benefit for people living in this hotel is that they get free breakfasts (Isn't that the benefit of every hotel?). This breakfast is a bit special though, instead of serving cereals and coffee for breakfast, we got a buffet breakfast, which means, we get to choose what we want to eat! And it's free!

So, I guess even an idiot wouldn't turn this chance down. What's more, eating on top of a high-rise building also comes with a bird's eye view over the beautiful city of Bangkok!

The foods available ranges from a variety of cuisines. There were Japanese cuisine, Indian cuisines, Chinese cuisines and some Western food as well but somehow, I don't think there's any Thai cuisine.

Fresh fruits and fruit juices are available as desserts.

If that's not enough, there are also cereals to provide for a nice and delightful breakfast.

The assistant cooks will also be around to make a new scrambled egg or maybe even an egg omelette if you want. There are also breads with an oven beside it for you to toast.

Breads + Scramble Egg = Awesome!

This has to be the first time that I am able to choose from so many foods just to fill my stomach for a little breakfast. The foods here can be a main course already.

This is an example of the food that is available.

From donuts to sausages to hams to bacons to toasts to omelette to fishes to roti murtabak to muffins and etc.

After having our dream breakfast, we then met up with my father's Thai friend who operates a van, driving people around Bangkok.

Using this opportunity to go somewhere Thailand have that Brunei doesn't have or wasn't able to give, we opted to go any nice temple in Thailand.

As the journey would take up to 2 hours, we had a few stops along the way.

We first stopped 7-Eleven, presumed to be at another district, to use the toilet and also to look around for a while.

The latter then brought us to a little town called Suphanburi.

The place seems old, but seems to have a lot of history in it.

We were brought to the market which is known to have lasted for more than 100 years.

Such a historic market doesn't come along everyday, might as well take a good look around.

There is a slight difference between this market and the market in Brunei.

The market here seems like a lot shophouses being put together whereas the market in Brunei is solely the market and the stalls itself.

Even grilled chickens and ducks may be seen here.

You may even buy a new little teddy bear soft-toy here.

Hahaha, obviously that wasn't a soft-toy. It's a kind of food?

It seems like you may even asks for bargain at these place. Yeah, that's the principle of shopping in Thailand - always asks for a bargain.

We had our lunch at a small restaurant, or rather an eatery, at the front of the market.

The eatery is of a wooden house origin. Very classic and doesn't have the word "trendy" in it.

I then saw a couple of photos of some people, presumably some celebrity with the taoke or lady boss of the eatery, hung on the wall of the eatery.

Hmm.. Must be some famous place eh.. Shouldn't underestimate this place.

Even the Pepsi bottles here are old school.

The place may seem old and dirty but the food here tastes nice.

A simple "chao sio, sio ba peng" added with salted egg is what I ordered.

I thought I might rate the food with an "average" but no, it tastes somewhat better than I've expected, considering I'm a very picky person who seldom eats food out of a plate cleanly.

After my mum gave a very good comment about their coffee, I wasted no time and ordered another cup of coffee despite I've already had a Pepsi in hand.

The coffee, filled with so many ice, tastes so good that my mum called it "Starbucks Coffee".

The uncle who makes the coffee here must have decades of kung fu in coffee making.

I'm not someone who likes coffee but this uncle makes me wanna drink coffee everyday.

After we ate, we then went to our desired destination. We spent about 3 hours at the temple. Our journey back to Bangkok took another 2 hours.

It was already dusk by then.

We didn't went back to the hotel directly, but instead we went somewhere else to have our dinner.

We were brought to Somboon Seafood Restaurant, a more high-class restaurant according to Thai standards.

I recommend anyone to go to this restaurant if you're going to Bangkok and looking for delicious food and a clean restaurant. What's more, waiters and waitresses are standing by our table, constantly giving us assistance and refilling our drinks.

And then, we went to Erawan Shrine before we go back to our hotel. I really have to say, being able to visit the Erawan Shrine has to be one of my happiest and proudest moment.

The shrine, situated beside Grand Hyatt Hotel, has to be the center of attraction of the area.

There are even some Thai traditional dance at the area with traditional music.

Just when I was about to go back to my hotel, I was attracted to Pratunam fashion market.

I bought 3 shirts that night, and when I get to try on it in my hotel room, none of them fits!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Touch Down on the "Golden Land"

I touched down at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at roughly 1 a.m. on Thursday midnight, or shall I say Friday.

The airport has to be one of the biggest airport ever in the world!

Even though it's 1am, the airport was still very busy. So many people walking past in every direction.

Some people are so in a rush that they even have to walk so quickly through the moving walkways. I got pushed somewhere on the moving walkway. Is it necessary?

And when I was about to have my passport "chopped", I faced a long queue.

I'm so lucky to go Thailand this year. The Loy Krathong festival is just in a few days after my arrival.

As I was about to walk out of the airport, I saw a group of people, each holding a piece of paper or cards, with texts on it. At my first glance, I thought they were a bunch of protesters! Gave me a little fright here. Almost wanna run away from getting mobbed.

Despite so many taxis were waiting for customers outside the airport, we opted to use a van to go to our hotel.

I love this hotel, dubbed as the tallest tower in the whole of Thailand.

The lobby itself is on the 18th floor. There are so many lifts in this hotel.

Some lifts only transport people to limited number of floors. And the lift moves VERY fast.

Me and my family lived on the 51st floor. The view from here is simply..


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Capital of Thailand, BangCOCK?

Man, I can't wait. In a few hours time, I'll be going to the airport.

I'm going to Bangkok!

So yeah, I'll be back very soon. Don't stop visiting.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunburn Chronicles

I went to mall this afternoon and watched Beowulf with Tiah, Ayman, Nazrin, Jimbo, Wafi, Najaah, Ahmad, Asnawi and the rest.

The movie was OK, but I just don't quite understand the ending. Wafi gave a bad comment on the movie.

The sunburn is killing me throughout the day. Me, Tiah, Wafi and Ahmad who all got sunburn from yesterday's swimming were rather furious when people started to pat our back which we reacted by screaming and shouting "Ouch!".

Anyways, after watching the movie, we walked around the mall and I saw some pictures sticking on the wall of a particular fashion shop. They are so weird that I just can't stop myself from taking pictures of them.

I'm am so speechless lah..

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Most Tiring Splash

I went to swimming with Nazrin, Tiah, Andy, Lorenzo, Ahmad and Wafi at 8.30am today.

The stadium's swimming pool had a function until 12am, most probably used by Bruneian SEA Games athletes or the royal Brunei police force. Due to this, we had to move to Anggerek Desa's swimming pool instead.

There, the ticket price is much more cheaper. Like 50% off the stadium's price!

If not mistaken, I think it has been a very long time since I last came to this place.

The kid's pool looks a bit yellowish or brownish in color when we reached there. Andy thinks some kids who swam at the pool peed while swimming.

Anyways, there's even some tables and chairs for swimmers who wanna take a break off swimming and eat something maybe like a home-made pasta or noodles.

But we used it to eat roti john.

The water was so cold at first. We came at 8.30am, so there's no doubt the water is cold. But eventually, homeostasis took place and we were adapted to the situation.

There are insects and maybe some dirts in the pool, but we still swam.

There was a radio playing somewhere in the premises. Some of us tried to lip-sync the songs played on the radio and some of us even danced to the tune of the song.

Yeah, it was all very fun. If it wasn't enough, we even got balls and swim boards to play with. We played Monkey and Water Rugby with the ball. Playing rugby with the likes of Lorenzo and Ahmad, there's no way I'll be getting a chance.

At once, we used the swim board to play "Ultimate Frisbees". But in the end, I got hit by the swim board right at my face for don't know how many times. Not nice to play. Later in the day, I also got hit on the face again, this time by the ball.

And then, when we got tired and hungry, we climbed onto the surface again and went to the nearby canteen for food.

Me, Nazrin and Tiah ordered Mee Goreng. We were peacefully waiting for our orders to be done until a man came to us and told us, "Timeout! Timeout!".

I was wondering what's going on, but I was then informed that the pool is set to be closed.

About our food, they'll deliver them to the other side of the canteen, where they'll be tables and chairs for us, just like a restaurant.

I expected the Mee Goreng to be Indofood Mi Gorengs but turns out, it's just fried noodles. But I'm okay with both noodles anyway.

As the pool has been closed, we then had to walk to the stadium after we're done eating, hoping it would be empty so that we could swim, again.

Yeah, we paid $1 at the Anggerek Desa pool, and then paid another $2 at the National Stadium's pool.

We swam again for another 2 hours, where the water is way colder. When it reached 4pm, I left the pool.

After swimming from 8.30am till 4pm, there is no surprise at the fact that I am now suffering from sun burns on my back. Ouch!

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