Sunday, April 29, 2007

Boring Sports Day

Right, yesterday's Sports Day was not a very good one for me because I wasn't involved in anything when I really thought I might be involved in something..
Why I'm not involved? It's because I didn't come to school last Wednesday at 2pm when they asked me to..

The came and told me at the very last minutes!

I assume it might be some qualifying for the 200m race but the teacher in charge told me before that I'll run for the 200m for sure..

But never mind, there's always a tomorrow.. My dreams of winning something were all shattered..

So, after knowing that I'm not going to race, I felt like escaping out of the arena.. Not only me, but my friends too..

We have all planned earlier to play futsal at Harun's Gym in Bandar after the Sports meet but then, a little phone call to Harun's Gym left us all in disappointment.. We were told that Harun's Gym will be closed at 12.30pm for the day.. The time we dialed Harun's Gym was at 9.30am, so we were becoming more eager to escape out of the arena before Harun's Gym close it doors upon us..

Here are the guys, who were all brainstorming on how to escape the arena when there are so many prefects and discipline masters guarding the exit..

If you think they were trying to climb over the fence, look at this guy below..

Look at him man! He's carrying two bags! And look at his body! How is it possible?!

So eventually we didn't try to escape.. We just chatted and played with each other, killing time..

Play with each other.. How? Look at this guy below..

He's got the size of a bull and the strength of an elephant.. He wanna have some fun too..

Woah! What a spear by Kevin!

Ok, then comes to the thrilling part of the event when SOASC sportsman will have a 4x100m relay with sportsmen of other schools..

SOASC did not get in 1st position though.. Only managed to get 3rd.. Not bad lah..

After the sports day, me and my friends wasted not much time and rushed to Harun's Gym as fast as we could.. We even run all the way up to the 5th floor.. And when we reached there, the gate is locked..

Locked man! For f*ck sake! We came all the way from SOAS to Bandar for nothing!

So then me and some of my friends went to hang around at Bandar while some of them went back to SOAS.. I won't return to SOAS yet 'cause I don't wanna make my trip to Bandar an empty one..

I stayed at Bandar till 3pm and then went to play football directly right after that..

That's all for the day.. And I also attended the wedding ceremony of 'Long Long kor kor' last night.. Hahaha.. My schedule is really so tight yesterday..

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Friday, April 27, 2007

45th Annual Sports Meet

The 45th Annual SOAS College Sports Day
Date: Saturday, 28th April 2007
Time: 7.20am - 11.30am
Venue: Padang Arena Maktab SOAS
Students' attendance: MUST!

I'm joining the 200m run tomorrow morning.. I've never had any tryouts or any practice for this run, so I hope things don't go so badly.. This is going to be my last year at SOAS anyway, hopefully, so at least I'll try to win a medal or something.. Trust me, I've never won any medals nor trophies in my life, except certificates.. And tomorrow morning will be my best chance to do so.. Predicting that I'll be running against a bunch of small kids, why not give it a shot..? I'm doing this not only for myself, but also for my own house team, Maharaja Lela! (That's the yellow house, for your information).. Yellow may be a girlish or flowery color, but I'll try to prove that wrong tomorrow morning.. Wahahahahaha!

*More updates tomorrow*

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oi Paloi!

Today we got a freaking long assembly at school!

The whole assembly lasted for 4 periods time! That's 2 hours in total!

Luckily assembly today was held at the auditorium, at least we are able to sit instead of stand.. The assembly today gives a proper introduction of our new principal.. I don't even remember his name, heck, I don't even want to..

*Sorry no pictures for the scenes at the auditorium*

And what's worse, there's spot check right after the assembly.. After all the teachers, staffs and prefects had left the auditorium, it's all left we students and some discipline masters inside the hall..

Something funny happened though.. We were then told to stand in line for the spot check.. Frustrated by our noisiness, one of the discipline master said, "Eh, kau orang punya mulut itu tutup bah" Just then, some very boh ka si students booed at him.. The teacher was then so so damn f*cking pissed and shouted abruptly, "Oi PALOIII!!! *slams the microphone onto a table* Siapa yang 'membookan'?"

I swear the teacher was shouting very loudly, not using microphone though.. I can sense his anger.. None of the students in our school liked him..

After that, the teacher instructed us to stand in front of the stage 'cause he wanted the people who booed him earlier to stand out.. He will count up to 5 seconds before the culprits could admit what they did.. Right after he counted to 2 seconds, one of the students admitted, what a brave decision.. I wonder what'll happen to him.. The teacher then continued to count till 5 and thus no one else stood out, he then told us to "swear" and also "sumpah" to prove that we didn't boo the discipline master earlier.. Hahaha! What a funny way!

Anyways, I don't have very long hair, long finger nails but wore proper school uniform (no badge though) and proper shoe, the discipline masters let me through.. *Safe*

After that, we wasted another two periods which is P.E. We were told by our P.E. teacher Tikom to go to the newly renovated padang Arena.. I don't understand why were we told to go there 'cause we did absolutely NOTHING! What a 'un-wise' way to kill time..

We were all so bored as we all thought there might be some announcements or maybe some special events happening but turns out, nothing..

So what we did, we played and fooled around.. And also took pictures..

We even posed in the shape of a pyramid! See me there at the bottom, 2nd right?

Then, from afar, we saw a number of students lifting a huge box which resembles something unlucky and inauspicious..

Look! What is that?!

Can't see? How bout a closer view?!

Looks like a freaking damn coffin right?!

But turns out it's just a podium anyway.. Being lifted in a horizontal position.. So lame.. Scared the hell out of me!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boring post

School today was same as usual..

During Physics lesson, a cat came into our classroom and grabbed everyone's attention.. Nobody in the class was able to hold their eyes off the cat and the teacher was like talking to the bricks?

Some even tried to play or tame the cat.. I'm not so close with these animals and stuffs so everything is out of my affairs..

And there's the cat! From it's looks, I assume it's female and yeah.. The cat came into our class for some shelter and also, to sleep.. Even though there's such a huge dirty hole in our class's ceiling!

Ultimate disgust! I failed as the Head of Class Cleanliness!

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Monday, April 23, 2007

All so fatigue..

Okay, so I woke up as early as 5.30am yesterday morning despite sleeping late on Saturday night.

I was called by Gary and Edison to join them for some 'activity' going on at the RBA Club..

After Tiah told me that we might take part in activities such as tug-of-war, swimming and so on, I decided to join in. I was also told to wear a yellow t-shirt to represent something.. He then went to pick me around 7.30am next morning..

However, the next morning, the activity that Tiah explained to me did not seem to happen.. As me, Tiah and Gary sat inside the car while looking for parking, we saw many groups of people there wearing shirts of Green, Yellow, Red and Blue.. I then thought to myself, "Are we going to compete for something?"

Apparently, it's was some bloody FAMILY'S DAYS! What the hell?!

I gave Tiah a sarcastic look but he also seems like having no idea of what's going to happen after all.. What's gonna happen to the swimming trunks that I've brought along with me?

We're gonna do lots of activities on the field there! See?! And apparently, we did..

Despite being yellow group, I have to stay inside the yellow group's camp of course, while watching the activites..

And this picture above is the yellow group's camp.. I've had enough of yellow this year.. -_-"

There's also a DJ at the arena, doing the music-thingy..

Tiah and his dad participated in the so called 'millipede race'.. Each group must have 18 runners, all of them must hold onto each other while racing and they all must bend their knees.. You really MUST hold onto each other otherwise your group have to return to the starting point..

After that, me, Tiah and Gary also participated in a game called 'Rounders'.. All the games were 'unusual in a way'.. The yellow group did not do very well though..

After a series of activities, Tiah's dad thought we've had enough fun and thus brought us home..

It's was a tiring day and I'm so so fatigue right now..

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why new principal?

Our school has a new principal..

The principal is still kept anonymous from us as none of us have seen him yet.. All we know is that he's an ex-deputy principal from STPRI and ex-principal of Menglait School..

Before he has been officially announced as our new principal, rumors of new rules and spot checks have already spread widely..

It has been heard that mobile phones are not allowed.. This sucks..

They also said spot checks would be conducted this morning, so I went to The Mall yesterday to cut my hair.. But this morning.. NO SPOT CHECK.. Waste my money and also waste my time..

Apparently, I just cut my hair two weeks ago, and I went to cut again yesterday.. So paloi man..

I can only use two words to describe the school.. The two words is..


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Monday, April 16, 2007

First taste of June O Level

Today, I had Malay Oral Exam for June O Level.

Besides heeding some advices from my Malay Tuition teacher, I did not practice at all for the Oral exam.

And this picture below here is what we all faced while waiting for our names to be called.

Normally each of us, according to our registration numbers, will be called in and told to read a passage in silence for 5 minutes while one of our classmates is having the oral exam in another room inside. When he's done, it'll be your turn, obviously.

"Malay and English Oral Exam" ? So it seems most likely both our Malay and English June Oral Exam will be situated at the same place. I'm not gonna miss this place but I'll come again on 18th April for my English Oral Exam.. Sigh~

Yeah, playing games is what these two dencorp recruits did while waiting for their turns.. While I'm sitting there quietly, wondering what questions they'll ask me although I'll never guess it right..

What's worse is that we have been told by one of the invigilators to wear a songkok for the sake of our school's image during the Oral Exam, even for the non-Muslims.. I'm like "What the hell?! I don't even have a songkok!" So I got no other choice and thus borrowed Naz's songkok..

So this is us without the songkoks..

And then.. POOF!

I can't smile for this picture.. It totally ruined my hairstyle..

Whenever someone came out of the room, most of my classmates would come and surround that guy, asking about what happened inside, what types of questions were asked, whether it's difficult or not, and so on..

And so when I'm done with the Oral Exam, I can still see some of my classmates waiting outside, all looking so bored especially James, who waited until 4pm until his name was called..

Nevertheless, to celebrate the fact that the Malay Oral Exam is over, I treated myself with a cup of cocktail..

Note for ScooBy: The cocktail is 1000x better than ABC!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

What engrish?

This afternoon, as I walked past a building, I saw a warning, painted in yellow, at it's very own rubbish dump site.

I wanted to read what the warning says so I took a few step closer.

And a little closer..

"NO PARK! BLOCK SAMPAH DOOR OR DIE!" says the warning..

Haha.. I think the warning is supposed to be written as "Please do not park your vehicle here to avoid blocking the rubbish dump site."

You know, I actually have to read the warning for about four or five times to figure out what it really means.. That's why people have to score at least credit in their O Level before they can start labeling any warnings or notices in English..

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

One sunny day at school..

Today is one of the most tiring day at school! The fitness test is not over yet and we all had to run 1,600 meters which means 4 laps of the whole arena! My class ran along with some other classes from Form 4.

Anyways, it feels good to step in the newly renovated arena again.. The fields are now more grassier than the sandy desert it used to be.. The tracks are painted in brownish-red as you can see..

The run was horrible.. I'm already struggling in the first lap, but I continued to run without stopping or walking.. I can already see some people walking instead of running in just the second lap, most of them are some small-size kids and some very obese people.. The intensity of the sun also made it difficult for me..

I then finished the race, recording 9.07 minutes which is the 9th position in my class.. Not so bad lah.. There are 20 students in my class including me, so I'm just lucky not to be at the bottom-half of my class.. The first to complete the run is Wafi, recording 7.37 minutes if not mistaken.. I have to praise this guy, being the first to run and the first to finish..

After everyone has finished, we all then went straight back to our respective classrooms..

As you can see from the picture, everyone getting out of the arena..

As soon as I reached my class, I quickly changed back into my school uniform.. I wonder why my school doesn't allow us to just wear our P.E. attire straight to school instead of having to change into it every time we have P.E. lessons..

By waiting for everyone to change into their P.E. attire, we would have wasted around 5 minutes.. And every time when we have P.E. lessons, most of the time is killed off by our P.E. teacher Tikom, better known as Telekom.. How he kill off the time? He gives us lectures, talking nonsenses and how great he is..

Nevertheless, after every P.E. lessons, it is always better to enjoy a cup of ABC!

$1 for a cup, want some? You'll always be welcomed to our very own Sabli's School Canteen..

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Vista is fantastic..

I went to the mall's PC Fair yesterday.

There were a lot of booths from different retailers.. My dad brought me, my sister and my cousin there 'cause my dad planned to buy us (excluding my cousin) a laptop.. He said the laptop is supposed to be shared between me and my sister but.. is that possible? Anyways, we'll have two PCs by then, so don't have to fight for the comp anymore!

There you can see, my sister trying to get more info about a particular laptop..

It was just a few weeks ago that Windows Vista is introduced in Brunei.. Brunei has also opened it's own Microsoft Office and Windows Vista was officially launched on 1st April..

Windows Vista is interesting, especially as it has more features than its predecessors, of course.. One of the most significant features include an updated graphical user interface (GUI), Windows Aero, improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools and etc..

Windows Aero introduces support for 3D graphics (Windows Flip 3D), translucency effects (Glass), live thumbnails, window animations, and other visual effects, and is intended for mainstream and high-end graphics cards.

After walking around the mall observing and stuff, my sister made her choice and decided to buy this HP Pavilion laptop (pictured) from Netcom.. Well, I'm not so good in these computer stuffs so I have absolutely no rights to decide on which laptop to buy.. But at least I know it's a Vista!

Despite the deposit being paid and all, we'll have to wait until next Tuesday to get the laptop.. Sigh~

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Monday, April 2, 2007


Yesterday was April's Fool Day. And coincidentally, it was my friend's birthday.

Just when I was about to step in my school today, I saw James' car coming. He saw me and asked me to wait. At first, I wondered why would he ask me to wait and then, I saw him holding a cake out of his car.. It's a cake for my friend's birthday!

Yea, James walked to our classroom just like that.. Holding the cake..

Wonder how we preserved the cake? We 'borrowed' the school canteen's refrigerator..

Actually my friend's birthday was yesterday so James had the cake there showing the word 'belated'..

This is how the cake looks like..

We intended to celebrate during recess time, without the birthday boy knowing anything. And so during recess time, James brought the cake back from the canteen and how do we hide it from the birthday boy?

We have many people surrounding him to block his view!

While his view was blocked, Gary and James lit the candles and stuffs.. Then, James moved the cake over to the birthday boy's table, singing the Happy Birthday song.. Lol..

As usual, the birthday boy is always the one to slice the cake first..

After that, Andy was there to slice the cake to everyone..


Edison enjoying his cake..

We finished the cake very quickly. Poor Thedoric who did not get to eat any slice.

After that, someone came up with the idea of writing birthday greetings on the 'box' of the cake..

James and Naz writing..

And there's this 'bastard' who wants to write with correction fluid so that it looks fancy.. Wierd lah..

And this is what I wrote him.. Very simple..

And there goes Edison's..

And finally, our birthday boy, holding the 'box' smiling..

Haha.. I bet the birthday boy must be glad to be in the same class with us..

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