Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Big Discovery

With the absence of some teachers and the reluctance of some teachers to teach, our school days are getting more and more interesting everyday.

We got plenty of free time in school now despite each and every period in school being reduced to 25 minutes.

Some of my classmates played ball inside the class eventhough it's puasa.

Thedoric brought RISK to school which attracted interest from some of my friends who've never played RISK before.

Andy brought the Japanese Chess to school and taught a few of my friends.

It is a "homemade" Japanese Chess, made by erasers and the board is self-printed.

What's more, some of us even bothered to bring a bicycle to school!

And then when we got tired, we even ordered pizzas when we all know it's the month of Ramadhan.

Of course we didn't eat in front of the Malays lah..

We brought the pizzas to another empty classroom, turned on the fans and air-conds and enjoy.

Whereas, in another case, we had a big discovery. I saw a small lizard crawling around the grass. I told Andy and then he and Thed tried to catch it.

My wikipedia research has told me that it's a garden lizard.

It took us a total of around 5 minutes to catch it as it went camouflaging around the trees and grasses. We eventually cornered the garden lizard into the wall, and then caught it.

We brought it to the science lab and tried to scared the others, but they merely showed an interest towards the lizard, asking where and how we caught it.

Andy intended to keep the lizard as a pet. However, he released it as his mum does not allow him to do so. The poor little lizard the still unnamed.

Oh wait, we can't bring phones to school now, but how did these pictures...?

*mystery, mystery, mystery*

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Friday, September 21, 2007

First Birthday Party In Tuition

Today's Aaron's birthday.

Yesterday, we celebrated Aaron's 17th birthday in advance at Maths Tuition, Low San Flat. Sadly, Aaron's birthday is 21st September, which does not coincides with our Maths Tuition time yesterday. Everything has to end with "in advance".

I think this has to be the first time I'm celebrating someone's birthday in tuition. Never thought this would happen one day.

The man behind all this celebration was none other than Wei Chong! Being a thoughtful friend, Wei Chong has already planned this birthday party more than 2 months ago!

Chong brought the cake, but we celebrated only at the end of our tuition time, which means we have to wait for 2 hours! Barely just half-past-four, we were all so keen to open and slice the cake!

So when its 6pm, we began the celebration.

I expected the other younger students there would be more enthusiastic about this cake-slicing and photo-taking opportunity, but turns out, they all remained serious and quiet doing their tuition work. How hardworking.

As usual, we sang the birthday song and then forced Aaron to make a wish.

After making his wish, Aaron then blew out the candles.

Quite surprisingly, nobody attempted to ask what he wished for.

Although there were no birthday presents, we hopes that Aaron enjoyed his day. If not mistaken, he also said that is was his first birthday celebration with a CAKE.

Well, I'm sure he did find his first birthday celebration with cake a very enjoyable one.

P/S: Happy Birthday Aaron!

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mobile phones banned in schools

MOE recently banned mobile phones in all government schools.

It's good, but is it necessary?

Mobile phones have been part of our daily life, especially when we have to inform our parents of some emergency cases.

There have been a lot of times when we are allowed to go home from school, but we are always informed at the very last minutes! So if such case happens again, with mobile phones banned, the students are just gonna sit there and wait till 12.30?

Or maybe just queue at the school's public phone?

Maybe they should install some payphones in front of the school so when school's over, we can just take out our prepaid phone cards and call our parents? Expensive lar!

So imagine if one day, our extra classes are being cancelled..

Soon this will not only be a bad news for students, but for teachers too!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Cousin!

Went to I-Lotus Restaurant this afternoon.

My cousin, Sin Cheah, is celebrating her 21st birthday at I-Lotus today.

Being the birthday girl and wanting everything to be perfect, Cheah actually went to I-Lotus as early as 8.45am this morning to decorate the place. My sister went there to help out too. At that time, I was still at home sleeping!

The function took place on the 3rd floor from where I could see the huge and long highway connecting Gadong to Rimba.

This function also gives me the chance of skipping tuition. How nice. =)

Close friends and of course relatives are invited. This kind of gathering doesn't take place every day, so of course every did try to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

I've reached I-Lotus at around 11am and there were lots of balloons everywhere.

I saw kids running around, people singing karaoke, waitresses walking in and out of the kitchen and some just sat down, looking around the place.

I enjoyed the food today too.

These foods being served today are my favourites - tofu, broccolis & cauliflower, chicken curry, fried rice, nestum prawn, spring rolls and sweet & sour chicken.

And here comes the cake, freshly ordered from Bakerlyn.

After everyone had eaten their own slice of cake, we then took a family group photo.

Nevertheless, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY CHEAH!

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Hard hard hard...

If you think this blog is dead, you're wrong.

Our qualifying exam is finally over and now I'm free to blog again (not really that free) .

I've faced difficulties in some of the papers and I've certainly had the hardest Additional Maths paper ever. It's the freaking Paper 2!!

Through all my "hardwork" in tuition, school and revision at home, I am still unable to answer most of the questions.

Some said the paper was exactly the same as the 2007 June "O" Level Paper, like wtf? So that means to those people who've taken Additional Maths in June, the paper was like nuts.

Better watch this video man.

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