Thursday, November 27, 2008

My First Time Eating The Pride of Australia

Short Talk:

Music of the Week: There's this catchy new song on YouTube called "Here comes the rapper".

From the name itself, I thought it's gonna be another one of those "yo-yo-yo black American rappers from da 'hood kickin' it up from the east sidez 2 da west sidez" kinda guys releasing their new album.

Surprisingly, the rappers are Bruneians. They're not so bad that they've even got the whole rapper lingo and accent nailed down. Check out Micbandit's video here.


My old time buddy Soon Hau has just returned from Australia and how generous of him, he even bought me something.

I didn't know this until gigantic Davis Yap told me.

Still wondering what Soon Hau had bought me, I immediately asked Yap what it is and he told me it's a small packet of Kangaroo Ba Gua!


Supposedly, it should be called Kangaroo Jerky. Similar to Ba Gua, jerky is a kind of smoked and roasted strips of either pork, beef or chicken. In this case, it is kangaroo.

Chinese BBQ Pork Ba Gua

It's a real surprise to me. I didn't know harvesting kangaroos for meat is legal in Australia, and heck, I don't even know kangaroo meat is even consumable!


I stared at the package. The world 'Great Australian Taste!' startled me.

Aren't kangaroos supposed to be the pride of Australia? Why are they doing this? Is it just me or the Australian farm industry getting poorer and poorer? Man, I must be really really sakai.


I then did a little research over the internet about kangaroo meat to reassure that the Australians are pretty damn sure they are aware that their precious kangaroos are being slaughtered and eaten.

Turns out that since 1980, kangaroo meat was legalised for human consumption in South Australia, and in all other Australian states in 1993. Historically, kangaroo meat has been a source of food for indigenous Australians.

Furthermore, my research also told me that kangaroo meat is high in protein and low in fat (about 2%). Now that's really some good piece of meat for people trying to diet like me.


It is also thought that kangaroo meat has many environmental and health benefits like preventing cancer and reducing body fats over sheep or cows grazed for meat.

After tasting the the kangaroo jerky for the very first time, I had a little weird feeling inside me.

It is rather salty and a bit kinda hard to chew. However, it has a stronger flavor than beef, lamb and pork.


From the first time eating it, I would gladly give the kangaroo jerky a rating of 5/10.

It's a pretty alright rating actually, considering kangaroo meat is also processed into dog food in parts of Australia. Dogs in Australia must've been the most fortunate in the whole world.

I actually offered some pieces to my little cousin without telling him it's kangaroo meat. He took a quick bite, and gave me a weird look after a few seconds.

I looked at him and said, "How's the taste? It's kangaroo meat," And guess what? He immediately took a piece of tissue paper, spit the kangaroo jerky on it, threw it to the rubbish bin, and grab a mint candy and eat it right away.


How rude.

Sadly, the jerkies are now kept inside a container, and left to preserve in my fridge.


So what are kangaroo meat called?

Pigs are called pork, cows are called beef, sheeps are called lambs.

In 2005 the Food Companion International magazine, with support from the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia, ran a competition hoping to find a name that wouldn't put diners off when they saw it on a menu.

The three-month competition attracted over 2700 entries from 41 nations, and the name 'australus' was decided in December 2005.


So guys, fancy some good ol' meat of Australus?

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Will Always Be My Baby

Shocking news today. Very shocking news. Apparently, the dudes from MoE has finally decided to make the transfer to Katok happen! Damn it!

But the true surprise of the day is this:

Oh yes, that's MLFK's email alright :p

Anyways, that's not the point of this entry.

As much as I fear my family reading my blog, I had to make this entry. So brothers and uncles, if you're reading this, I hope you will not tell mum or dad yea :)

I guess, with this entry, people will make fun of me for being a lover boy. I don't mind :)

This song is dedicated to my girlfriend, Za'imah Aqilah, who will be leaving for Katok next year.. :(

We've been together for almost 7 months. Honestly, I've never ever regretted loving her. I think she's the most beautiful girl I've ever met :) She understands me best :) I'm really really really fortunate to have her :)

I'm not gifted in the fields of words. Therefore I'm dedicating this song to her :)

David Cook Lyrics
Always Be My Baby (Studio Version) Lyrics

You will always be my baby :)

Aqilah...your absence will be felt :( I'm gonna miss you... :(

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Uncover The Uncyclopedia!

Short Talk:
Everyone is invited to Jerudong International School this coming Sunday (23/11/08) for an event called JIS Fun Day! :D Some Ukatrats FC players will be competing in the football matches :) Come see us!

I'm sure some of you might have heard about uncyclopedia.
It's a spin-off, a parody of wikipedia. It used to have a whole article written about our country, Brunei. Somewhat, the article is seemingly true. Interestingly, the whole article has been mysteriously deleted.

Equally interesting, I found an extract of the article about
Bruneian teenagers from an anonymous blog who claimed to have got them from uncyclopedia! :D So I decided to put it up :)


10% of the teens are simply losers, emulating emos and they have a tendency to AZN type. The other % of them are prudes who look like the world is coming to an end at the mention of sex, they adorn themselves with headscarves.

A secret conspiracy is going on as more and more male teenagers in the country appear to have a suspiciously similar looking hair fashion after visiting a $10 (student price) or $12 (Gullible student's price) hair-cut salon. It was believed that Japanese aliens had disguise themselves in a regular form of flamboyant male Filipino hairdressers working in the salon trying to invade Brunei by giving the male teenagers a JAP-style hair cut, leveling up their self-esteem simultaneously brainwashing them to know only vanity and become worthless to their parents and turn them into a being known as zombified-trash society. It is by this way that the Aliens will invade the country by using Brunei stupid teenagers.

Speaking of stupid, 65 percentile of Brunei teenage population are infected by a mysterious disease believed to be originating from a monkey biting a teen girl 28 days later (no pun intended) after the monkey-escaped-chaos incident. Its effect on Brunei teenagers is that they have the tendency to do nothing except spend time on their Friendster and now, Facebook! putting down ambiguous and pointless descriptions of themselves, Photo-shopping themselves to make themselves look bangable. They also update their blog daily, writing about what they did like going to so-called fancy restaurants like Excapade and Dome, plus they bizarrely take pictures of what they had ordered at the restaurant. Wait, I've came across a blog in which someone was showing off some ordinary chocs her daddy bought from a European country, oowww poor kid. The reasons for such actions are yet to be explain by the monkey scientists.

Another different but similarly serious disease of Bruneian teenagers is their impression that they are excellent in English and always attempt to adopt the glossy MTV accent, nevertheless, they still do not obtain As in their O Levels. This is partly blamed on parents who brought them to UK, where the disease is believed to have been originated from. Their parents should be banned from bringing them to England (that's where most of them go for "Luxury" holidays) on account of endless rambles about Marks and Spencer, River Island and the Big Ben. Not to mentioned bragging about stuff they bought at the excessively mind dumbing stupid overpriced goodies from the famous store in London called Harrods (You got it wrong d00d, not everything is dear in Knightsbridge) This cause a disturbance in the classes of teenage society declaring a country state of emergency in finding a cure to this I-am-cooler-than-you-coz-ive-been-to-UK-LOSER! disease a priority. (but nearly everyone has been to UK)

Subcultures such as Emo and scene kids are being adored by most Bruneian teenagers. The motive of being an EMO in Brunei is to wear black skin tights T-shirts and tights jeans which shows lumps of the Bruneian Emo boys' balls and being a cheap sad fag. The motive of being a scene kid is to wear the same clothings and being hardcore chollo-spoilt-brats listening to Metal music.

Brunei government is trying it's best to abolish emo culture since more and more majority of Bruneian boys are becoming gay. POPULATION crisis, Brunei is still an underpopulated country.
The remaining 5% are dot dot dot.

RTB is the lamest TV station in the world with old folks are being viewed and the same programmes and shows are repeated like almost everyday which cause more Bruneians wanting to buy Astro or Parabolla. Truly enough, RTB always shows the lame lame lame latest gossips and affairs about old folks in Brunei. RTB caused 90% of Bruneian teenagers to be infected with the same I-am-so-bored-and-I-need-MTV diseases. Brunei teenagers have to bitch their parents in order to buy Astro (If they are a big fan of Akademi Fantasia, MTV programmes or Channel V programmes)or Parabolla (If they are a big fan of Dangdut, KDI-Kelab Dangdut Indonesia).


- Most of Bruneian old men love to seduce their amahs (house maids) and eventually, bang them.

- Almost two million years ago Darth Vader arrived in ancient Brunei from a galaxy far far farrr away deciding to conquer it. In the end its too far far farrr away for him so he decide not to.

- Do you know that the word Malay is derived from the word "Ma-las" an ancient Brunei term for Lazy....well no surprises there. And despite the common belief that the word "Brunei" comes from "Baru Nah", it was ACTUALLY from "Baru Iaa!!!!!"

- Almost 95% of all Bruneian Malays think Indons are nothing but bike-stealers (pencuri basikal). Don't believe me? Ask that Indon down the street who's riding something that *absolutely* looked like your bike.

- The roads of Brunei was once gold, but cars keep on skidding on it during rainy seasons creating problems, so the government sold the gold road on eBay and used the money to build a Free theme park called the Seru-Dong! Park Playground. The theme park was intended to attract increasing Indonesian workers in the country. The vision is, Seru-Dong! park was to be a new center for them as so they would stop Indonising the Yayasan area at the country's capital. Recently a multi-million dollar park renovation project took place aimed to redecorate the park to look more like a “ghost town” which is expected to provide spine-tingling excitement for the estimated 5000 visitors per day to the theme park.

- In Brunei, it is required by law that people should never walk more than 100 meters to their desired destination within the country. A journey of more than 100m should be used either by a small dorky ‘look-at-me-i-look-like-an-idiot-but-im-so-cool’ mini motorcycle or a big bulky ‘i-have-an-expensive-car-but-im-in-debt’ SUV vehicle.

- By law, if there is a road accident in Brunei which rarely happens, other drivers are required to slow down their cars to look curiously and criticize the accident. If possible, taking pictures of the road accident is greatly encouraged.

- If you wear a white hat (topi haji) while driving on a 2 lane roadway, you are required to drive less than 40 km/hour in the fast (right) lane, and let other drivers cut you from the left lane.

- In Brunei the meaning for "bank loan" is synonymous for "let's buy another car although we already have seven at home".

- Bruneians are well-known for its great wealth. They are so rich that when asked about the poor, they are like "Poor? What the hell is Poor? Can I buy it?".

- Talk is Cheap, and not many Bruneians realised that. For example, many of them go like 'I speak CO2', let's use bags with 'green' slogans yet do not practice veganism or vegetarianism.

- Kampung Ayer is called Venice of the East on account of the higgledy-piggledy housing arrangements.

- Brunei is Monaco with Down Syndrome.

- Dude, are you emo? If you are, let's make out without being gay!

- The nasi katok is definitely not a rip-off, for every satu bungkus, it contains a litre of animal grease, half a chicken, and sambal which requires great dexterity and terpaksa membanting tulang empat kerat untuk membuat. All that for a buck only.

I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with this entry. But I couldn't help it! Although not all of 'em are necessarily true(some are simply lame!), I think it is worth noting some true facts about us, Bruneians, than deciding to hide behind false denial faces :) Face it, some of them are true eh? :p

If it really proved to be so much offensive to the majority, then I will have to delete this entry. Know this - we DENcorps have as much right as a freedom of speech as everyone else :) Personally, I can be very rebellious. As far as I know, the DENcorps support democracy! :p

You bet its right!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Short Talk:
Mobile readers may not be able to enjoy this entry at its max, as there will be no pictures! Only videos from youtube :)


It is sad to say I do not have any music talent. It has been one of my life-long ambition to learn music. But due to the heavy life of being a form 6 student, I can hardly find the time to learn music. Perhaps, if all goes well, I might register myself to a music school next year. One to two hours per week should be good enough, and will not interfere with my academics, I hope.

The question of the day: Which musical instrument should I learn?

i) Guitar is a favorite among everyone in the globe, which makes it the most common musical instrument. Learning something really common doesn't look very appealing to me. You gotta be unique, y'know what I mean? :p

Pirates of The Carribean OST - He's A Pirate

The good thing about learning guitar is that learning directly from a music school is proved to be unnecessary, and probably a waste of money. So, if I ever had the chance, I will just request some guitar lessons from my Dad :)

ii) Keyboard is possibly my all time target musical instrument. Since listening to the Kingdom Hearts OST, I've been dying to learn keyboard!

Kingdom Hearts OST - Roxas's Theme

Kingdom Hearts OST - Dearly Beloved (Duet)

Beautiful, eh?

iii) If things goes absolutely well, I might actually learn violin. Yes, learning violin is lengthy - I may not be able to master it in the space of one year (if I enrolled into a music school). Still, violin produces one of the most beautiful melodies in the whole world. Personally, if I'm able to master it, I will consider it as a one of the, if not, the greatest achievement in my life.

Pachelbel - Canon In D

Mozart - Symphony No. 40

It doesn't look simple to me! Adds to the complication if I decide to learn violin.

iv) In a rather extreme case, I may want to learn cello.

Mozart - German Dance

Apocalyptica - Hall Of The Mountain King

Hmm...what you think? I won't go half naked, just like the Apocalyptica dude above, of course! :p

v) In a more extreme case, I may sign up for an organ lesson!xD But then again, I don't think there are organs in Brunei, except perhaps in some churches. So the only place where I can learn organ is through churches, which will sure to rouse suspicion as to why I keep walking in and out of a church!

Pirates Of The Carribean OST - Davy Jones's Theme

Can't imagine myself in Davy Jones shoes! xD

If I narrow the list down, I think I might go for either keyboard, violin or cello. By the way, if you are too lazy to watch all those videos, and had a hard time choosing which videos to watch, I would suggest watching the
Kingdom Hearts OST - Dearly Beloved (Duet) video, and the Apocalyptica - Hall Of The Mountain King video :)

Now, tell me - Any of you know how to play any musical instrument? :)

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trojans In Yellow, Black and White

Short Talk:
Now that's the Cristiano Ronaldo I know :D
My favourite player is still Michael Carrick, nevertheless.

by the way, take notice of this blog's new heading ;)


Birthday entries are dead boring. In fact, I hate it. However, today is such an important day that I couldn't just ignore it.

No, it's not about Andy's birthday.

It's something else.


Two years ago, on a fateful day of 16th November 2006, a team was born. A team who was initially known as Viper FC. The name wasn't well received by its members, due to its childishness. Thus, a proposal for a rename was brought up. After full consideration, it was agreed that the team would be rename as Ukatrats FC.

Some of you may wonder how we came up with the name. The name was actually inspired from a Japanese rock band, who is also known as Ukatrats FC. The band sang the main soundtrack for the popular PS2 video game, Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Without the game, we wouldn't know Ukatrats FC. Without knowing Ukatrats FC, we would otherwise still be known as Viper FC. Thank goodness we weren't (phew!)

The Ukatrats FC's badge (and jerseys) comprises of the colours yellowish gold, black and white; and the "Trojan" being our mascot.

Since its inception, the team has struggled to find a good field to train, a good captain to lead, and who knows, a good coach to take charge. I hope, since many of us will be getting our driving license in the near future, transportation will not be much of a problem.

As of now, with a few changes in the jersey numbers, the squad members are:

1. Shamsul (GK)
2. Ayman V. (DF)
3. Hamid (DF)
6. Malkan (DF)
7. Wafi (MF)
8. Izzat (FWD)
9. Jimbo (MF)
10. Huzai (FWD)
12. ZulHF (DF)
13. Andy Teo (DF)
14. Haziq H. (WF)
16. Najaah (MF)
17. Nazreen (WF)
18. Nahri (MF)
19. Nazrin (MF)
21. Edison Tiah (DF)
23. Gary Goh (DF)
33. Asnawi (FWD)
80. Hj Azem (MF)
86. Desmond (DF)
99. Naufal (FWD)

I would want to share the results of all our games played, but I lost the book that recorded all of 'em!

As far as I can recall:
Ukatrats FC 11-1 WAL United
Ukatrats FC 3-5 Imperial United
Ukatrats FC 2-8 Imperial United
Ukatrats FC 3-1 Menglait

Those are our football resuts. I forgot the rest.

Ukatrats FC is more of a futsal team, rather than football. As a result, I couldn't remember all the final scores! As soon as I found the book, I'll immediately update this entry ;)

I made this wallpaper years ago. Click to download the full size.

Moving on.

Ukatrats FC's captains:
Nazreen (2006)
Asnawi (2006-2007)
Nazrin (Me!) (2007-2008)

Ukatrats FC's vice captains:
Nazrin (Me!) (2006)
Gary (2006-2008)

As it stands now, I am still the captain of Ukatrats FC, with Gary as my assistant. During my reign, I have led the team to a disastrous performances T-T Therefore, I wish to start a new election campaign.

I vote for Izzat as our captain, and Nahri, our vice captain. Cast your votes now :)


This isn't just a birthday entry, it is my sole wish to recount the events we've been through as a team, since 2006. In any case, if I may forgot about what we've been through, I will make this entry as a reference. I just hope this blog will keep on staying alive, so that maybe in ten years to come, when we are all grown up, i will refer to this blog as a means to recall the memories of my teenagehood, and of my football life :)

I admit, Ukatrats FC isn't the best team out there. It could, in fact, be the worst. But it doesn't matter to me. Football played a huge part in my life. So as Ukatrats FC. I will always remember that I ever played for a team called Ukatrats FC :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ukatrats FC!

With this, I end my post.

p/s HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANDY too :) He said he has learn a few coaching techniques in Japan, and wishes to try it on the team. Let's see what he can do when he returns.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Short Talk:
Tomorrow is Ukatrats FC's 2nd Anniversary! :D

Btw. DESMOND, YOU SERIOUSLY GOTTA CHANGE THE HEADING OF THIS BLOG from "Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Ukatrats FC" to something else. Maybe "Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary" "? Or "Our Story So Far" just like the old times?


Earlier this month, during the VIP Day in Maktab Duli, my AS Literature teacher recommended me to upgrade my AS Literature to an English Literature. If I heed her recommendation, I will then be taking 4 A level subjects next year. She gave me until January 2009 to give her my final decision.

But not anymore.

Due to some circumstances (Probably because of the
Katok Termination), my AS Literature teacher requires me to give my answer by next week!

So here's the dilemma. Should I stick to AS Literature? Or should I upgrade it into an English Lit?

If I stick to AS Literature, next year will just be a revision year. We nearly finished the syllabus already. So less burden next year, and I will be able to focus on my other subjects.

In AS Literature, we only need to study 4 books: Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare; Songs of Ourselves by the University of Cambridge; Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte; and A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller.

I've been struggling to keep up with Jane Eyre. It might be one of the best novels ever written, but I still dislike the book. I don't fancy novels with much romance in it. I prefer action, gore, blood, war, and the likes! :p
To add to the boring genre, Jane Eyre is very thick! With tiny little fonts!

If I decided to take English Lit, I will enjoy the benefit of having an even greater potential for a scholarship! Also I will enjoy the pride of being the sole guy from SOASC batch this year to take four A level subjects :p

Here's the deal to the benefits above: I must read another four extra books! To think that I'm struggling with Jane Eyre!

I'm not sure what books are in the A Level syllabus, but imagine them to be as thick as Jane Eyre! Or even thicker! And there's four of 'em!

My AS Literature teacher, being also the Head of the Higher Education Unit Department in MD, has outline the minimum condition for a shcolarship to me during the VIP Day.

Minimum condition for a scholarship:

Your A Level result should be between 200-240 Tariff Points, and no Ds (and below) in any of your subject.


In case you guys are wondering what are Tariff Points:

For A level subject:

Grade "A" indicates 120 points
Grade "B" indicates 100 points

Grade "C" indicates 80 points

Grade "D" indicates 60 points

For AS level subject:

Grade "A" indicates 60 points

Grade "B" indicates 50 points

Grade "C" indicates 40 points

Grade "D" indicates 30 points

For example, you score "ABC" (A level subject) and an "A" for your AS subject during the A levels next year, you simply add the tariff points as indicated above. In this case, it's 120+100+80+60, which equals to 360 Tariff Points.


My minimum target (If I rejected my teacher's recommendation):

"A" for my Pure Mathematics
"C" for my Physics
"C" for my Economics
(Hopeless piece of sh**)
"C" for my AS Literature

..which will earn me a total of 310 Tariff Points. I may still have to struggle my way among other more capable candidates for scholarship!

My minimum target (If I decided to upgrade to English Lit):

"A" for my Pure Mathematics
"C" for my Physics

"C" for my Economics

"C" for my English Literature

"B" for my General Paper (Yes, I will take GP, if I do upgrade to English Lit)

...which will earn me a total of 410 Tariff Points! Almost double the minimum requirement! I will almost certainly obtain a scholarship! :D

I don't know man. I'm still not sure whether I can cope with the extra stress from the demands of English Lit or not. That is why I decided to write up this entry. I want to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and advices :) So what do you think?

ps An advice for you guys. If you had taken GP for the AS exam this year, I strongly suggest you all to take another AS level subject next year (Perhaps English AS?)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Raya At Jimbo's

Raya is already over and only now I'm updating about our raya trip to Jimbo's house which actually happened more than four weeks ago.


The plan is actually to gather everyone who should be going to Jimbo's house at Yayasan and then take a water taxi ride to Jimbo's kampong, with Jimbo leading the way.

Shortly after we found everyone at the same place, we then got separated again after some of us went around Yayasan, looking for things.

This doesn't seem to be looking good as Jimbo is already showing his anxious face.


And then when everyone got back together again, it's time to head for the docks.

Because there were eleven people in our group, Jimbo had to ask the water taxi driver whether the boat can actually fit in all of us!


Surprisingly, it can, and all of us would have to get on the boat one by one to avoid the boat from getting out of balance.

Watch the video of us on our way to Sg. Kebun using the boat.

Sungai Kebun is a quiet and quaint little town on the other side of Kampong Ayer.


Maybe because it was Sunday, the schools were all empty and residents of the town might be off heading to other places for raya whereas the firemen at the fire station played Sepak Takraw to kill time.


How cool. So unlike Chuck and Larry.

We did a little tour around the place, walking past the wooden bridges and admiring the little uniqueness of the town as the sounds of water taxi driving by could be heard occasionally.


You ought to be careful when walking on the wooden planks though because there are cat poos all over.


So you see, it can be really paloi if you were using new boots for raya only to have it accidentally stepped on the cat poo.

The DENcorp - Me (showing half face), Edison (showing full face), Nazrin (give no face!)

We also have to wait for the bus to drop us off at Jimbo's place but it turns out that Jimbo's mom drove all the way here from home as well, only to find out that the car can only fit 5 of us.

Too bad. Then the rest of us (Jimbo, me, Edison, Nazrin, Shamsul and Khairil) have to keep on waiting for the bus.

Turns out the bus is this little purple van with the no. 46 imprinted on.


The bus dropped us off at the side of the road. In front of Jimbo's house to be exact.

We ate and sang at Jimbo's place. And we also played PES which is easily the best entertainment of the day.


At the end of the day, we were so vain that we took group photos. Lots and lots of 'em.

First it was at the living room.



Then, we moved to outside, behind Jimbo's house.


And then, inside the gazebo.


Jimbo's dad, being the photographer, suddenly had this idea of taking a photo of us while everyone jumped together.


Getting ready to jump..

First shot.


Wasn't that good.

Second shot.



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Monday, November 10, 2008

Andy The Otaku!

Attention readers :)
The guy (Andy) in this entry is not for you all to insult. Of course, you may share the humor I wrote up, but please respect him :) This entry is dedicated to a good friend of DENcorp, Andy, who has been to Japan for about 7-8 months to date.
Please cooperate, yea :)

I know this entry might be lame and short, but I just can't resist! Somebody has actually claimed Andy Teo to be really cute!! How absurd is that? :p (No offense, Andy) What's more intriguing, she even thought of approaching him!! Andy must be smiling his ass off right now in Japan :p

To help this girl out, I thought I should do a bit of a research. I stumbled upon wikipedia. Damn, you gotta trust me! You can search almost as hell as anything as you want there!

An extract from wikipedia:


Andy Teo Siang Hoe (born November 16, 1990) is a
Bruneian film director, football manager, car mechanic, and pianist. Times has listed him as the most powerful and influential figure in the car mechanics industry. Throughout his life, he has switched professions frequently, starting as a car mechanic, to a football manager, and currently jobless. As a result, Forbes magazine places Siang Hoe's net worth at $3.3 billion. Reports had claimed Siang Hoe purchasing an average of 20 Mazda RX-7 per month. In an interview in 2001, Siang Hoe has admitted his obssession towards Mazda RX-7.

As a dedicated and determined film director, he has but managed to only shoot one scene of his untitled action based movie. This resulted in him winning the Academy Award thrice in a row, with the same movie.

Following his success in his filming career, Ukatrats FC signed him as manager in 2006, which saw more failures than success. His most memorable moment with the team is during their training session at an unauthorized field where him, and one of his player, Nazrin's, mobile phone got stolen by an unknown stranger known as Zul (Curse Be Upon Him).

Siang Hoe is currently on a course in Japan, and will be back to his homeland in February 2009.


I never thought of doing another wikipedia parody again, but Wafi & Malkan requested me to do so again.

You all can check out his b
log and his friendster.

Now to the girls out there... this guy cute? :p He's still single, y'know! (Eh wait, you got a Japanese girlfriend already kah, Andy?xp)

p/s Happy Advance Birthday, Andy! Be sure to bring back souvenirs ah!

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Friday, November 7, 2008

New Kit Proposal

I can't help but to blog again, despite posting my previous entry in less than 24 hours. The Ukatrats FC spirit has got into me of late! In just less than 10 days, we will be celebrating the 2nd anniversary of our beloved Ukatrats FC! Yea, baby. It has been 2 years since! The 2nd anniversary falls on the 16th of November.

So to the loyal squads of Ukatrats FC, I hereby propose for a new kit. We all know that our first kit was a huge disappointment. It has been haunting my wardrobe for more than a year already! I wore it for 2-3 times only. I'm sure we all agree a new kit will definitely boost our morale. Please give me your opinion at the tagboard, or you can just tell me when we meet at school.

Just a reminder of our disastrous first kit:

An utter disappointment. It's our fault really. We shouldn't have ordered the jerseys.

So, if you all agree, I propose we purchase them at R.F Station, Kiulap. Thing is, it might be a lil bit expensive. But I think it's worth it. I also propose to have them use threads for our logo, instead of the paper they use in Imperiall Sports. I know it will be pricy. I'm not forcing you guys. I'm merely giving suggestions. See, the Ukatrats Board are democratic. We will vote on this matter.

I also want something like this, surrounding our logo:

Sorry for the poor editing, but you guys know what I'm thinking right?

I suggest we stick to the same colours of yellow, black and white, as it perfectly match our team's logo. A kit like Fenerbahce, Hull City or Malaysia National Team will look good.

What do you think? If you have any suggestions, do send me an image to my email, or through MSN, or through whatever means ;)

To sum things up, here's my proposal:
Subject: New Ukatrats FC 2009/2010 Home Kit
Colour: Yellow, Black and White (Similar to Fenerbahce)
Logo: Threaded
Numbering and Naming: Any
Price Range: To be negotiated (Possibly $40-$50 each)

Now, just to recap things:

The Squad:

1. Shamsul (GK)
2. Ayman V. (DF)
3. Hamid (DF)
5. Desmond (DF)
6. Malkan (DF)
7. Wafi (MF) - On loan to Assymptote FC
8. Nahri (MF) - On loan to MD Galaxy
9. Jimbo (MF) - On loan to Assymptote FC
10. Huzai (FWD)
12. ZulHF (DF)
13. Andy Teo (DF) - On loan to a minor Japanese football club
14. Haziq H. (WF) - Possibly dead :p
16. Najaah (MF)
17. Nazreen (WF)
18. Izzat (FWD) - On loan to MD Galaxy
19. Nazrin (MF) - On loan to Assymptote FC
21. Edison Tiah (DF)
23. Gary Goh (DF) - On loan to Mia Zui FC
33. Asnawi (FWD) - On loan to MD Galaxy
80. Hj Azem (MF) - possible dead too :p
99. Naufal (FWD) - On loan to Singapore Armed Forces FC

Potential addition to the squad:

-Roy (FWD, Assymptote FC)
-Abang Hadri (FWD, Assymptote FC)
-Faisal (DF, Assymptote FC)
-Haziq M. (MF, Assymptote FC)
-Ayman M. (FWD, Assymptote FC)
-Fathul (DF, The Magic Corner FC)
-Khairil (DF, We Are Legends United)

GK: Goalkeeper
DF: Defender
MF: Midfielder
WF: Wing Forward
FWD: Forward

If you guys wish to change your jersey number, you gotta tell me :)

So opinions, anybody? :) (Andy Teo, despite being far away from Brunei, you may have your say on this matter too)

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Short Talk:
Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't suck after all :p

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Economics AS exam was pretty much f***ed up for me. Therefore, relieving stress is a must! Me, Z.A. and a bunch of the others decided to go Gadong. Gwen, being the leader of the troop, urged us to march to an unknown cafe, which lies right above Dee Jay.

Some of you might recognise this, but not me. I didn't notice this, until Gwen pointed it out!

Ever heard of Charmy Snow Ice? World wide dessert phenomenon, y'know! Apparently, Gwen's uncle owns the place. Don't underestimate the place. It is actually an international cafe.

Unlike many other cafes, this one provide long sofas for the customers to sit down, and a HDTV with a home theater system! Cool.

The place was totally empty at first. I thought this was quite an understatement for such an international cafe. Turns out, I was quite wrong. No sooner than that, the place was filled in by lots of youngsters. Good incentive for me to try out some of their "snow ice".

The menu they gave, and i mean gave (I had it at home with me now), provides also a historical background of the cafe itself.

Like most cafes, the things they offered comes with a totally unrelated name. Like:

Lifesaver. Reminds me of a page in Desmond's biology book, under the Reproduction section :p

At the end of the day, we ordered three different selections: Presso, Mango Crush and, Pink Lady. You guys must be wondering what those things are.

If you guys ever come here, I would suggest the Presso ;)


What are you waiting for???!!! (Gwen's uncle would surely give me free snow ice for this kiss-ass advertisement :p)

*video is removed*

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