Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Most Tiring Splash

I went to swimming with Nazrin, Tiah, Andy, Lorenzo, Ahmad and Wafi at 8.30am today.

The stadium's swimming pool had a function until 12am, most probably used by Bruneian SEA Games athletes or the royal Brunei police force. Due to this, we had to move to Anggerek Desa's swimming pool instead.

There, the ticket price is much more cheaper. Like 50% off the stadium's price!

If not mistaken, I think it has been a very long time since I last came to this place.

The kid's pool looks a bit yellowish or brownish in color when we reached there. Andy thinks some kids who swam at the pool peed while swimming.

Anyways, there's even some tables and chairs for swimmers who wanna take a break off swimming and eat something maybe like a home-made pasta or noodles.

But we used it to eat roti john.

The water was so cold at first. We came at 8.30am, so there's no doubt the water is cold. But eventually, homeostasis took place and we were adapted to the situation.

There are insects and maybe some dirts in the pool, but we still swam.

There was a radio playing somewhere in the premises. Some of us tried to lip-sync the songs played on the radio and some of us even danced to the tune of the song.

Yeah, it was all very fun. If it wasn't enough, we even got balls and swim boards to play with. We played Monkey and Water Rugby with the ball. Playing rugby with the likes of Lorenzo and Ahmad, there's no way I'll be getting a chance.

At once, we used the swim board to play "Ultimate Frisbees". But in the end, I got hit by the swim board right at my face for don't know how many times. Not nice to play. Later in the day, I also got hit on the face again, this time by the ball.

And then, when we got tired and hungry, we climbed onto the surface again and went to the nearby canteen for food.

Me, Nazrin and Tiah ordered Mee Goreng. We were peacefully waiting for our orders to be done until a man came to us and told us, "Timeout! Timeout!".

I was wondering what's going on, but I was then informed that the pool is set to be closed.

About our food, they'll deliver them to the other side of the canteen, where they'll be tables and chairs for us, just like a restaurant.

I expected the Mee Goreng to be Indofood Mi Gorengs but turns out, it's just fried noodles. But I'm okay with both noodles anyway.

As the pool has been closed, we then had to walk to the stadium after we're done eating, hoping it would be empty so that we could swim, again.

Yeah, we paid $1 at the Anggerek Desa pool, and then paid another $2 at the National Stadium's pool.

We swam again for another 2 hours, where the water is way colder. When it reached 4pm, I left the pool.

After swimming from 8.30am till 4pm, there is no surprise at the fact that I am now suffering from sun burns on my back. Ouch!

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Ouch, must have hurt to get hit so many times. Try some Aloe Vera on that sunburn. Lesson learned: Wear sunblock if planning to swim for an entire day.
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