Thursday, June 21, 2007

Even death can't do us apart

I've watched a Thai horror film today! ALONE!

No no no, I didn't watch it alone, the film's name is "Alone".

Since last week, Boon Hui has already asked if I'd like to join him. So why not? I can 'tumpang' his car to Maths tuition after that, so I decided to go.

He wanted me to go meet him at RF by 9am.

However this morning, as I woke up and saw my alarm clock showing 9.05am, my eyes turned big and I got out of my bed immediately to get myself all prepared.

I told my dad about going to mall at the very last minute yeah. About 30 minutes before we left and I actually thought my dad might have gone to work already but turns out he was still at home. Lucky me.

But before going mall, my dad took me to a popular "restaurant" in Berangan. I don't know if you call that place a restaurant but we always referred that place as "Ah Heng's" which comes from the owner's name.

A bowl of Kolo Mee Pok, Kolo Wan Tan, 2 Kolo Chicken Wings & a Green Tea = Fantastic Breakfast!

After breakfast at Berangan, only then my dad picked me to The Mall.

I felt my hair was soooo out-of-style and becomes very flat. I can't even make a good hairstyle out of it. So before meeting Boon Hui they all, I went for a haircut at Essensuals. =p

My hairdresser suggests to just "fix" my hair instead of changing the style and so so.

Throughout the day, no one at all can distinguish the difference. No one!

After cutting my hair, I then went to RF to meet up with my friends.

I saw Boon Hui, Tiah, Gary and James there and so I played with them for a while. I played CS with them for only 45 minutes FFS!

I asked Tiah, "Eh, how's my hair?" He replied me by saying, "Oh, nice lah, I actually thought you went to cut your hair just now"


Ok, as lunch time approaches, the 5 of us went to Ideal.

I didn't eat much for lunch as I felt full after having such a fantastic breakfast in the morning.

1 Chicken Tetrazine and a cup of cola for lunch. Enough.

The time passes by very soon and it's 12.30 already! So we all returned to The Mall and head to the cineplex!

Met Jimbo along the way and so he tagged along.

As we've reached the cineplex, we saw Thedoric there leaning at the balcony, waiting for us alone.

There, we also saw Edwin and Jane at the cineplex's Candy Bar buying pop corn and drinks I think?

NOTE: Only me, Tiah, Boon Hui, Gary, James, Jimbo, Edwin, Jane and Thedoric watched the movie.

The time then shows 12.45pm and we moved inside the theater immediately.

Only half of the theater was occupied. The show starts shortly afterwards.

Wow! The movie was great but scary. Of course lah, horror movie mah.. The story was brilliant and twisting. Very nice, can be recommended. As the scary scenes approached, I closed one of my eye to avoid the double shock! Coward ler~

The show ended around 2.20pm and so we (me, Tiah, Thedoric, Boon Hui) went to play pool after that.

We played a 2 vs 2 game.

We changed teammates after every rack.

Boon Hui played very good ah nabeh! Left us "noobs" as the benchwarmers.

At 4pm, I followed Boon Hui's car to Maths tuition. I find it weird but nice that Boon Hui actually likes people to follow his car. Hahaha!

At least today Boon Hui did some REAL work at tuition. Very guai ahh..

After tuition, my dad took me to Bandar.

He said he wants to buy more CDs. CDS! Did I hear that wrongly?!

So of course I go with him..

We went to Golden Music to look for CDs.

My dad loves country songs. He tried to look for them but failed. I suggested Carrie Underwood and I think he likes it, so he bought Carrie Underwood's cd.

My dad tries to look for 1 more album but all without success!

We even walked to other CD shops in Bandar just to look for this particular album. Wanna know which album? I'm sure all of you knows it.

It's ...........


It's amazing to think that my dad actually likes Justin's songs. How cool eh~

He wanted to buy the original album of "Future Sex/Love Sounds" but there wasn't any in Bandar.

My dad actually has the pirated version of it but I have no idea why he wants to buy the original one.

The End.

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