Saturday, June 23, 2007

A day with the fashion boy!

Tiah came to my house early this morning as he has to follow my car to POA tuition which was at 2pm today.

He came my house so early in the morning because his dad can't pick him at any other time you see.

I can actually pick him to tuition directly from his house but come to think of it, it would be much better to have him at my house so that I won't be bored and have someone to "interact" with.

He should be at my house by 7am, but turns out he came at around 7.40am. Luckily he came late though, I overslept today!

Well, I played PES6 with Tiah before my dad took all of us (including my mum and my sis) to have our breakfast.

We had our breakfast at Lucky Restaurant. Dim sum eh!

After Lucky, someone among us wanted to buy newspaper but they were all sold out at the shops around Seri.

So we got no choice but to go First Emporium to look for just one newspaper.

We were supposed to just buy the newspaper and go but then my dad go parked the car so I guess it means.. shopping?

Yeah, so me and Tiah "walked" on our own. We went to the CD shop on the 2nd floor, went to Gills Sport, Maya and so on.

The tragedy of the day comes when I found out that Dunkin Donuts have been closed down. Sad. The best donut store in the country is now gone! No more!

And so, there wasn't anything else to see in First Emporium so me and Tiah went down to the ground floor.

Is it the durian season already?? I have no idea..

Right, then there's this part of First Emporium supermarket where they sells cheap stuffs like those plastic-made containers and so on.

Me and Tiah went inside. And guess what?

Tiah giggled and asked me, "Eh, who farted?"

And just then I realized, someone FARTED! Omg! The smell! There wasn't much people around that area except the two cashier ladies.. So who could it be? It couldn't be the cashiers 'cause they seem puzzled when they saw me and Tiah there laughing like non-stop.. I guess the cashiers got flu or running nose today that they can't even smell it? The culprit must have pat his ass and gone far far away right after he farted.. I don't know why but my instinct told me it's a "he"! And why chose such a place to fart?! Aiya cannot tahan the smell lar, so suffering.. Next time mustn't fart in public okay?? So immediately, me and Tiah walked out of the place.

NOTE: I know it's very rude for me to say it this way. So, sorry! =p

After the success of buying the newspaper, we left First Emporium and went home.

Me and Tiah continued playing PES6 until it was almost time for tuition.

2pm - 5pm: 3 hours of POA tuition.. -_-"

5pm: My dad arrived to pick me, but then seeing Tiah trying to look for transport back home, my dad offered to send him back.

My dad felt hungry on the way home, so he asked if I wanted to eat.

Because I got another tuition at 7pm, I said "yes" to him as I can't wait for my mum too cook and so so 'cause I know I would be in such a hurry later on.

We went to Golden Leaf Restaurant in Seri.. (Yeah, Seri again..)

Ordered '烧肉饭' (shio ba peng).

I finished the food earlier than my dad. Actually, my dad's food haven't arrive that time. So while my dad's still waiting, I went next door to Popular Restaurant and tapau-ed two roti kosong.

I felt hungry that time.. So I tapau-ed loh..

7pm: Malay tuition

8.45pm: Reached home

9.15pm: Went to a particular temple to "pai pai"

11pm: Reached home again!

11.15pm: Bathed

11.45pm(NOW): Blogging!

So now you see, my schedule was so so so tight today. I can't even get the time to relax. Sigh~

Is alcohol a good way to relieve stress?

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