Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oi Paloi!

Today we got a freaking long assembly at school!

The whole assembly lasted for 4 periods time! That's 2 hours in total!

Luckily assembly today was held at the auditorium, at least we are able to sit instead of stand.. The assembly today gives a proper introduction of our new principal.. I don't even remember his name, heck, I don't even want to..

*Sorry no pictures for the scenes at the auditorium*

And what's worse, there's spot check right after the assembly.. After all the teachers, staffs and prefects had left the auditorium, it's all left we students and some discipline masters inside the hall..

Something funny happened though.. We were then told to stand in line for the spot check.. Frustrated by our noisiness, one of the discipline master said, "Eh, kau orang punya mulut itu tutup bah" Just then, some very boh ka si students booed at him.. The teacher was then so so damn f*cking pissed and shouted abruptly, "Oi PALOIII!!! *slams the microphone onto a table* Siapa yang 'membookan'?"

I swear the teacher was shouting very loudly, not using microphone though.. I can sense his anger.. None of the students in our school liked him..

After that, the teacher instructed us to stand in front of the stage 'cause he wanted the people who booed him earlier to stand out.. He will count up to 5 seconds before the culprits could admit what they did.. Right after he counted to 2 seconds, one of the students admitted, what a brave decision.. I wonder what'll happen to him.. The teacher then continued to count till 5 and thus no one else stood out, he then told us to "swear" and also "sumpah" to prove that we didn't boo the discipline master earlier.. Hahaha! What a funny way!

Anyways, I don't have very long hair, long finger nails but wore proper school uniform (no badge though) and proper shoe, the discipline masters let me through.. *Safe*

After that, we wasted another two periods which is P.E. We were told by our P.E. teacher Tikom to go to the newly renovated padang Arena.. I don't understand why were we told to go there 'cause we did absolutely NOTHING! What a 'un-wise' way to kill time..

We were all so bored as we all thought there might be some announcements or maybe some special events happening but turns out, nothing..

So what we did, we played and fooled around.. And also took pictures..

We even posed in the shape of a pyramid! See me there at the bottom, 2nd right?

Then, from afar, we saw a number of students lifting a huge box which resembles something unlucky and inauspicious..

Look! What is that?!

Can't see? How bout a closer view?!

Looks like a freaking damn coffin right?!

But turns out it's just a podium anyway.. Being lifted in a horizontal position.. So lame.. Scared the hell out of me!!

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