Sunday, May 16, 2010

Say No To Racism

*This post is merely a lame joke and do not necessarily reflect what I think should have been made happened or done. Any offenses that has been made from this post would be regretted. Having posted this, I do hope it will not become a sensitive issue.

I think perhaps Brunei should form an Anti-Racism body to curb and minimise problems of racism.

It seems as though Brunei has never had any effort to even try to stand up against racism. If there is so, please do forgive and correct me.

This idea came to my mind when me and my friend were at somewhere and got treated badly by a guy (not of the same race as us). He was "shouting" at us while his accomplices were of the opposite. He did not spat out any racism comments though but I didn't feel comfortable.

Racism can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

We always see developed countries and our fellow neighbouring countries doing tremendous work in curbing racism.

Even in sports, football for example, there are efforts to kick racism out. FIFA dedicates a day in its event calendar for the FIFA Anti-Discrimination Day every year.

I wish Brunei would've done something similar. Create an Anti-Racism Day perhaps?

Anyways, my idea of a good Anti-Racism body is that it would work the same way as the Narcotics Control Bureau and Anti-Corruption Bureau added together.

It'll then be called the great "Anti-Racism Bureau" or "Racism Control Bureau", with the vision of "To Create A Racism-Free Nation" and the ambitious mission of "To be the leading agency in driving our country free from racism for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Brunei Darussalam".

Occassionally, you'd receive text messages from the Biro Mencegah Rasuah or Narcotics Control Bureau asking you to report to them any suspicious act of corruption or drug-related cases. My idea of a perfect Anti-Racism body would do the same by sending people text messages asking you to report any acts of racism too!

Every once or so, NCB will hold talks in primary and secondary schools or held a road show in a big Expo showcasing and telling people the bad effects and danger drugs would post. The Anti-Racism body would do the same by holding talks and held a road show in big Expos too!

Every week, NCB officials would patrol, hide and raid places suspected to be areas where drug trafficking is highly active. My idea of a good Anti-Racism body would have anti-racism officials hiding somewhere in the dark and then jump out, ambush and RAID places where racism occurs!

If you mention something like "Melayu itu blah blah", you die.

If you mention "Itu Cina sangat blah blah", you also die.

If you mention the 'N-word', you also will die.

But if you mention the word "K****g", hmmmm.. I think maybe..

you also will die. I think lah.

So what do you think? Can form or not? Will laku?

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