Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Experience in Kiarong Complex

Do you guys know where the heck is Kiarong Complex? The place where Mubarak, Baiduri Bank and the 3 cent photocopy shop are located? If you know, then I will assume you are aware of the narrow and bumpy roads there.

Not sure if I should make a big deal out of it, but I thought I should.

I think.

To make things clearer, I drew up a map.

It was around 2pm at that time. I was on my way out of Kiarong Complex, between the Chinese Medicine shop and the mysterious block.

I realised there was a Black Mitsubishi Lancer EX driving slowly just right in front of me.

Suddenly, the Mitsubishi Lancer EX reversed his car. I thought he was just another stupid idiot, reversing his car while clearly realising a car was behind him because there's a parking just ahead of him.

Okay, that was forgivable. Then suddenly, the Lancer EX made a sudden hard reverse it nearly banged on the front of my car! Luckily, with my amazingly superb driving technique, I managed to make a quick evasion. Actually, I did a spontaneous reverse which almost hit the car behind me. I got honked.

But the Lancer EX's sudden reverse did not stop there. It insisted on reversing! I cursed the car and try to see what's the fuss ahead of him. What I saw was shocking.

There was a police car driving towards us! And the police car was driving in the wrong way! But then, that wasn't what shocked me. The Lancer EX was trying to reverse, because IT WAS TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM THE POLICE!

The Lancer EX looked so desperate to turn the car around, and drive away. I was there, stunned. My first thought was on the game Grand Theft Auto. The guy must have like 4 wanted stars to get cops chasing after him.

My second thought was that I might see my face on the next Video Zonkers episode in AXN. The show seem to have a lot of these kind of videos.

So anyway, the guy managed to turn and actually faced me.

Uh Oh. He was gonna crash into me to escape. I was a bit more concern of the damage he might do to my car than the possible injury I could sustain from that head-to-head clash. Of course he did not crash into me. I wouldn't be able to write up this whole thing if he did.

But no, all he did was panicked, not sure where to go. Probably he was trying to make sure he escaped without making any damage to the Lancer EX, which he probable had stolen earlier. He was all panicky, while I just sat there, stunned. He is definitely Malay, in his late 30s. I'm guessing he's local.

On the other hand, the cops came out of their car. Seeing that the Lancer EX guy was still violently trying to find a way out, without a slightest hint of giving up, the most obvious thing the cops could do right then was to shoot the Lancer EX tyres. But they didn't. Which I think was their biggest mistake.

I wish they did. I wanted to see gunshots in real life xP But not the ones aim at me of course.

The Lancer EX driver, sensing an opportunity, drove around the police car, and well, off he go. Now how the heck did he do that?! The road was so narrow, and there were cars parking on the horizontal sides, both along the Chinese Medicine block and the opposite side (refer to the map). The car must at least hit the front of the police car to go through. But it didn't!

The two blue dots are the heads of the cops who got out of the car.

The cops quickly get back into the car, and one of them actually waved at me. It is true that the Brunei Police Forces are friendly!

But anyway, for the next 5 seconds, the police car was struggling to turn to the other side and when they finally did, they continue on the hot pursuit of the Lancer EX. Leaving me, stunned and shocked.

I only wished I had REnzo's DSLR camera, so that I could snap some shots.

The whole event took less than 1 minute.

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