Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Grin

I saw an Audi R8 this morning! Not in TV or the internet, but right in front of my god damn naked eyes!

I've seen GT-R, Ferrari, and Lamborghini on the road before, but none of them impressed me as much as this beauty did.

That's it. From this day onwards, I'm officially naming Audi R8 my dream car :D

Good bye Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.

And no, this is not the reason for my "Big Grin". Today, I attended the Brunei Shell Petroleum Talk at SEAMEO Voctech. I will briefly summarise the Talk into questions and answers format, for the convenience of those who didn't get to attend the talk.

Q. What is the minimum requirement to be rewarded a BSP scholarship?

A. Must acquire a minimum grade of BBB in A' Level in Mathematics, Physics and one other relevant subjects (Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Economics, Further Mathematics or Accounting); as well as a minimum of 5 O' Levels including Mathematics, English and Malay.

Q. What are the courses offered?
A. i. Geology ii. Geophysics iii. Mechanical Engineering iv. Chemical Engineering v. Petroleum Engineering vi. Control Automation and Systems Engineering vii. Mechatronics viii. Geomatics

Q. What the hell is Mechatronics??
A. Basically, it's a combination of Mechanical Engineering and ,Control Automation and Systems Engineering. It's like Mechanical Engineering, but it's more towards the control of a system. Automation. (Huh?!)

Q. ..Geomatics?
A. No idea. Ang Wee Guan made a theory. He said it's probably Geography+Mathematics=Geomatics.

Q. Will I be studying overseas if I get the scholarship?
A. Depends on the course.

Q. Please explain.
A. If you're applying for Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering, you will be doing a 1+3 program, meaning, 1 year in ITB plus another 3 years in the University of New South Wales, Australia. As for the rest of the course, it is 100% overseas, unless you insist to study in ITB (but why would you?)

Q. For the rest of the course, will I get the freedom of choosing my own university?
A. Sure. If UK is your desired destination, then the university must be in the top 10 ranking in terms of the specific course (not the overall ranking).

Q. Damn..I've applied for another course in UCAS! What should I do?
A. If you really really want UK, then I think they said there is a way to cancel your UCAS application. I'm not sure how. If you really really want the course so badly, then I suggest you apply in other countries universities. That way, you can reject the UK universities you initially applied for, and accept the other countries university. Done.

Q. I think I am like Hazim. Can I apply for a Masters degree?
A. Well, if the university you applied for does not offer Bachelor's degree, then BSP may consider this. Still, the masters degree will be considered as an undergraduate degree (not sure if it's any different than the postgraduate degree.)

Q. Do I need to attend an interview to get the scholarship?
A. No. If you're selected as a candidate for the scholarship, you will go through a one day assessment program, where your leadership, teamwork and fitness ability will be tested.

Q. When is the assessment?
A. Approximately one week after the A level result.

Q. Do I get work placement or some sort of attachment?
A. Yes, after you are successful in your assessment.

Q. What is the quota BSP set in giving scholarships this year?
A. 31 students.

Q. What do I work as once I graduated?
A. Depends. A job as a Well Engineer must have a degree honours in Mechanical, Chemical or Petroleum Engineering. Of course, this is just one of the MANY job possibilities in BSP. There is also a job in laboratory, if you have a degree in say Geology or Geophysics.

Q. Tell me more about the jobs in BSP.

A. You get to choose between technical and non-technical professions. Technical are those directly involve in the actual mechanical projects, while non-technical are those who plan and design the project. After that, you may choose to generalise or specialise your profession. Generalist are those who make use about less than 20% of what they studied in university. Specialist are those who make use more than 30% of what they studied in university. Basically, you won't have much headache being a generalist.

Q. I meant salary hehe.
A. According to one of the guys this morning, working as a Drilling Supervisor may get as much as USD 20,000. Per month. However, that is not the highest income earners in BSP. The highest income earners are the Well Engineers. I heard that the starting salary in BSP is B$3100+. I regretted not asking this question.

Q. Do I have to go through Ministry of Education?
A. Yes, you will be tested with Malay oral test and MIB. Be prepared to memorise the names of all the Sultans of Brunei! Here's a start. Who is the 19th Sultan of Brunei?

Q. What is HECAS? Do I need to apply for HECAS to get BSP scholarship?
A. HECAS is like UCAS, except it's a local application. Those wishing to study in Brunei should fill this form. It will be available for filling from 1st February to 14th February, which is why many speculated the A level results to be out before February. And no, it's not necessary if you're applying for BSP. But just to be on the safe side, BSP recommended to just apply for it.

Q. Do I need to do some sort of applications to obtain the scholarship?
A. Unfortunately, you do need to fill in a form, which was made available during the Talk.

Q. OMFG! Are you serious?! Can I have the form too? Please...
A. I guess you can try to call them. Their numbers: 3373232, 3373173. Or email them at (p/s I emailed them once a long time ago. Never received any reply.)

Q. How will the BSP contact me if they want to give me an offer?
A. You will need to email or call them and tell them your A level result once you received it.

Q. Say I fail to get the BSP scholarship, is there a way for me to work there?
A. Yes. Pass the MoE Scholarship, graduate, and hopefully MoE will allow you to apply for a job in BSP.

Hope that helps! If you have any questions, you may tag at the tagboard. I will try my best to give the best answer possible.

So anyway, I grinned excessively because MECHANICAL ENGINEERING candidates will surely be sent overseas! And they don't require any religious school certificates!

Double WIN!

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Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u...

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