Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Masquerade Party!

Hello everyone!

So I heard the masquerade party will be tomorrow night at The Holiday Lodge Hotel. That seems like a popular spot for farewell gatherings and parties like this.

Masquerade parties are uncommon in Brunei. There has also been a recent complaint from someone claiming how the western influence of such parties can be harmful to our culture over here.


But I think that's a whole lotta bull. I still think it's alright to attend this kind of party once in a while, as long as we don't do stuffs which are considered 'bad'.

Anyway, let's move on to what I really wanna talk about in this post.

Masquerade parties. The one thing that immediately came onto my mind when I heard of this masquerade party are MASKS.

There's a list of rule set by the organisers which you gotta follow.

If you have not seen them, no worries, because, I'll be more than happy to copy and paste it all over here. Ain't you lucky enough being a reader of DENcorp?

Ps. Mask is COMPULSORY and please dress to impress.

(a countdown will be made)
To those who revealed their identities before 10:30pm; You will be disqualified from the competitions. *this does not apply during eating and toilet routines*

Yep. That's all. Thank you for reading.

Now that you've read them, you gotta do what they told you to do.



"What are the competitions?", one may ask.

In a prom party, the competitions are Prom King, Prom Queen, Best Dressed and so on. But in a masquerade party, it'll be no different, except that there's no Prom King and Queen. :(


AND if you reveal your identities before 10.30pm, then you're in FUCKING DEEP SHITE because the rules say you can't and you'll be disqualified!

But this doesn't apply when you're eating or when you gotta use the toilet. So I suppose if you're caught revealing your identity (even if accidentally) at some point in the night, just grab some food from the nearest table, or just force yourself to fart and pretend that you gotta shit, just so you can get away scot-free.


Hmmmm, whilst everyone's eating and got their identity revealed, people are still gonna recognize them anyhow after that. So how can the party be anymore fun after that?

Maybe you can bring 2 or more masks, cause people are most probably not gonna be able to recognise you after that.

After all, there's this 'Best Mask' award. So now that you've got more than one mask, doesn't that leave you with more chance to fight for the award?

I was told that my friend is gonna wear a Darth Maul mask to the party.


That's a really cool mask, if you ask me. Even better with a light-saber.

Then, it got me thinking.

What if everyone else wore a superhero or villain mask to the party?

Wouldn't it be awesome?


I think it will. ;)

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