Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emo v.s. Gothic

My latest ambigram. This time, I'm using a proper pen to draw.

This is a symbiotogram, a type of ambigram. It reads differently when flipped 180 degrees. I choose not to tell you what the above word says. I need to know how readable it is. So guys, tell me what you think it is through the tagboard yea.

I got 2 more ambigrams in store, but I still need to work more on it to make it look better. Will post those 2 up in a future update.

Recently, there's been a buzz about teenage subcultures brought to notice by REnzo via the tagboard. I thought of this as a good opportunity to update!

What's the difference between Emo and Gothic?

Well, after a brief analysis, this is what I found.


Hamid actually provided a good description for emo! Emo people are self-centered people who thinks the world revolves around him/herself only.

They think the world is gonna end. They think they are lonely when in fact they are just too stubborn to socialize. They frequently tell everybody that their life is full of shit, and are somewhat heartbroken to the point of suicide.

How to be Emo:

-Seek attention by avoiding everybody.
-Be sensitive.
-If you're a guy, keep your hair long so that you can cover part of your eyes.
-Don't laugh at people's joke no matter how funny it is. If it's too funny, try your best to maintain the Jay Chou stare.

-Do not talk.
-Listen to expressive and emotional musics.
-Upon reaching level 25, you are strongly advised to cut your wrist. You will never die.
-If you succeed, you will look something like this:


Hamid actually provided another good definition for gothic! Well done Hamid! Someone should really consider buying him a chocolate!

Goths are people who has a strange affinity to dark tastes. They are strongly associated with the Victorian era. Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign of United Kingdom in the 19th century. As such, Goths often poised themselves as being a high level socialite to a certain extent, dressing themselves like those Victorians.

Their main trait is their defiance and rebellion to social norms. They are strongly inspired by romanticism. 4 words to describe Goths are dark, mysterious, morbid and horror.

How to be a Victorian Goth:
-Start of by reading a lot of romantic novels, particularly novels from the 19th century.
-If you're a guy, you gotta seriously start taking make-up classes.
-Put on dark eyeliners, color your nails black, and use only black lipsticks.
-You may choose to pierce yourself on either your lips or your brows.
-If you're rich enough, go buy yourself a good 19th century black coat. For girls, you need long black dresses.
-To heighten the effect, you girls should consider wearing that net thingy on your face.

-For girls, shield yourself with black umbrellas wherever you go. Guys are advised to wear that rectangular magician hat (y'know, the one where magicians always take out rabbits?)
-Attend theaters, masquerades, and ball parties. Of course, if you live in Brunei, the best place you can attend is to the Mall.
-A successful Victorian Goth will look like this:

Check out Trellia's deviantart gallery. There are actually a lot of other stereotypes of Goths!

That concludes my analysis for Emo v.s. Gothic. Since REnzo brought up this topic, are we to witnessed REnzo's transformation from Emo to Goth? Or is Gary gonna realize his potential lies within his Handsomeity and not Emo? We'll find out ;)

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