Monday, July 13, 2009

Tasek vs Markuching

This post is divided into two sections and will be all about Jungle Trekking. I know I have blogged about Tasek for so so many times already but in this post, I will introduce you 2 routes which are still new. But if it's boring for you, then I'm sorry.

Roughly more than a month ago, me, Andy and Thedoric went to Tasek after I told them about the 'new' jungle trek route.

This route is not so new actually. It has been 'opened' for probably six or seven months already. (Or maybe longer? Anyone know?)

This route starts from the right side of the reservoir. I know many people would mistakenly think it's the left of the reservoir but I repeat, it's the right.

For first timers, this route would be a lot of fun, but could be very tiring too.

Very soon after entering, you'll find yourself at the foot of a high and rocky hill.


At this part, I think it would be rightfully called as 'hiking', because you're really climbing a hill with rocky surface.


It's high, but it's not very steep. Experienced ones would find it easy I think.


And to our surprise (only me actually), there were pitcher plants!


Dead pitcher plants.

I never thought I would see pitcher plants in Tasek. Be it dead or alive.

Now I'm hoping to find Rafflesia at Tasek the next time I go there.

Atop of the hill, you'll find yourself standing tall, overlooking a nice view of the forests and the reservoir.


It would've been better if it's higher, but this is okay already.

Just look at Andy and Thedoric's expression, really delighted.


Thedoric's so happy that it seems as if he's promoting the bottle of 100 Plus he's holding, and Andy is just playing with his..........


And as you proceed on further, you'll most likely have to do a lot of ascend and descends, which is really really tiring. At some point, you'll find yourself at a really really low area, covered by trees where 75% of the sunlight cannot shine in.


One thing I like about this route is that it's very 'jungle-ry'.


Thedoric climbing..

You'll also get to Bukit Sarang Helang. It's named this way because there's a gigantic eagle nest up a very very tall tree.

I only noticed the eagle nest on my 5th visit, but so far I've never seen any eagles. :(


And now I'll talk about Bukit Markuching.


It can actually be reached from Tasek Lama but it would take up to more than 2 hours.


We started the route from Bukit Markuching, Subok itself, which is near Andy's house.


The road looks a bit slithery.

The one thing I noticed at Markuching is that, there are these huts/pondoks almost every 30 steps.


At first, I even thought the huts are some fruit stalls.

There'll be a large blue tank at the side of every pondok. And one of them were infested with tadpoles. I have no idea how did they get there.


The trees here look a bit special too and like no other, one of them is shaped like a dinosaur species, Brachiosaurus.


Amazing, isn't it?


A tree with a big nest.

The views in Markuching are so far outstanding compared to Tasek.


But still, there's always a downside.

Although the view may be nice, I felt Markuching is less challenging than Tasek, and I mean it.

Maybe it's just me or Andy took us to an easier route, I think we completed the trek very quickly.


Overall: Tasek has nice views too, but Markuching has better ones. Tasek Lama is tougher than Markuching.


Maybe soon, I'll try going to Markuching from Tasek Lama. Anyone wanna join?

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