Sunday, March 22, 2009

DPMM FC vs Woodlands Wellington

I've been to the DPMM FC vs Woodlands Wellington match 2 weeks ago and it was awesome!


After supporting Manchester United for so long, I never thought I'd support any local team.

Actually I wouldn't support them if DPMM FC still play in the local B-League, but currently, they are playing in the Yeo's Great Eastern's S-League, which makes them the only Brunei team to play in that league.


DPMM FC started to play in foreign leagues when they first played in Malaysia's TM Super League in the 2006-07 season.

DPMM FC had a great season and reached 3rd place in the end. Local striker Shahrazen Said was the joint top goalscorer that season with 21 goals, but his achievement wasn't recognised.

The other top goalscorer got the honour instead. Blardy hell.

Anyways, back to the match.

This is actually my second time watching DPMM FC play for full 90-minutes.


There weren't that much people when we first came, which is good, because that way, we are free to choose our own seats.

When we came, players from both teams are out training on the field.

Even the referees are making the run on the field.


And whenever they ran towards the direction of the crowd, they got cheered. Enthusiastically!

The area where we sat is roofed, which shelters us from the rain, but it costs more expensive that the ordinary tickets.

I was lucky enough to be sitting at the roofed area because it rained that night as well.

While waiting for the match to begin, we actually got a little surprise when Carlos Teves came out of nowhere and became a spectator of the match too!


After the match officials and the eleven starting players from both teams came out from the tunnel, lined up and shook hands, the match promptly begin.


First Half:

Just 4 minutes after the game had started, DPMM FC conceded a free kick when Ismadi Mukhtar of Woodlands guided his freekick towards the box in which the ball bounced in to put the visitors in a 1-0 lead.

DPMM FC 0 - 1 Woodlands Wellington


Check out this video to see the goal.

The goal has dampened the spirits of most DPMM FC fans but just after another short 4 minutes, Brunei DPMM FC turned the fans' spirit from emo to crazy as they got the equaliser from a headed goal by Sairol Sahari!

DPMM FC 1 - 1 Woodlands Wellington

The remainder of the first half doesn't seem to be promising as the match ended 1-1 at half-time.

Half Time:

I then took this chance to walk out of the stadium to buy something to drink from the stalls at the parking area.

I learnt my lesson before not to buy any bottled drinks, because you weren't allowed to bring them inside the stadium, which is what I did when I came for the previous match.

The only thing we can do is to leave the bottle outside and then collect them back after watching the match, OR, finish up the drinks and then go inside. Me and Tiah left our bottles outside, which is still full and 'un-drinked', only for us to find out that it has been stolen when we tried to look for it after the game.

But this time, I became smarter and bought a cup coconut juice!


When I came back to the stadium, it was already raining.


There were now people using umbrellas and hoods.


Our area is not totally waterproof after all. As the wind blew, droplets of rain fell onto us too, but not much. Just droplets.

Second Half:

Minutes after the second half had kicked off, DPMM had a penalty kick given after
Singaporean centreback Precious Emuejeraye tripped Oh Ddog Yi in the box in the 47th minute.

However, midfielder
Rosmin Kamis wasn't able to convert the penalty after his effort has been saved by the opposing team's goalkeeper Rezal Hassan.

Woodlands were also threatening later in the second half but couldn't get back the lead.

Later in the 86th minute, another penalty kick was given to the home team when Englishman
Daniel Hammond clumsily tripped Algerian import Abdel Hamid Berguiga as he tried to squeeze through the defence.

Croatian Ivan Jerkovic made sure Brunei DPMM FC got all 3 points from this match as he fired home the lead from the spot kick.

FT: DPMM FC 2 - 1 Woodlands Wellington

The matched ended with victory for DPMM FC.

DPMM FC coach Vjeran Simunic said,
"I don't think it was a freekick (which led to the goal). The game was quite open and I'm surprised that we are in third position. Now we have to focus on our next game (Geylang United) and forget about this match and move forward."


After watching DPMM FC won at home twice in the most fashionable way, I would now be more than happy to watch them play at home again on 24th March against Sengkang Punggol who now lies in the 10th place with just 4 points.

So what's your prediction for the next game? ;)

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