Saturday, September 6, 2008

EAYLF 2008 - Third Day

The third day of my trip to Thailand involves less conference :D We spent most of the time visiting the late Prince Damrong Rajanupab's palace, and played games at night.

We were given a common shirt, which was to be worn on this day.

We went to the palace by bus.

Traffic congestion in Thailand is common. So to make up for the boring journey, Aek (the Thai guy) wants each country to sing a song. The Bruneians were too shy to sing, so Fathi came up with the idea to let everyone listen to the Param Pam Pam song through his phone. Phew! I'm not gonna sing!! The only Brunei song I know is the national anthem xp I'm proud to say that I memorised the lyric perfectly :p

Wish I could show you guys the videos I recorded throughout the journey. But,the size of the videos are too big to upload!I'll try my best to describe the songs ;)

I particularly liked the Singaporean song. It's kinda addictive xp One of the verse goes something like this:

And the moon shines high, in the clear blue sky,
And all was bright and gay,
Pom pom pom pom.

Sounds familiar?
Oh man, the word gay again T-T

And then there's this song

I ask my love,
To take a walk,
To take a walk,
On Orchard Road.

Pass by Mandarin,
To Centrepoint,
We had our lunch,
At McDonald's.

We had fillets,
And an apple pie,
We share the cup,
Of lemon lime.

In the house next door,
There was no light,
There was no light,
We use torchlight.

Holding by her hands,
Looking into her eyes,
I ask her to be,
My Valentine.

When I passed out
I ask her out, I ask her out,
To take her out.

Holding by her hands,
Looking into her eyes,
I ask her to be,
My future wife.

But she rejects!
I pull her hands,
And slap her face,
Until she say yes!

I'll let you guys sing to your own tune :P If you guys want, I can sing it for you guys next time. lol! By the way, "When I passed out" is the term use to describe Singaporeans who just finished 2 years of National Service.

As we reached the designated place, the camera-man took his chance to take our individual picture as we exit the bus, some of which, I found to be quite funny xp

Honda Nozomi (left) and Honda Hikari (right). These Japanese are brothers! Notice how their right hand is put into their pocket??Once brothers, always brothers :p

Ali from Malaysia. He looked so blur xp

John from China.

John is so cool. Look at the way he looks at the camera, and his motion. Like some sort of superstar xp He is even cooler than Edison Tiah Teck Cherng of this blog!! So, Tiah, what's your respond?:P

The ministry officer of Laos.

Now this is what I call the best photo pose ever! Never in my life have I seen such pose! This phenomenal pose deserves a phenomenal name! What do you guys think? How about The Dragon Pose?xp


Welcome to Prince Damrong Rajanupab's palace! (Nope,that's not what the banner said. Try to figure it out)

Ok, I'll stop here. I'm too sleepy to continue xp I'll continue the rest tomorrow, on a fresh entry ;) Good night everyone!

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