Friday, September 5, 2008

EAYLF 2008 - Second Day (continued)

Short Talk: *huge sigh of relief* Exams almost done!! Only left Maths to revise!!


Dinner is pretty much similar everyday. I managed to get hold of my favourite food, at last :D I didn't know it was there, until the Chinese delegate, John, told me.

My favourite food is...

DUCK! :D I love ducks ;) I'm surprised many people don't like it. I actually prefer ducks over chickens.

Moving on..

Most of us went shopping that night. Each country will be escorted by a Thai delegate(s).

(Just ignore the girl in the middle. You guys know her already, right?:P)

The girl on the left is Gift. She said I reminded her of her brother. So we ended up calling each other "sis" and "bro" :P The girl on the right is So. So, So and Gift will be escorting us Bruneians :D

All of us would be going to Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

Since it is relatively far from the hotel, we hired taxis to go there.

On the way to the bazaar, we met something really unexpected.

(Sorry for the bad image quality. I was in the taxi, and it was raining that night!)

Try to guess what that huge black bundle in the picture is. Still can't figure it out? It is a freaking Elephant's *ss!! Too bad, the taxi was moving too fast. I wish I could take more pictures of it. The elephant doesn't seem to be afraid of its surroundings. I think it provides some sort of a slow transportation service. There's a strap on top of its body, which I presume is for people to ride on it. It also "parks" itself on the side of the road. Whatsmore, it is not maneuvered by anyone!! It works alone! So tamed! So told us elephants are normal sight in Thailand. If I have the chance to go Thailand again, I will make sure to ride one of these!

Welcome to Suan Lum Night Bazaar!

Seems like a haunted house to me.


Oh man, what have I been doing?T-T I didn't take enough pictures of Suan Lum! *Sigh..* I actually regretted a lot of things. I didn't really shop, and I didn't get to have a go on Thai massagings. My sis told me to try on the massage. She said I can choose a girl, a guy, or a gay as my masseur! However, I decided not to have a go, at the prospect of hearing the word gay. It totally turned my mood off! But then again, I should have tried T-T Who knows, I might not be able to go to Thailand ever again T-T

In the end, I just bought one thing. And it is a thing I will treasure forever :P

METAL GEAR SOLID 4!! YEAH!! I will make a review on this game in one of my future entries ;) One thing I'm sure as hell - this game will definitely rocks the s**t out of me! xp

After a chain of window shoppings, I became tired and too sleepy. So me, Gift, Nozomi (the Japanese guy), Tukta (the Lao girl), and another Lao girl whom I failed to remember her name (sorry!), decided to go back to the hotel earlier.

And then I sleep xp

I'll coninue on Day 3 tomorrow ;) I'll try to speed up, as Desmond and Edison are going to blog right after I finish my Thailand saga ;)

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