Saturday, September 20, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [Game Review]

Ah~ My first review entry. Desmond and Edison hasn't shown any signs of updating soon. Now, I can't just leave the blog like that! Fear not, my friends! For I, Nazrin, the 'N' part of DENcorp, shalt do the updates again!

I've promised I will make a review on the PS3 hit game, Metal Gear Solid 4. And so, I will do it today :D

Since its inception in 1998, the Metal Gear Solid series has always been well-received worldwide. The game implements several cinematic qualities, such as meticulously recreated Hollywood-like cut-scenes and top-notch sound design and voice acting. I've only started playing this game since Metal Gear Solid 2. And tell you what, it's addictive! Everything seems so flawless! Metal Gear Solid 4 uses the PS3 system. Now that is sure to be a hell lot of great improvements for a seemingly perfect game!

Ok ok, the review:

Gameplay - 10/10

You play as Solid Snake (or Old Snake, to be more accurate) in Metal Gear Solid 4. But with the Face-Camo ("Camo" comes from the word camouflage) feature in the game, you can change Snake's "face" into other popular characters in the Metal Gear Solid series, like Raiden, or even the younger version of Snake, as if you're playing with that character. There's also the Octo-Camo feature, where players can blend in with the environement, just like a chameleon.

The combat system has been greatly upgraded, featuring a more in depth Close Quarter Combat techniques, realistic shooting experience, and also a switchable first and third person shooter mode!

As like its predecessors, every single characters in the game are animated. Meaning to say, the enemy soldiers walk around, talk and joke around with their comrades, and show emotions; instead of just standing still waiting for you to approach them.

Then, there's the weapons. There are over 70 different weapons in the game! Most of them are customizable!

Graphics - 10/10

The graphics of this game is simply amazing. Though I didn't play this game at its maximum output on an HD TV, the graphics still rocks the living s**t out of me! Everything is just so realistic and detailed! The leaves, the grass, the rocks, the torn apart buildings, and even the tiny little debris floating in the air looks great! The characters facial expressions and body motion are incredibly realistic too!There doesn't seem to have any boundaries between the gameplay and the actual cutscenes, graphically!

Sound - 10/10

To be honest, it was the sound factor that makes Metal Gear Solid 4 so incredibly good. Everything about the sound matches the surroundings perfectly! The gunshots, the roaring of vehicle engines, the tiny bits of footsteps, everything!

Also, Every characters talk. There is no such thing as muted conversation in this game.

Story - 10/10

The story? Damn! It was like watching an action movie, instead of playing the game, when it comes to cut scenes! The storyline and its qualities are simply amazing. Sometimes, the cut-scenes stretches for so long, and even, at one point of the game, for an hour! It doesn't matter anyways. The plots, the mysteries, the actions, everything, is just so great, that the length didn't matter at all. The game is also filled with many humorous points, which will guarantee to at least crack a smirk on you :) I won't go on further. Don't want to spoil your story mah.

All and all, this game is sure to deliver the excitement it promises. It is worth my BND$80 :) (Phew!) I give a perfect 10/10 for this game.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
...I salute you.

Yea, I know. Boring entry xp Couldn't think of any interesting thing to talk about :p

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