Monday, July 28, 2008

Hang Out At Bandar + Coffee Bean Review

This is kinda like a very delayed post.

So roughly about 2 weeks ago, I went to Bandar with the SOAS Faithfuls.

First of all, you might have read all about how much "fun" we had in C.A. Mohamed from James' and Syam's blog. Well, actually none of us had any idea on where to eat, so a few of us suggested to go C.A. Mohamed hoping to find something cheaper.

Picture courtesy of James.

I ordered Nasi Briyani with lamb, but in the end, I became $6 poorer and they gave me a bunch of lamb bones instead of lamb chops. How unfortunate. I can't even finish the whole thing.

While we're still in the restaurant, James and Syam became camwhores! They took tons of pictures before, after and right when we were eating!

I have absolutely no idea what they're doing.

I think they even took photos of themselves.

Right after that, the boys went to the arcade. Thedoric, who brought his laptop along, parted ways with us as he preferred to go Coffee Bean to use some free wireless internet.

I never liked to go to the arcade. In my opinion, to go there is just a waste of time and money. I still go there but only sometimes!

So after staying at the arcade for only a short while, I can't stand it anymore but to go look for Thedoric at Coffee Bean.


It was all quiet at Coffee Bean that time. There were only 1 or 2 tables being occupied. Thedoric was there, playing with his laptop already. Immediately I joined his table, but I was surprised to see that he hasn't order anything yet!

That leaves me scratching my head all night on how did he persuade the coffee bean staffs to allow him to use the wireless internet.


Right after I sit next to him, he said, "Hey, let me buy you something to drink."

I didn't know what to say at first. Since he was so sincere to buy me a drink, I didn't stop him. Plus, I was also interested to see what kind of drinks I would be getting.

When he came with the drinks, my eyes almost popped out!


That is just so kind of Thed, he actually treated me to this B$5.90 Ice Blended Pure Chocolate. How generous of him. It feels like he owe me B$1,000,000 for me to get this kind of treatment.

So besides drinking, Thedoric was of course using his laptop.


Whereas I went on to read some fashion magazines.

Hey, that is a unisex magazine! P/S: I'm not gay.

It feels awesome. Reading magazines whilst drinking some ice blended pure chocolate at free of charge is just heavenly. Now I understand the good side of life.

It's been a long time since I had any drinks from Coffee Bean and the taste just feels great. So afterall, I still think Coffee Bean deserves to be one of the best coffee shop ever.


Which one do you prefer?

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