Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tasek Climbathon Guide - Part Two

Happenings of the Week:

You know you're in deep trouble when you got caught doing something which is 'not right'. If a guy is caught trying to have sex with a girl, it feels like crap. But if a guy is caught trying to make love to another GUY, that totally feels like shit. (Referring to a case which took place some days ago)

Ok, I'm now back and here comes the Part 2 of my 'Tasek Climbathon Guide'.


Everytime you go to Tasek, there's always a risk.

In this case, you might want to worry about wild animals that you'll most likely encounter.


Maybe not spiders.


The trees are especially the one to look out for, because you never know if the monkeys are hanging around the woods.

Yes, Tasek has been well known by many people to have a lots of monkeys. And you don't wanna mess with them, because the outcome would not be the thing that you'd be proud of.


So one day, as I was jogging around in Tasek, I saw 3 persons standing around in a corner looking at something. I was kinda curious at what they're looking at, so I made a move and decided to find out.

Apparently, someone left an unfinished cup of coconut juice near the trash bin and the monkey was trying to eat the coconut flesh which is also in the cup.

By then, the 3 persons who stood there earlier had moved on. I thought it must've been a rare sight, so I decided to take pictures of the monkey using my phone.


After taking only 2 pictures, the monkey got mad and tried to chase me! So what I did immediately was to run away as fast as I could!

The monkey then stopped chasing me. How lucky am I.

The situation.

Ok, now I've learnt my lesson. I should have known that monkeys do not like people staring at them, looking at them, taking pictures of them and that they are not camwhores.

But what if it becomes an auntie-staring-at-monkey situation?


Ok, I can't imagine monkeys chasing after an auntie.

Anyways, I'm supposed to be blogging about the second part of my so called "Tasek Climbathon Guide".

There's nothing new in this hill. I'll keep it short here because I'm sure many of you know the route over here.

All you need to you is to keep on going.


The only changes around this hill is that there's a newly built bridge somewhere in the middle, made by bamboos.


Really lots of bamboos over here.

Keep on going and you'll see signs giving you direction on where to go.

Whoever named this place must've got the idea from his/her car's tyres which has 'pancit-ed' while on the way to Tasek..

And maybe that's just all about it.


It took me 37 minutes to complete this 'second hill'.

So total it up, it took me 13 minutes + 37 minutes = 50 minutes altogether to complete the whole Tasek Cimbathon.

So now you know why I can't compete in the Tasek Climbathon.

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