Monday, April 14, 2008

The Most !*&%^$@# Guy I've Ever Seen

Short talk:

MD League Updates: Mia Zui FC was absolutely no match for Hanze as Hanze simply swept aside Mia Zui FC with a stunning 9-0 victory. Hanze is definitely in a league of its own. In my opinion, Hanze are now clear favourites to claim the MD League trophy. Despite the humiliating defeat, I not very disappointed with our team. Hanze is just too good.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have met the most stupidest worker I have ever seen in my whole entire life.

This morning, as I was having my Personal Study (PS) period, I had the sudden urge of buying a cup of Nescafe to boost my spirit in the morning.


So I went over to the canteen and asked the male worker if I can order a cup of Nescafe for take-away as they usually prepare the Nescafe in a mug to be drank in the canteen.

I actually wanted to enjoy my cup of Nescafe at the dining hall, but carrying the mug from the canteen all over to the dining hall would be very weird.


The whole conversation goes:

Me: Eh, Nescafe boleh 'tapau' kah?
Worker: Berapa? Satu? You mau 'tapo' kah? (for some reasons, he pronounce 'tapau' as 'tapo')
Me: Ya ya, satu..

The worker then went to fetch a plastic cup and began making the Nescafe in it.

I expected the worker to put ice on the cup, but instead, that idiot poured hot water without even adding any ice! How am I gonna hold the cup with my bare hands? It was damn hot as hell.


I can't even lift the plastic cup to the nearest table at the canteen, and heck, the whole cup was so damn full that everytime when I try to lift it up, the Nescafe would flow right out of the cup.

Man, the worker did nothing except wiping the coffee that flowed out from the cup away from the table.

I then felt pissed. I know I couldn't stand the worker anymore, so I, with 'all my might', lift the cup to the nearest sink, and pour off a quarter of the Nescafe into the sink until there is enough space to add some ice-cubes.


I then went to look for the worker again and ask him this time to add ice in it.


I left the place right away after that. Was very pissed off. I also overheard another auntie talking to him,

Auntie: Eh, itu cawan mana boleh tahan panas tu?
Idiot worker: Bukan, dia minta Nescafe yang panas untuk di 'tapo'.

That worker can just eat my shorts. I have never requested for a hot Nescafe. He should have at least know that it is not EASY to hold the plastic cup with hot water inside.


Seriously, if he were to get any great achievement awards from DENcorp, I would be more than happy enough to award him a trophy.


Today's really my bad day.

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