Wednesday, March 26, 2008


ZOOM! BROADBAND is a new internet service provider in Brunei. They are under At last! Someone will topple the monopoly of E-Speed! xD

ZOOM! BROADBAND uses 3.5G technology. It provides up to 3.6mbps! Not bad.

Earlier this morning, Lorenzo a.k.a James a.k.a Lee Seck Chun SMSed me about this new internet service provider. I immediately switched on my computer and went to bmobile to check it out.

Notice that it says FREE HIGH PERFORMANCE DELL MULTIMEDIA LAPTOP and FREE 3.5G BROADBAND MODEM! I was so thrilled at first! Who the hell in their right mind would give free laptops to people?! So I decided I would spend some time at The Mall later on to inquire more about it.

The place was held at CheezBox (ex Dome area). I was surprised to see that there weren’t many people there. I always thought Bruneians are greedy bastards. Whenever they hear a price drop of some products, they will immediately go buy them. In this case, the product is LAPTOP and its FREEEEEEEE!!!

I came there with a broad smile, thinking that I will now have better internet connection rather than the stupid junk I’m using now (Dial-up connection T-T). I returned home with this expression: -______________-!!

Here are the things I asked:

Me: Are you guys really giving out laptop? guy: Well, no actually, we’re loaning laptops. Meaning, you will have to purchase our laptop and modem when you decide to subscribe to our service.

Me: (Oh. -_-“ Why didn’t I think of that? How silly I am. I forgot there’s NOTHING free in this world)

Me: So, why is it written free here on the leaflet? (Finger pointing to the leaflet) guy: That…errmm…well…

Me: Never mind. Do I really have to buy your laptop when I subscribe? I mean, I already got one at home. Can I just buy the modem? guy: I’m sorry, sir. You really need to buy the laptop too.

Me: (Oh what the f**k)

Me: Anyways, tell me about the payment. guy: Oh, you can pay as low as $45 per month over an installment of 48 months. This payment includes the laptop, modem and the nylon case.

Me: Oh. So how do you charge the internet usage? guy: We will give you free 2GB usage per month (for 4 years). After you use up the 2GB span, then we will charge you $0.50 per MB.

Me: Do I need to have a line? guy: Yes, you must. You see, our modem requires you to insert your sim card into it. That’s how our modem functions.

Me: Oh how fast is the internet? guy: Very fast. Let me show you.

The guy clicks on youtube and stream a video game trailer. It went smoothly!! He didn’t even pause! He pressed PLAY straight away! But then again, this internet provider is still new. Not many people are using it at that time (maybe none too!) So there won’t be any network traffic congestion, therefore smooth speed.

Me: Oh ok then. Thanks!

So yea, it’s no different than E-Speed. Charging 50 cent per MB? Crazy! Let’s see, one song usually weighs 4MB, meaning I will have to pay $2 for a song!! I might as well buy one whole album for $4 at a nearby CD store! There are at least 12 songs in one album!

I used to have E-Speed last time. And I remember downloading tons of animes, movies, etc at around 120MB each. At least 3 episodes per week. If I am to subscribe to ZOOM! BROADBAND, I will have to pay at least a whooping $720 per month! At this point, I will have to categorize E-Speed as ‘cheap’. Yea, sad but true.

Ok let’s say I’m being conservative. Not gonna download songs, movies, games, everything. I use it to surf the net only. I still have to pay $720 per month…because I just can’t be conservative xD! Hahaha, actually I don’t know how to calculate if I use internet to browse through websites only xD.

Ok ok, logging in into friendster requires about 0.3MB. So if I log in into friendster once a day, seven times a week, 30 days a month, then I will have to pay ummm $4.50? I wasn’t expecting this value! Quite cheap!

Still, I don’t have a line. If I subscribe, then I will have to increase my expenses. Topping ups, yearly payments, this and that.

I don’t know man. I’m still pretty clueless about it. If only I don’t have to buy the freaking laptop, I might subscribe it.

Or maybe I will wait. Remember when was first introduced? Remember how scared DST Com was? Remember how they suddenly cut down charges (SMS used to be charged 10 cent each)? Remember how many times they send you messages, introducing a new promotion, ending the message with “stay with EASI”? Hopefully, E-Speed will get caught off guard with this ZOOM! BROADBAND. *grins hungrily*

So, expect a price reduction in E-Speed =D

Ps. Sorry for the lack of pictures

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I was told by the bmobile stuff that the limit is 2GB, but if we do access the limit the max we pay is 40dollars only, so its basically ard 90+ dollars,i am not sure which NOOB bmobile stuff explain to you all the wrong informations. but we do know if u bring it overseas!! it will be roaming charges already..that we need to pay ourself. well the stuff that explain to me at the mall is quite good. i am currently using Zoom at home, connections is better! thats for sure. after all i am only pay 45 if i dun exceed 2GB, that i can live with.
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