Monday, January 14, 2008

The SOAS Mosque

It was around last week when I was at Bandar with Nazrin in the early morning. We were there to play futsal at Harun's Gym later in the morning.

As we went there early, Nazrin had the idea of going to somewhere for breakfast. We then eat at a typical "Indian restaurant/cafe". We both ordered Teh C. Nazrin also ordered Roti Kosong for himself. I didn't eat as I didn't have the appetite that time.

As we eat, Nazrin claimed that the curry being served is too sweet. Their Teh C also tastes very sweet! This then led us to suspect the restaurant is using expired milk. Hmm..


It was barely 7am when we left the restaurant, so I suggested to give the SOAS Mosque a little visit as I've never been there. Halfway walking to the mosque, we started feeling something bad about our stomach. Darn.. It must've been the food from the restaurant..

So we quickly made our way to the SOAS Mosque, just to use their toilet, and to take a dump. But hey, at least I know I'm taking a dump at a cleaner place!


But no, taking a dump is not the first thing we did. We looked around the mosque, took some pictures before we found the toilet.

I wanted to go inside the mosque and have a look, but I was stopped by this sign.


So, to give the religion a little bit respect, I opted not to go in. Well, just like the signboard has stated, we can go in there when there is no religious activity taking place right? I also don't want to have an angry imam chasing me all around Bandar Seri Begawan! (Just joking)


I'm really impressed with the architecture of the mosque here. I mean, normally you wouldn't expect a building built more than 50 years ago to still look this nice right? But this mosque seems very well maintained. Hmm, that's very good I guess. I also found out that my mum has visited here roughly about 30 years ago!

The mosque is also undergoing renovation, so obviously there are foreign workers around. Some part of the mosque are also out-of-bounds to us due to renovation work.

I've always wondered what is inside this ship.

As me & Nazrin does not come to this mosque very often, we even have to ask one of the foreign workers the location of the toilet.

Two Bruneians asking a foreigner for location in Brunei = Fail.


Surprising, the toilet isn't very big. There are a lot of rooms for another 10 persons or more though, but surely, not more than 5 person can walk around the toilet. It'll be too crowded by then.


So that concludes my first ever real visit to SOAS Mosque. Renovation works will complete soon I guess..

I wonder if that will make any difference to the mosque.

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