Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monster vs. Ghost

Which do you fear most?

A monster whose favorite dish is ‘man’ chop;



A ghost that haunts mankind for a living?


I’ve recently watch The Eye 10 with Desmond at his place. Well, it wasn’t that scary, actually. It was just a bit disturbing. I’ve got a habit of being paranoid after watching ghost movies. What a wimp, no?

Remember the original The Eye? I think it was premiered sometime in 2000, was it? It was the scariest movie I’ve ever watch. I had to think twice whenever I ride an elevator…alone. But that was last time.

Desmond, however haven’t watch it, yet.

So we thought it would be a great idea to watch some scenes from the movie at youtube. I remembered the movie quite well. So I know when to get ready whenever the scary scene is about to show up. Turns out, the scary scene isn’t that scary anymore.

The ghosts weren’t that ghostly anymore too. They were more human-like to me…now. The Eye is definitely not the scariest movie I’ve ever watch anymore. Present day technology and superb movie effects played some part in this influence too. Compared to the horror movies today, The Eye is like the movie Borat. Even the not-so-scary The Eye 10 wins over the original scary-like-hell The Eye.

That’s why I can’t wait for the remake of The Eye to premier in cinemas this February.


Jessica Alba, my favourite female celebrity, in her role in The Eye.

Everyone here agree Asian horror is way more horror than Western horror, right? Hopefully this remake of The Eye will be worth watching.

Okay that’s the ghost’s part. Let’s move on to the monster’s part.


Man-eating monsters. Man-hunting monsters. Zombies, vampires, aliens, etc. Any kind of monsters. So long as they are not categorized under spiritual beings.


A stupid poster I found in the net -_-"

Between a ghost that do you no harm except to freak you out and a monster that only thinks about meat, I would prefer monster over ghost. At least, most monsters can’t think, as far as I know. Something that can think is very scary, except for humans, of course.

Oh, you can kill them monsters too. Unlike ghosts, if you shoot them, the bullets will just whistle pass through them without them actually getting hurt (according to movies). It would be weird to see a ghost clutching its stomach, and crawling on all fours, due to an injury sustained from a gunshot.

So if I’m trapped with a man-eating monster in a small room...I probably still won’t survive to tell the tale. But still, there’s a chance for me to ‘think’ of a strategy to survive. There you go the thinking theory again. From what I’ve heard, human survival instinct is very powerful and the adrenaline pumped, helps you to make good survival decisions. I must have been crazy to choose monsters over ghosts. Oh well.

You see, if a ghost appears right before you, you will most probably freak out and take a run to the opposite direction. Then, when you look back, the ghost is not chasing you anymore. Heck, it will most probably disappear! Then you stop running to catch your breath. When you look up, pee-ka-boo! The ghost is now right in front of you! The point is, they think! They let you run away so that you will get tired, only to appear right before you again. That’s the theory I got from most ghost movies. =.=


Oh, one more thing, I don’t believe in ghosts. Still I won’t risk finding evidence to their existence!

So what do you think? Monsters or ghosts?

Please drop some comments, if possible (tagging also can, but commenting is better)!

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