Monday, January 7, 2008

Wonders of Life

[EDITED as of 12/1/08]

Due to majority confusion, I decided to edit this post.
I’ll bold those that I’ve edited.
I'm sure those who haven't understand me yet, will still have problem understanding what I've edited. Please ask me, in the form of tagging or commenting, if you need any clarifications.

Have you ever wonder what’s the true purpose of our existence? Why do we exist in the first place? Why do we have to exist? Do you think there’s a grand entity controlling our lives? Those are damn good questions and I doubt anyone would have the answers. So I’ll leave this hanging.

There’s another question that has been bothering me.

Are we seeing the same thing as the others did? Try to dissolve the question first…

Let’s take the color red for example. There’s no real definition for red, except that it’s red. It’s just red. Is the ‘red’ really red in everyone’s eyes? Confusing?

(Well, if you know the definition of red or any other colors, please, you're more than welcome to clarify it in the tagboard or simply by giving a comment)

Let’s take the picture below as an example…


Look at the mouse. Look at the blue part of the mouse. Yes, so far it’s the normal blue you normally seen. This is what you see through your eyes.

Now look at this.


Okay, imagine you’re switching soul with somebody else. Could you be looking at that kind of world in the picture above? Where blue is actually yellow in this
“somebody’s” eyes? Do you get what I’m trying to say here?

p.s. Yes, I know it’s a negative image. Please be aware that this is just an example, to clarify my idea. This will also help you understand better as it’s in the form of picture.

Now that’s another mystery I doubt will be ever solved. Unless, of course, a soul switching machine is invented.


The concept here is not only about colors, it’s about what we see. What the others see. Are they seeing the same thing as what we see? Or could they be seeing a totally different world but doesn’t seem to be making much difference because everyone thought everyone is seeing the same thing?

Could this apply to hearing too? And how about voice? Could these answers lead to the much bigger picture, the truth to our existence?

p.s. This has nothing to do with color blindness or whatever disease crap. This is just a question whether we are truly experiencing the same world as everyone else…or not. I appreciate those who understand me.

Sorry for blabbering this nonsense. It might not make any sense to you. It’s worth thinking about it though. Makes you realize there’s more to life.


Oh just for the record, it is, of course, possible that everyone is seeing the same thing. And since no one has any proofs (if someone do, please tag or comment, as usual), it is also possible that we are not seeing the same thing. Please, be aware that I'm using the word 'possible' here.

Have a nice day!

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