Monday, November 19, 2007

What's The Score Again?

Today could be one of the last day I'm at school.

I went to school today because today, our class are supposed to return all the textbooks we borrowed for this year. As stated in the memo, we were to gather and return the books in another class in Block B, not in our class.

See, this is what I like about government schools. We don't buy our own textbooks individually, instead, the school lend it to us. From this, we can save up to $50.

Also, we only pay $30 each year as school fee. Well, only for Bruneians and PRs.

Our form teacher arrived when me, Tiah, Gary, Huzai and Ahmad were playing basketball. Such a bad timing.

We all then waited for our names to be called up, so we can arrange the books on chairs in the order of the subject.

Since me and Gary's name are one of the earliest to be called up, we quickly returned our books and went off to Harun's Gym as we have a futsal match later on.

Yeah, only the two of us. We left the rest in the class, and they then have to help teacher carry all the books into the store room. Hahaaha! What a cunning plan.

Imagine them carrying the thick thick books like the Biology, Malay or Add Maths textbook? Me and Gary escaped that man.. But in the end, we were left waiting at Harun's Gym for nearly an hour. -_-"

So, to the futsal match now.. Ukatrats FC have not faced M5Sc2 for a long time.

The last time we played M5Sc2, we played in big fields, not futsal court, and we won 10-2.

I played only a very small part in today's game because I was in the gym working out for most of the time. So when I eventually played, I didn't play well. I can't relax myself and I think I played very roughly that I think someone from the opposition was pissed off at me. Wanna be a tough-tackling player also cannot.

Although we had a lot of missed chances, everyone in our team was playing in their top form.

Our best player of the day bagged more than a hat-trick. This explains why we're winning 17-12. Yeah, that's our score today. (kanasai)

We conceded a lot, 12 goals. All by careless mistakes. I think we would've conceded less if we played well defensively.

Anyways, after the game, someone opted to use the lift down instead of using the stairs. As I was so tired that time, I also gave in to use the lift.

And look at the lift. Andy called it the "elevator of hell".

Look at the floor of the lift! There's piss in it! Somebody pissed on the elevator! And you have no idea how disgusting the situation was.

The lift makes an ordinary and straight person wanna cry out like a sissy little girl. Maybe even a muscle-packed guy from Harun's Gym would do that.

Yeah, we all took a very deep breath while inside the elevator. A very deep breath. From the 5th floor to the Ground floor dammit!

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