Friday, November 2, 2007

MV Doulos's last day in Brunei

Since today is the last day MV Doulos will be opened to the Bruneian public, so why not go?

The ship welcomes us with open arms.

Muara Port has got to be the place in Brunei where there are so many bicycles.

Like seriously, you don't get to see so many bicycles parked together right?

Anyways, if you didn't know how the stairs ascending to the vessel looks like, it looks like this.

Yeah, people wearing high heels would have a hard time climbing this stair.

Also, wearing a pair of clogs while climbing the stairs would be difficult too.

These clogs are being displayed inside the ship.

There are other different sizes for these clogs too, so that anyone would be able to fit on them. For instance, this kid below.

Tonight, the ship seems a little bit different than the previous time I've been here.

The 1st floor of the ship now are divided into different sections.

You can get free handpainting in one corner..

And you can dress-up in any attire you want in another corner..

Surprisingly, the dress-up corner has more people and seems to have attracted a lot of attention from people.

This is the perfect place for photo opportunities on the ship.

People on the vessel here try on any attire they can find in this corner.

As usual, the books are messier and messier than before.

People who came, and looked at the books (which they don't buy, eventually) would just throw the books back on the display table. I mean, who would care putting it back onto the same position as it was?

I now saw something I didn't see last time.

I just realised they also sell erasers - smiley-erasers for $1 each. It's $1 OKAY..

$1 for a freaking small eraser!

There's gotta be some mistake with the price tag, or maybe not.

Seeing the price tag on that small eraser, I don't think the information counter would be busy dealing with customers, ever.

I have to say, the mini football seems like it would never be sold out. There's just so many of it. I wonder why they keep so much stock of the mini football.

They'd rather rename this international book fair to international ball fair! LoL, just joking.

I think there are more children's book on the ship. They even got coloring book, sticker book, children's story book and they also sell crayons.

I love dinorsaurs.

The pillars inside the ship are extraordinary. Coiled with a big rope, it makes me feel like I'm inside a ship during the mid-17th century.

Much to my disappointment, most of the ship's souvenirs and merchandises have been sold out.

Well, not most. Only the key-chains have been sold out.

The cap is almost sold out too, with only a few remaining.

So you can see, the ship's still making money on the last day. In fact, quite a lot.

Other than paying out money for buying books, the people here also donates. As this ship is owned by a charitable company, you should expect donations on board right?

Wow, I saw a $5 note!

The toilets are although small, but there's quite a lot of it.

It's a good thing, so that if more than one person needs to take a dump, there's still a room for them.

I wonder, if someone takes a dump on the ship, where does the "poop" goes to? Please don't tell me it got flushed right away to the deep blue sea once someone pulls the flush?

The toilet teaches you how to sit properly when taking a dump.

Meanwhile, I also saw some girls (should be Filipinos), getting so hooked up to a Spanish crew. They seem so obsessed with that guy that they even took pictures with him.

They even talk about where they came from and blah blah blah.

Anyways, there's also quite a lot of safety boat on board. Each and every of the safety boats seemed so heavy and so tightly locked up. i wonder how would they respond quickly to release the safety boat if something occurs? *touchwood*


This marks the end of MV Doulos's journey to Brunei. I heard they won't be coming back again. Don't ask my why, just ask the sponsors instead.

And don't forget the sponsors of the ship coming to Brunei are....


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