Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting Onto MV Doulos

It's a really busy day today.

After tuition today, I went to Muara Port just to have a look at what the oldest active ship in the world, MV Doulos got to show.

At first, I thought the port will look something quiet and calm like this.

But no! Without even really reaching inside the port, there were already so many people queuing outside the gate!

Like what the hell! It seems like a whole bunch of immigrants trying to flee from a country as if there were terrorists or corruption going on..

Many people ignored the "no photo taking" sign, especially me. But I don't think this rule applies on the ship.

When I've passed the gate, there were lots of people rushing into the bus as the bus can take them directly to the Cruise Centre, but I didn't board the bus as there were too many people and I'd rather walk instead.

And this is the ship.. Not a very big fleet though, and it looks very old.. I have no idea what does GBA stands for.. My first impression of GBA was "Game Boy Advance"?

The queue to board the ship was really really long. The queue today can be compared to the queue in Istana during Hari Raya.

As usual, I hate all the squeezing and queuing, instead I'd rather cut through the line, which I didn't do so.

Also to entertain the kids, there was a mascot, disguising as the captain..

But in this type of queue, I don't think any kids there would be any happier.

Some kids were already asleep while their parents carried them on their backs.

I bet these people must have been laughing out their asses watching us like queuing for years.

The crew today looked really really busy.

The crew were walking in every direction, in and out of the ship, some making a phone call, some yelling for orders and some to manage the queue.

And then I saw some uncles and aunties climbing up the stairs near us.

I thought: "Oh finally, we're boarding the ship already?"

No, not yet!

This stair is only for some so called "card-holders".. These so called "card holders" can just enter the ship without even having to queue, squeeze and wait. I've seen dozens of these "card holders" walking past us, whereas we're all suffering so badly in need of fresh air.

Nearly around 5.30 pm, the weather starts to turn bad. I felt droplets of rain dropping from the sky slowly.

Because of this, the queue had to be cutten short to prevent people in the queue from getting soaked wet in the rain and also to prevent the overflowing of passengers boarding the ship.

Although these people were being separated from our queue, there were entertained by a juggler, who is juggling 2 balls using only one of his hand.

An auntie standing beside me said, "Aiya so easy.. I also know how to do it lah.."

Finally, as the rain starts to fall really heavy, I managed to get onto the ship, feeling very much like a bird getting free from a cage. This is where I can really breath fresh air.

A Japanese woman in her mid-30s was the first person I saw inside the ship. And on the other side, I saw another Korean woman, who was very friendly, welcoming us to the ship speaking in Korean which I doubted the uncles and aunties would understand.

The Korean lady also showed us the way to the book fair which is on the upper floor.

This place feels slightly hotter than anywhere else in the ship. No air-conds and fans, but many people instead.

Here, all the prices are tagged in units instead of currency, which is very sensible, so when they sails to another country, they don't have to tear off all the price tags on the books and replace it with the currency of that particular country right? Err, is it? I'm not sure either..

Other than books, the ship also sells mini football priced at B$2.

I also heard an auntie there saying, "Wah, so cheap man these balls! $2 ONLY!" The word "ONLY" doesn't make me feel an better. I felt annoyed instead.

The ship has less fictional books as far as I now.

There is a dictionary which costs 100 Units ($4) which is considered very cheap for a dictionary.

The ship also has its own merchandises for sale, such as key-chains, pens, post-cards, color pencils and so on.

Cashiers were busier than anyone on the ship.

I then got out of the ship and returned to the Cruise Centre when it's almost 6.15pm.

Because of the rain, people were told to queue inside the Cruise Centre instead.

At this time, there were still a lot of people queuing.

I can finally laugh at people who were still queuing but I was too tired.

After getting down the ship, I felt dizzy, not because of sea-sick but because of the crowd.

Throughout the day, I only bought myself a key-chain as a souvenir.

What a cheapskate..

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