Thursday, August 2, 2007

BSP Career Exhibition 2007

We had a lucky draw event this morning at the auditorium. Only people who have donated more than B$50.00 for the Larian Usaha several months ago were entitled to the lucky draw.

People who have donated less than B$50.00, even by the slightest 10 cent were not eligible for the lucky draw and had to sit down and watch others as they received their prizes on stage.

People who have not handed-in their Larian Usaha donation card were called out by an extremely furious Cikgu Mat Zain to stay behind after the event.

The prizes were mainly electronics, electronics as in home appliances.

Tiah won a AKIRA Rice Cooker for donating B$72.00 whereas Azmi won a AKIRA toaster for donating in an undisclosed amount. Right after they won the prize, we all started to tease them with jokes related to rice and bread, such as, "Wah! Someone can cook rice oledi ahhh!" and also "Wah! Let's go Azmi's house tonight! Can eat rrrrrroti at his house orrrredy!"

Right, after the lucky draw event, we went back to class for a free 2-periods time doing whatever we want. When it's 9am, we went to the parking lot at the back of the school to wait for the bus to pick us to our scheduled visit to the Centrepoint Hotel.

At the same time, we also have students from other classes there waiting for their buses as the were preparing their visit to the ICC. Different destination, different bus.

However, students who were expected to visit the ICC this morning have to abandon their visit as there was something wrong with the bus company.

They were of course pissed off by this incident. Heck, they waited for more than an hour for the bus and the bus didn't come in the end. So hor lan one..

Luckily for us science-streamers, our visit was still going on, but the bus did not come so early.

While waiting for the bus, me and some of my friends played around, trying to pick pockets without being detected. Most of us failed! Low grade thieves.. (Of course we were just playing around.. :p)

After waiting for more than one-hour and fifteen minutes, the bus finally arrived. And to our delight, it's as big as a tour bus. At this stage, we were too tired to complain how late the bus came.

Luckily we M5Sc1 students were still able to squeeze with students from M5Sc2.

Our destination was the Centrepoint Hotel, a short trip from our school. The BSP career exhibition was held at Floor 7, Goldstone Ballroom.

From this trip, I actually learnt that BSP was really in need of local talent and are desperately looking to recruit new staffs. Me and some of my friends were given a briefing about the history, milestones, achievements and career opportunities of the BLNG.

Some of the career which really took my interest was aviation. Flying is one my my ambitions, but here, we're talking about flying a helicopter. Before I can realize my dreams, I have to achieve good results in Maths and Physics. Also, I wore glasses, but only 75 degrees!

While we were being briefed by one of the chemical engineers there, we were also told that they really find the job enjoyable and that they travel from Brunei to Seria to work everyday in a 1-hour ride without complaining or anything.

What's more, BSP provides job with high-salaries.

Most people were only interested in high salaries. I, of course, is no exception.

When the time reached 12.15pm, we then returned to school. Some of us managed to buy foods and drinks from Jollibee before we left. Especially Tiah, who bought Cheesy Fries which ended up being eaten by most of my classmates. I wanted to buy something too, but I was too late to do so.

So far, from the BSP Career Exhibition trip this morning, I received a huge plastic bag plus a few brochures.

At the same time, I also received a cool red notepad. Seems very familiar?

The notepad really reminds me of the Pokedex.

The End~

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