Tuesday, July 3, 2007

STPRI's Golden Jubilee

I figured I have not been blogging in such a while. You all know lah.. I got Monthly Test.. I don't want to keep my visitors away.. So, please let me present you an update of my little visit to STPRI two nights ago!

There was a bazaar or some kind of 'pasar malam' held in STPRI in conjunction with STPRI's 50th Anniversary Celebration (Golden Jubilee).

Huzai wanted me to accompany him because he thinks it would be awkward if he just went with his dad and brothers. I would go, but only if Tiah go. So immediately he contacted Tiah, and eventually Tiah agreed. So it means, I'll go too!

My mom hesitated to let me go as she knew I have POA Test the following day. She even said, "Go STPRI for what?? See chabo ahhh???" But upon Tiah's arrival at my house, my mother finally let me go..

Huzai wanted to pick me and Tiah from my house at first.. We were supposed to go there at 6.30pm.. But only at 7.20pm, Huzai told us that he couldn't pick us both and thus we had to go by ourselves! Ahhh so frustrated!

We decided to walk to STPRI from SOAS.. Since the 2 schools are so near anyway..

Although there were night classes at SOAS that time, the school was all so quiet.. No signs of people around except people from some of the classrooms which were occupied by adults from different courses..

We planned to walk through the gate at the back of the school a.k.a backdoor. But you know what????

The gate was damn bloody SOB KNN CCB LOCKED!!!

Wahlao eh.. We don't feel like walking out of SOAS and make another huge turn around the school just to get to STPRI.. Why did we stop at SOAS in the first place!!! Argghhh Goddammit!

So how leh? We climbed over the gate!

These are the clearest pictures I can show.. It was so dark that time..

NOTE: I took these pictures of Tiah climbing over the gate after I, myself had successfully climbed over it.

We both struggled to climb, but we got no choice! Had to get over!

The climbing part was the most easiest, but the hardest part was to get ourselves over the fence. We always have to be aware our shirts or pants does not get stucked to the spikes of the fence. One single mistake by us could produce a serious injury to either of us.

The landing part was the most painful part of the whole process. I landed on my feet with a BANG! Wow.. The blood rushed up my body so quick that I can actually feel the heat.

Arghh... You can tell the difficulty we've had by looking at Tiah's face here..

For climbing over the fence, Tiah got green stains on his pants. Ohh.. Poor little Tiah.. No more fashion boy~ Haha.. just kidding..

Although we had difficulty climbing the fence, we felt this "incident" might also be useful.. We gained some experience ya know!!

Maybe we'll resort to climbing fences with barbed wires next time??? You have no idea.. =p

Barbed wires

So we then met up with Huzai at STPRI.. He got oh so bombarded by me and Tiah for being "hor lan".. Haha..

There were so many cars parked in the all-female school's parking lot. Several banners and decorations were put on for the Golden Jubilee Celebration. The whole place was soo 'lau jiat'..

There were food stalls and other vendors selling books too.

Huzai wanted to tour around the school, so me and Tiah agreed as we all have never really visited the school in such a way that will satisfy us.

The school was quite big.. The school even got a nice field.. Not exactly a field, but a huge piece of grassland.

As far as I know, there were blockades to the school's classroom that time.

Blockades here..

Blockades there...


Shortly, Huzai went back home.. Go home so early! Can't enjoy the fun with us liaw lar! Regret ah later!

And so me and Tiah went to see what the STPRI-ans has got on their stage..

I had to say, the stage was one of the best decorated stage a school can have.. I didn't know if the stage is being built for temporary use but I remember there were marble steps around the stage.. So couldn't be temporary right??

There were girls dancing and singing.. An all girls show!! For free again leh!!

Well, the people who performed sang and danced quite nice.. I was impressed.. Oiseh! Hahaha..

Me and Tiah sat far behind to enjoy the show on stage, while eating the Chicken Burger we have bought earlier..

Behind us were 2 big bouncers with kids playing so enthusiastically..

I don't know if the bouncers were free or not..

But it surely reminds me of the glorious memories I've had when I played bouncer as a kid!

It would be awkward to see 2 teenage boys playing in the bouncers, so better don't play lar.. Haha!


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