Saturday, July 7, 2007

"Class of 64" Library Officially Opened

Anxious about His Majesty's visit, I went to school earlier today. When I reached school, I saw some huge vehicles parked at the parking lot at the back of the school.

I don't know what's the use of the huge bus pictured below here, but I only know it's such a huge Volvo.

As early as 6.45am, there were already people from the ministry at our school.

As expected, there were red carpets, still covered with plastic, on the floor.

This could be one of the longest red carpet I've seen.

The red carpet extends from our auditorium, right all the way to the school's due-to-be-opened library and the meeting room in the school's science department.

Everyone in the school were very cautious not to step on the red carpet, even before the plastic covers were removed. We even have to jump over the red carpet just to get across.

It's also notable that the school's renovation works these few days has been very impressive.

Painters were also hired to paint parts of the school.

We had our MIB test this morning at 7.50am. The MIB test were brought forward as we would be involved in the line-ups later during the day.

After the test, there were a lot of high ranking officials at the school already. The plastic covers of the red carpet has been removed. Some of us stood by the balcony of our class, and then, Cikgu Pg. Alias signalled us to go down and do some "work". I thought we might be given some very tough job or maybe get involved with the officials there.

But turns out, we were told by the teacher pick up stones which can be seen at the grassy area near the library and dispose it at somewhere behind the library.

Gah... "These aren't my job!", I thought.

So we all just pick like about 3 or 4 stones, dispose it, and fled!

I then went to the toilet to wash my dirtied hands.

When I returned, there were 2 Pehins standing outside the library. I was alone that time. The 2 honourable Pehins looked at my school badge and asked me,

The Honourable Pehin: "How much does your school badge cost?"
Me: "$2 I think,"
The Honourable Pehin: "Oh, do you know where to buy the school badge?"
Me: "Erm.. It can be bought from the school's coooperative store"
The Honourable Pehin: "So can you help us buy the school badge?"
Me: "Yeah, ok sure"
The Honourable Pehin: "Right, can you help me buy 5 of it?"
Me: "Yeah sure!"

One of the Pehin then took out his wallet and handed me a $10 note and immediately I ran all the way to the school's store.

The 2 Pehins also told me that they were ex-students of SOAS.

I actually didn't know they were Pehins at first, until one of my friends told me.

It seems that most of the ministers and Pehins who also went to our school this morning were ex-students of SOAS.

When I reached the school's store, I was told that the badge were out of stock.

I was so so so disappointed. VERY disappointed..

I then returned the $10 note back to the Pehin and told him the badge is out of stock. I then offered to give him my school badge but he refuses, of course.

I also noticed that the shirt they were wearing was actually the school uniform and ties of SOAS, excluding the coat that he was wearing.

So before His Majesty arrives, we all prepared and lined-up for his arrival.

We waited for about 20-30 minutes.

When His Majesty arrived, His Majesty walked on the red carpet and went to the school's library first to officially open it.

The library is now officially open to all students of SOAS. Hurray!

His Majesty also officially opened our newly renovated padang arena.

DENcorp's Tip of the Day:

Try to catch RTB News tonight at 8pm or 10pm for more information about His Majesty's visit to SOAS.


Buy a copy of Borneo Bulletin or Media Permata tomorrow!

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