Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Welcome, Victorians!

Today, our school finally have the chance to welcome the students coming all the way from Victoria School, Singapore.

Assembly today was held in the auditorium, and thus people taking Additional Maths. June Papers were forced to move into other classrooms for the exam.

The Victoria School students received a very very warm welcome, along with the beatings of the 'hadrah'.

The situation just now was very enthusiastic. The SOAS students were clapping non-stop whenever a speaker puts a full-stop to his speech.

Their principal, teachers and 2 of their students sat on chairs provided on the stage alongside our school's principal and deputy principal. The other 8 students from Victoria School were then given a special place to line-up.

Some of my friends commented the Victoria students have very nice school uniforms whereas some of my friends said their trousers would turn black immediately once they sit on the floor of our auditorium which they did.

The emcee today was Wei Chong. Before the start of the assembly, the national anthem, school song and a prayer was read.

The exchange of souvenirs between the 2 schools then proceeded.

(From left to right: our deputy principal, victoria student, Cikgu Hjh. Amalina, our principal Cikgu Pengiran Zahari, Victoria School's principal Low Eng Teong, victoria student)

After all that, a photo session took place between all the prefects of SOAS, Victoria School's principal, teachers and students and also our principal and deputies.

School today was a happy day until Maths period.

Our classroom is very far from the staffroom, so our teacher wanted us to meet her at a classroom nearer to the staffroom. Reason for this being she is pregnant, sick and can't manage to walk so far.

Maths period was after break, so just before the bell rang, James had already gone to look for our 'new' classroom. He said he would send me a SMS to tell me which classroom we'll be using.

I received his message and he told me to go C1. Ok, so I stayed in the class a little longer just to take out my Maths exercise books, and also clean the whiteboard.

By that time, most of the class had already set off to the new class. Me, Gary and Tiah were still in our class, preparing our stuffs.

So we set off. The walk from Pra-U Block to Block C took such a long time. Descending the stairs from Pra-U Block would have taken 2 minutes at least. Then walking to Block C would take about 1 minute. Apparently, classroom 'C1' is at the very very end of Block C, so it means we 3 have to waste another 1 minute. By the time we've reached C1, there were no M5Sc1 students inside.

I felt lost and we 3 were left wandering around the school, just to look for one freaking class.

Just then, i realised there was 2 unread messages in my phone. Both messages are the same thing but sent at different times.

I read the message. This is what the screen shows.

I was given wrong info! And as I lift my head, I saw James at the 1st floor balcony of Block C. He was just outside of C15, waving to us to come over. Wasting no time, me, Tiah and Gary rushed to C15.

We were late by 15 minutes. Not exactly 15 minutes yet, but close. We got inside the classroom and got so bombarded by the teacher for being late. The teacher was so fucking angry and she decided to call off the lesson. She said, "You guys wasted 15 minutes. This is only a 30 minutes period! Now we got 15 minutes left and what do you think we can still do? You see, I found out you guys have changed your attitude. Are you guys too tired of finding the classrooms? If so please tell me, then I would have to walk to your classroom everyday. You guys should've set off with the class together" I was so so soo pissed off. I was cleaning the whiteboard when the class left, and it doesn't seem like they would wait for me.

Her tone was very very annoying with her stupid fucking gestures. I really hate her now. Just because she's sick and pregnant doesn't mean she can treat each of us like your pet. Even some of the teachers in SOAS dislike her behaviour, yet she's very ignorant sometimes. Acting so cool. I bet she must've seen to many movies and got oh so inspired by the cool characters. It was like hell. I don't fancy that, thank you. I don't even care if she reads my blogs now. If she do reads, then you're very WELCOME!

For being late today, I'm so sorry. But what disappoints me the most was that I didn't have the chance to explain myself. This made me very furious and yet changed my mood for the whole day. The teacher asked only Gary for reasons being late. Gary explained that he went to the canteen and there was a long queue. (Note: Gary brought his food from the canteen and ate inside the classroom)

Just look at the time difference between the 2 messages sent. 10.33am for the 1st and 10.39am for the 2nd. James found the class and waited until 6 minutes later to tell us?

Maths was over, and there's English period to come.

Mrs. Geetha was also angry because most of us had written too many words in our English June Paper 1. I agreed with Mrs. Geetha.

"..this certainly broke my heart. How many times have I told you guys not to write too many words? You see, if you write too much words, you tend to make mistakes.."

Ok, a stressful day. End of story. I feel much better now though.

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