Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tummy-ache chronicles

After all these days, no one of the administration nor the school's principal has responded to our proposal of forming the Film Studies Club and so, everyone in the club assumed that we had been given the green light to produce our very own movie.

So Andy sent me a sms a few days ago and told me to meet him at school.

We were supposed to turn up by 10am, but then this morning, I was awoken by Nazrin's sms saying he's already at school.

It's 9am that time! Argghhh!

Because I couldn't sleep anymore after reading the message, I quickly changed and went to school immediately.

The school was all so quiet this morning. I expect extra classes to be conduct by at least 1 or 2 other classes but no! Every classroom was empty! Or was it not? I can't remember..

A little bit of construction work at school. Some Indonesian workers (I presume) were seen tearing out windows from classes in Block B.

Ok, let's skip the construction part. So, we waited for more "actors" and "crews" to arrive before we proceed to make our so called 'movie' or let's just say, 'a short film'.

I'm sorry but I can't tell you what kind of clips or 'movie' we are going to make.

This picture below is the most I can show you.

And also this video.

Noon arrives. Everyone became hungry. Someone came up with a great idea of walking to Kiulap for lunch. Err.. I think it was me, but then in the end, we went to Bandar to have our lunch.

So we chose to go Ideal for our lunch.

After Ideal, me and Tiah went to Yayasan Shopping Complex. Tiah wanted to buy a pants, so I waited for him. I then saw this noticeboard.

Anyone up for the Tekken tournament at UNI Arcade?

So after reading the noticeboard, me and Tiah went to Arcade for some fun.

Before we convert our precious hard-earned cash into UNI Arcade tokens, we walked around the arcade to erm.. 'look-look'.

Yeah, so we went inside and 'look-look' until I saw this machine 'Time Crisis 4' with credits of 4/2 in it.

Know what it means?

It means somebody has put 4 tokens in it and maybe abandoned the game then walk away or let's just say, that guy forgot to play the game!

What a waste it is if that guy abandoned the game, and how careless that guy is if he had forgotten to play.

Each game costs you 2 tokens so it also tells us that we can resume the game directly after the game's over.

So after playing 2 rounds of free gun-shooting games, we proceeded to the karaoke box.

There were quite a lot of people singing today. I mean, it's a lot for the Yayasan Branch. And I noticed one guy singing alone in a particular karaoke box. His singing was err.. so powerful that I wanted to walk away so quickly.

So me and Tiah chose a vacant karaoke box and tested the microphones. Everything was fine, so we sat down on the stools provided.

Tiah then glanced around and saw a B$1 dollar note on the floor.

Oh hey! How lucky we are today!

Ever heard the old people say, 'If you are lucky, then no force in the world can stop you?'

Ahh lame~

Anyways, I've been having stomachaches lately. You have no idea how many times I've visited the toilet.


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