Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Second day visit of Victorians

Today is the second-day visit of the Victorians to SOAS.

And we were once again called into the auditorium.

There seemed to have some cultural exchange program between our school and the visiting school.

Our school principal and the Victoria School principal was there, but not the Victoria students.

Bamboo mats were placed on the floor, filling the auditorium with a little Malay-ish ambience.

Refreshments were also provided. Different types of kueh and teas were available. I didn't get to eat though. By the time I've left the auditorium, the food were still sealed with plastic wrappings.

But I managed to taste ambuyat for the very very first time. One comment, doesn't suit my taste loh.. The texture is almost like glue. Very sticky, yet somehow slippery and wet. I ate it once and never wanted try it again. =p

Well, interesting part of the day comes when both principals approached a boy from SOAS who's playing the piano. Our principal asked the boy to play a song and he started singing. Well, he didn't sing on stage. Just singing beside the pianist, with the microphone.

Our principal also asked the boy to play another song for the principal of Victoria School to sing. If I'm not mistaken, he chose to sing one of the Beatles songs.

He only sang a few verses, not much. But we're still happy with it though.

Of course, we then gave him a huge clap.

Right, after both principals have left the place to take a stroll around the school, the pianist began to play a song and sang to himself, with the microphone! The situation was weird. The guy seems so lonely and he's singing to himself??

Just then, Mr. Nik Clark arrived at the scene and told the boy to stop playing and singing. It was kinda embarassing ya know! Imagine a guy who was singing halfly and then told to stop. It was like in front of so many people again. Not too many people, but in front of us. My other friends very laughing at this guy non-stop.

So that guy went off, and seems to be sad or something. Andy then took the chance and climbed onto the seat of the piano.

He then played a song! And it's much much better than the guy earlier!

So after that, I went out of the auditorium to see what the Victoria students are doing. I predicted they might be playing a game of basketball with some people from SOAS. And guess what? I'm right!

Apparently, the Victoria students seemed to be very young. In my opinion, I think they looked as young as how a normal Form 2 boy would look like. And they're like playing against our school's basketball team? Well, it's not SOAS vs Victoria anyway. All players are mixed together in a team. So it's like a friendly match.

I was watching the match, until the principals arrived.

Both principals took attempts to shoot the ball. The Victoria School's principal shot in a ball. Our principal got an air ball.

Then, on the multi-purpose court, I saw another group of Victoria students playing futsal with our boys.

It's not a very interesting match though. I've expected something more interesting.

Onlookers were all very very enthusiastic.

Our principal and the Victoria School's principal have a much more closer relation now. They even joked around, saying silly things.

At once, during the basketball match just now, I heard a little conversation between the principals.

SOAS Principal: "Yeah, over here is the coach of our basketball team,"
Victoria School Principal: "Oh, so you're the coach? Dr. Abu? You can slam dunk??"
Dr. Abu: "Nah, hahahaha,"
SOAS Principal: "Actually we got one more ball, but it's lost."
*he then points to our deputy principal's fat stomach*
SOAS Principal: "He swallowed it."

What the hell? Hahaha..

Anyways, during the last 2 periods, we were again called into the auditorium for the BGIC presentation.

There, we were given a little introduction to the forming of United Nations, Model United Nations and then the Borneo Global Issues Conference.

We were also presented with some video clips.

The principal of Victoria School watching the video. Lol..

That's all for today..

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