Thursday, June 14, 2007

Limbang Trip

So did you travel to anywhere for your holiday?

I travelled to Limbang with my family and my cousin yesterday!

Well, it's not like um.. for shopping or have fun, it's just that my dad has to make new passport and we have to accompany.

I woke up as early as 5.45am to get all-prepared for the trip. You know, to avoid the long queues.. So we reached the border to have our passport 'chopped' around 6.30 and there were no cars at all! No queues!

Along the way to the town of Limbang, we get to see a lot of things. Wooden houses. Forests. Buffalos grazing the field and so on.

The forest and vegetation there is truly a wonder and you have no idea how thick the mist was in the morning.

I played and listened to my phone's MP3 just to keep myself awake and entertained.

Ahhh~ As we've reached the town of Limbang, our first stop was the currency-changing center.

The most common-types of transport here are motorbikes, scooters and Proton cars.

The whole morning was spent on having our breakfast, making my dad's passport, him taking passport photos, and erm.. some more which I've forgot.

So as lunch time approached, we went to this place called 'Mei Xin Coffee Shop' after huge recommendation from my Limbang cousins a few months back.

So we went in and chose a place to sit.

I sat down and began to browse through their menu.

And too my utmost surprise, I saw this.

What's "mee besi"?

Arggh who cares lah.. It's not like I'm not going to eat any of those. So I quickly ordered "char-siew fan".


After lunch, we then decided it's time to err.. walk-walk in the plaza.

Yeah, I know there won't be much to see or buy in the Limbang Plaza except for the magazines.

In the end, I bought a new magazine, new t-shirt, new pants and new belt. And now I still can't erase the grin on my face. Hahaha.. Apakan~

Then we left the plaza and went to this 'duty-free' place.

The name seems cool and interesting but I didn't even know what does the shop sells.

So as I went in, my mouth was left open wide~ *exaggerate*

It's a place where you can buy liquor!

I didn't know Limbang have such place! So sakai!

In an instant, the place became my favourite shop in the whole Limbang.

The wine and beers all look so delicious eventhough I'm not a drinker.

There were Absolut Vodkas..

..Banrock Stations..

.. and err.. Penfolds? Never heard of it before~

Surely, it is a place where you can buy a huge bottle of champagne as a gift or whatever you like.

They have almost every kind of liquor. Except Shandy.

And so after helping my uncle buy a half-box of Corona Extra, we left the place.

It's 3pm by then and so we went to this "Limbang Rojak" place.

So what's the best food they've got here?

Of course it's Rojak! Hahaha lame..

Yea, I shared a plate of rojak with my dad but then it was not enough for me, so my dad ordered another plate consisting of only cuttlefishes and tofus. No pineapple and cucumber!

I then became so tired after having not enough sleep the previous night.

Yesterday was so so busy that I did not even have the time to blog.

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