Saturday, May 5, 2007

Who the hell cares about MIB??

I went to the mall with Tiah last night..

One of the reasons I went to the mall last night was to photocopy a chapter (Manufacturing Account) from the 'Third Edition POA Textbook' which our 'Fourth Edition POA Textbook' don't have..

By the way, I was also helping 9 of my classmates to photocopy the chapter despite being the first to borrow the book home..

It wasn't easy to find a shop at the mall which provides photocopy services.. But luckily I found one at the 2nd floor but I forgot the shop's name..

Me: Erm.. Can you help me copy this whole chapter, Chapter 30: Manufacturing Account?
Saleslady: Yeah, okay..
Me: Right, so can you please help me copy 9 sets of the chapter?
Salesgirl: Har? How many sets?
Me: 9 sets..
*Salesgirl starting to get pissed off*

I has still yet to claim money from my classmates who haven't pay..

Also last night, I've watched Spider-man 3.. Hooray!

For me, the movie was great.. It talks about love, friendship, choices and will power..

The 7pm and 7.30pm show was full so me and Tiah had no choice but to wait for the 9.30pm show.. We even sat separately as the theater was almost fully occupied..

The premiere ticket costs $7.50 which is quite expensive but after watching the movie, I think the price is kind of worth it.. I know there have been a lot of criticisms about the movie but who cares? As long as the movie is nice, I'll watch it..

Right, let's talk about what happened at school today..

My friend Wafi brought a huge plastic bag with a lot of 'keropoks' to school..

During recess time, he then opens the bag and intends to sell us $1 each.. Sheeesh.. I did not buy though, 'cause I don't feel like spending money for the day..

Other than that, James and Gary also had fun..

The worst part of the day comes when it was M.I.B. period..

There was a classwork assigned to us last week which we have to hand-in this week but apparently, more than half of us didn't even try to put in some effort to complete the work so the teacher had no choice but to punish us..

We were then told to get out of the class.. At this stage, we were all still kept in the dark of what was going to happen to us..

After that, we were told to make a line, with each and everyone of us holding the shoulder of the person in front of us..

Seems like a train yea?! Yes, we're gonna act like a train and move around the school for not completing our work..

Finally, we're on our way..

We were even laughed and humiliated by other classes that we walked past.. Shame on us.. M5Sc1 students being punished in this way.. Haiz~

Do we deserve it? Lol..

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