Sunday, March 4, 2007

1st Day of BGIC V

The 1st Day of Borneo Global Issues Conference

Ok...This is Nazrin writing here. This post is actually my debut in the world of blogging. I still need to learn more.

Now, a short introduction of myself. I'm 16 years old and currently studying in my final year at SOAS College. I'm half Malay and half Chinese. My height is 171 cm and I weigh 53 kg. Yes, I believe you can imagine how thin I am in your head right now.

For your info, I'm one of the delegates there, representing Laos.

Ok, let's start off with the 1st day of this conference. It was 2pm on Friday, 2nd March 07 at the International School of Brunei (ISB). This very 1st day is known to the delegates as 'Lobbying' where delegates who had written resolutions will need to gain some supports.

As soon as we arrived, we gathered together with the other delegates at the hall.

Yeap, it was very crowded

After a few minutes of waiting, the ceremony begins with the Seretary Generals and their members giving out their speeches. There were 4 committees, namely Political, Human Rights, ECOSOC (Economy/Social) and Environment with 2 forums in each. I was in Environment, Forum 2.

Check out the hairstyle

After that, we were supposed to proceed to our rooms separately. But of course, the observers are allowed to choose where they wanted to go. So I ended up having 3 observers following me, 1 following Gary (or Thed, can't remember) and none following Huzai.

First, I entered room 27 which was on the 1st floor. It was damn hot up there coz the air-conditioner wasn't really working and there were no fans. So the general secretary of my forum ordered us to move to room 15 which was well air-conditioned.

Room 15

I met this SMJA guy called Howard and yeah, he was friendly and cool. Then, there's this Chung Hwa student, Andrew, who came to us and introduced himself. I wasn't expecting to be able to make friends very fast but all and all, I still like it. Then, I build up my courage to speak to an 'Ang Moh' (coz my English sucks and I've never really spoken to a caucasian bfore) only to find out that he is not a full fledge 'ang moh'. His name is Adam Mohd Hanif and he is half British and half Malay. He looks remarkably like Tomas Rosicky, the Arsenal player (I'll show his picture in my next post). A guy suddenly came up to the front of the room and wrote something on the board. LIST OF COUNTRIES was what he wrote. I learnt that he is representing USA. Sorry, can't really see what he's writing..

Then, a girl came up to me and I was quite taken aback as I've never faced a girl of my age for about 3 years already except for my cousins *sob*. She is very attractive and her name is Izzah. For some reason, I like her smiles. She came up to me just to show her resolution. To my surprise, she held up her right hand, ready to shake mine after we introduced ourselves. I hesitated a bit but I still shook her hand. So I see now girls' hands are very soft. She's a delegate of Algeria and she from Maktab Sains.

Two girls came up to me after that (I seemed popular, haha, JK!). Apparently, one of the girl is representing Cambodia and she confirmed the country that I'm representing. As she expected, I said Laos and then she said, we are right next to each other then (If I'm not mistaken). True, Laos and Cambodia are neighbors. She was quite plump but she looked cute. Now don't misunderstood. It was just a compliment.

The next few hours were quite boring. It made me and Howard very drowsy. Everyone was in conversation about their respective resolutions. I think Howard ended up sleeping for a while and it was raining outside.
At around 4pm, I think, Howard and I went to the ICT Lab in order to help with Andrew's resolution. The lab was equipped with the latest computers, though it wasn't Vista. We were supposed to finish the resolution before 6pm.

We were quite late in handing the resolution, it was 5.57pm that we finished and were printing the papers. As soon as we got the copy, Andrew ran to the vetting room(I think it was called that) for an approval of the resolution.

The queue at the vetting room. It seemed that many has written resolutions.
I've no idea what is that guy at the left hand side of the pic is doing.

At the end of the day, I co-sponsored 2 resolutions - Ukraine's(Andrew's) resolution and South Africa's resolution. Then we had dinner at around 7pm and socialized with the SMJA students. I went home at around 7.45pm, following Huzai's car.

I believe the Opening Ceremony of the BGIC V was done by Desmond. Nevertheless, I'll give a short review of it in my next post.

Done by Nazrin, 4th March 2007

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