Monday, December 24, 2007

Comic Fiesta 2007

Aha! This is it! The time has finally come! The true highlight of my days in KL!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you…Comic Fiesta 2007!


It was held in Times Square. A really big event for all Japanese lovers! That includes me as well.

A section in Times Square.

RM10 per entry. Really worth it! They even give you this for every tickets purchased.

Powder! The new magazine! And nice calendar too!

Okay, before we proceed even further, let me explain the meaning of cosplay first. Cosplay is an event in which people will dress up as their favourite anime or game character. Still don’t get it? Never mind, I got plenty of pictures to show!

There are a hell lot of people in this small place for an event.!

There are just a lot of characters that I’m not familiar with. Anyone who knew the character please drop a comment. I will number every cosplay picture that I’m not sure of.

1. Any clue?

2. Street fighters, is it?

Of course, it wasn’t just cosplays! There are a lot of people selling figurines, Mangas (Japanese comics), Animes, arts, posters, etc.


There are Doujinshi Mangas too! What? Don’t know what the f*ck is Doujinshi? Hehe Google it yourself xp!

Ah... A lame Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Heart series).

3. They posed for me! No idea who they are cosplaying though...

Cool promotion

Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy 7 and Kingdom Hearts series)

It is inevitable that there will be a lot fat cosplayers. The picture above is an example. Sorry Yuffie if you’re reading this…

Yondaime Hokage (Naruto)

From left to right: Hollow Ichigo, true Ichigo, Zaraki Kenpachi and ummm Grimm Reaper? (Bleach except for the last one)

Ruuuuuukiaaaaaaa-chaaaaan~ (Bleach)

4. .......

5. Left to right: Guy In White, Tenten (Naruto), Bongun (Ragnarok Online), Unidentified school girl, Shinjiro Aragaki (Persona 3)

6. They look like sisters. No idea who they are cosplaying...

Misa Misa!!! (Death Note)

There were hundreds more cosplayers! There was even a cosplay competition, joined by about 50 cosplayers. They had to pose in three different ways when they are on stage. That’s it!

Cosplayers getting ready to walk onto stage

The stage

There were no seats. So the audience had to sit down on the floor to watch the whole competition. This later resulted in a crazy numbness on my feet.

People watching behind me

Clockwise from top: the host, the event manager (overlapping her is her assistant, I think), Mr Pervert!

Left to right: Aizen Sousuke (Bleach) and Tayuya (Naruto)

The above picture is an example of what cosplayers did on stage.

Just kidding! It's not his fault anyways! Why'd the girl had to wear so sexy? XD

7. All the contestants. Anyone who successfully named every cosplayers on stage will be given 72 virgins! XD

Tell me what you see first in the above picture.

Lame ass Vincent Valentine (FF7)...


During half-time, in which the judges will do calculation for the cosplayers, we decided to go outside to eat. There’s no need to tell about my lunch. After that we returned.

On the way, we spotted Pac-Man running around after a ghost in the mall itself! That caught everyone by surprised! It was quite funny though!



Haha! Too bad he didn’t join the competition!


8. So far, Zaraki Konpachi is everyone's favourite! Don't know the queen in thick make-up beside him though.

9. One of the reasons I don't regret going there =)

10. I'm not exactly a Star Wars fan..

Oh it's Mr. Counter Terrorist!

11. Your highness!

32 contestants will be chosen and proceed to the second round. This time they became a chess piece!

The chess board. Probably a work of Professor McGonagall..


When it’s time to ‘eat’ the opponent, there is a few seconds of battle between them. Everyone seemed to like Hell Boy. Understandable. Strong, massive, hellish and red!

I especially hated Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club) in that competition. When it's his turn to ‘eat’, he kept on blabbering some charming nonsense to some 17+ years old girl. Oh,and his about 12 years old -_-“. I loved it when he met his doom against the almighty Hell Boy (although the Hell Boy has a very strong Chinese accent)! For example, “Die la you! Come to hell with me la!”

Too bad, I missed to see who the winner was because it was late and we had to rush to Malacca…

Oh well…

12. The middle is Yuna (Final Fantasy X and X-2).

Keep on visiting for more!

By Nazrin, The End and the ‘N’ of DEN Corp…. [Hey there are 3 same vowels here, if you notice!]

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